Cerion (Umbonis) sueyrasi Pilsbry and Vanatta, 1899

Original Description

"Cerion sueyrasi Blanes. Fig. 6.

Shell cylindrical, solid, rimate, the lower three whorls of about equal diameter, those above forming a rather short, obtuse cone.  Whorls 10, the first smooth, next finely costulate, the rest very convex, coarsely and sharply ribbed, the ribs high, angular 15 to 18 in number on the last whorl; numerous rather irregular spiral striae revolving about the middle of the lower two or three whorls. Color (of specimens some time dead when collected), creamy or fleshy white. Aperture small, with small teeth; peristome expanded, blunt, continued raised and straight across the parietal margin.

Alt. 21, diam. 8½, length of aperture 7¼  mm.

Alt. 22, diam. 9,    length of aperture 8 mm.

Vita, Cuba (Francisco E. Blanes).

A fourth member of the group of C. scalarinum, decidedly stouter in the spire than C. scalarinum Gundl. or C. johnsoni Pils. & Van., and differing from C.felis P. & V. in the weak development of the teeth."  (Pilsbry & Vanatta, 1899:477)

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