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Image of Uncinicoptis sancticola (Gastropoda, Urocoptidae)

Uncinicoptis sancticola Torre and Bartsch, 1972 (syntype, USNM 537416, Portales de Guane, Cuba)

Image of Carlos de la Torre Huerta
Carlos de la Torre Huerta
A pdf copy of the text of the seminal 1943 (unpublished) monograph on the Cuban Urocoptidae by Carlos de la Torre Huerta and Paul Bartsch has been uploaded to assist scholars who wish to determine the type material for several hundred species that were briefly described in an associated 1972 publication (per Kabat et al. 2012). The 1943 manuscript also contains a biography of Carlos de la Torre (written by Bartsch), a synopsis of the history of urocoptid studies in Cuba, and an (unpublished) report by Bartsch on a collection of urocoptids made by Morris K. Jacobson and Oscar Alcalde in Las Villas and Pinar de Rio Provinces, Cuba. One of the two original copies of the manuscript is housed in the Bartsch papers in the Smithsonian Archives – (RU 7089, finding aid) (the other copy is in Cuba).

Image of Paul Bartsch
Paul Bartsch (Image courtesy of US Library of Congress)

PDF of Torre and Bartsch 1943 monograph

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