Brasilennea guttula Salvador & Simone, 2012

Original Description

"Shell small (13.6 mm, but holotype has broken aperture), multispiral; shell shaped like water drop (i.e. with aperture sharply acuminate); greater width on body whorl (greater width about half shell length); shell length approximately twice width; spire angle ~35°; protoconch dome-shaped, blunt, smoothl transition to teleoconch clear; whorls flattened; suture well-marked, linear, approximately perpendicular to columellar axis (horizontal), becoming more oblique on last whorls; sculptured by regularly distributed, fine, raised ribs (about 83 on penultimate whorl), becoming less oblique towards aperture; body whorl with two well-marked spiral furrows, one central and other equidistant between superior furrow and shell's basal region; body whorl about one sixth of shell length (but aperture incomplete). 

Measurements (in mm): Holotype: 14 whorls, H = 13.6 (aperture broken), D = 6.5, S = 11.3."    (Salvador and Simone, 2012:44)


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