Strophiops peravitaxxx Maynard, 1920

Original Description

The binomen Strophiops peravita was used by Maynard (1919b:47) as a example of a species with a conically tapering shell and contained a reference to subsequently published figures (Maynard, 1920d:pl. 1, figs. 1-2) that were captioned "S. perantiqua M. & C."  These figures were issued as part of the description of S. perantiqua.  The usage of the name S. peravita in 1919 is a nomen nudum.  Maynard never used the name peravita again.  Article 10.1.1 (ICZN, 1999:9) states that if publication of the data relating to a new nominal taxon or a nomenclatural act is interrupted and continued at a later date, the name or act becomes available only when the requirements of the relevant Articles have been met.  Thus, the name S. peravita became available on September 30, 1920, upon publication of the cited illustrations.  At that time, it became an objective synonym of S. perantiqua, as both taxa were published on the same date and referenced the same illustrations.

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