Cerion petuchi Harasewych, 2012

Original Description

"Shell (Figures 1–9) large (holotype 36.05 mm long, 13.87 mm in diameter), thick, roundly conical in profile, with each whorl slightly broader than the preceding whorl. Protoconch (Figure 10) initially smooth, increasing in diameter from 504 mm to 3.26 mm in 2.6 whorls, with sculpture of 36 weak, evenly spaced axial ribs as broad as the intervening spaces appearing on the final half whorl. Transition to teleoconch (Figure10,p/t) marked by an abrupt increase in shell diameter and onset of coarser surface sculpture. Teleoconch of 9 1/8 evenly rounded whorls. Suture tightly adpressed. Axial sculpture of multiple (about 96 on first teleoconch whorl,  about 74 on final whorl) low rounded prosocline ribs (about 18 degrees to coiling axis) that generally align with interspaces of prior whorl. Spiral sculpture absent. Aperture expands, deflecting suture adapically 1/8 whorl prior to formation of thickened and flared terminal lip. Aperture broadly ovate, with the parietal wall forming an angle of 112 degrees with the shorter columella. Single parietal tooth (Figure 11, par) emerges from mid-point of parietal callus. A weaker, broader tooth (Figure 11, col) recessed along mid-length of columella. Umbilicus imperforate, obscured by expanded terminal lip." (Harasewych, 2012: 120).

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