Cerion (Umbonis) victor Pilsbry, 1929

Original Description

No original description, name dates from a figure caption.

Description [ Clench & Aguayo, 1952]: Shell extended, reaching 30 mm. (about 1¼ inch) in length, rimately umbilicate and coarsely sculptured. Color a dull gray. Whorls 10 to 12½  and moderately convex. Spire attenuate and tapering from the body whorl to form an acute cone. The spire is produced at an angle of 22° to 25°. Aper­ture subcircular. Lip expanded and reflected but not turned back. It is attached on the parietal area but generally built forward enough to make the aperture holostomatous. Colu­mella short. Parietal tooth centered, rather prominent and ex­tending back for less than ¼ whorl. Columellar tooth small and weak, extending back for nearly ½ whorl. Columella short and somewhat arched. Umbilicus rimately formed and shallow, extending within hardly more than ½ whorl. Suture well de­fined but only slightly indented. Sculpture consisting of nu­merous and well-developed axial costae numbering 10 to 13 on the body whorl. Spiral sculpture consisting of numerous incised lines which pass over the axial costae. Surface with the peculiar powder-like element. Agglutinated sand grains rare.

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