Cerion ramsdeni Welch, 1934

Original Description

"The shell is cylindric with conic summit, having 10-10½ whorls, the last three being of about equal size, the rest forming the cone, the umbilical chink is deep.  The embryonic shell of 2 whorls is smooth, the remainder of the shell is sculptured axially by ribs irregularly spaced. The intervals are roughened by weak axial wrinkles. The color is pale quaker drab, darkened by splotches of brownish drab, located on the cone and on the ventral sides of the shell.  The aperture is ovate, the peristome smooth, heavy and reflected.  The interior of the throat is cinnamon drab.  The parietal lamella ascends about ½ a whorl, the axial lamella about 2 whorls. Length 24.2 mm., diam. 11.7 mm.  Four paratypes measure 28.5 x 12.8 mm., 25.7 x 11 mm., 22.4 x 11.5 mm., 19 x 6 mm.


Cerion ramsdeni shows great variation, ranging from specimens strongly ribbed to those faintly and sparsely marked by weak striations, the latter being rare.  The color may be gull grey or purplish grey.  The throat may be white." (Welch, 1934)

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