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Cerion acherontis Roth & Hartman, 1998

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Cerion acherontis Roth & Hartman, 1998:16-20, figs. 1-2.

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Type Locality: Hell Creek Formation, Garfield County, Montana, USA. [Upper Cretaceous] [47° 34.17' N, 106° 57.78' W]

The holotype and only known specimen is from Hartman Locality L6208 (Hartman, unpub­lished data) located in NE 1/4 sec. 22, T. 21 N, R. 37 E, at 106º 56'47"W, 47º 34'10"N, on the U.S. Geological Survey 7.5-minute Maloney Hill Quadrangle (1985-Provisional, 1:24,000), in Garfield County, Montana; J. H. Hartman colI. The locality is at an elevation of about 782.9 m (=2568.5 ft; as interpreted from topographic map and section measuring) and about 29.8 m above the base of the Hell Creek Formation.

Type Material: Holotype, USNM 491763


This Cretaceous species was provisionally assigned to Cerion.

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