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Department of Invertebrate Zoology

Sapphirina auronitens

A drawing by Giesbrecht (1892) of the Copepoda, Sapphirina auronitens Claus, 1863

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Loan Policy

Loan Frequently Asked Questions and Guidelines

Who is eligible to request a loan?

Can borrowed specimens be sampled for DNA?

Can borrowed specimens be stained, sectioned, dissected or altered?

What are the borrower's responsibilities during the loan?

How much material can be requested?

How many requests can be made?

How long can the specimens be kept?

Is it possible to extend the due date for a loan?

What are the consequences of PAST DUE loans?

If my professional affiliation changes, can I take borrowed specimens with me?

What happens if the specimen(s) are damaged or lost during the loan?

When will the loan be shipped?

How are specimens shipped?

Can a loan be hand-carried?

Who pays the costs associated with loans?

Are permits needed?

If a loan request is denied will a photograph of the specimen be provided?

If my loan request is denied can I appeal the decision?

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