Cerion (Strophiops) utowana Clench, 1933

Original Description

"Cerion (Strophiops) utowana sp. nov.

(Plate I, figures 1, 2)

            Description.—Shell smooth, conic, perforate. Color white to grayish brown, mottled. The mottled areas are irregular, though generally axially arranged. Interior of aperture pale brown to bluish brown. Whorls eleven and rather flat, the first 1 ½ clear milk-white or very pale brownish, the rest dull porcelaneous, with or without the color marks. Spire rather pointed, produced at an angle of 55°. Aperture ovate, a little more than one fourth the total length of the shell. Mid-parietal wall with a strongly developed tooth, the mid-columellar region possessing a lamella about one half the size of the parietal tooth. Lip reflected and greatly thickened, with a heavy collar over the parietal wall. Sutures well defined, but only faintly indented. Sculpture of fine irregular growth lines.

MEASUREMENTS (in millimeters)

Length              Width               Aperture length Aperture width

38.5                 18                    10                                7.5                   Holotype

35                    16                    10                                7                      Paratype

36                    16.5                 10                                7                      "

34.5                 15..5                9.5                               6                      "

37.5                 16                    9.5                               7.5                   "

36                    17                    10                                7                      "

39                    18.5                 9.5                               7                      "

37.5                 18.5                 10.5                             7                      "

39                    17                    9.5                               7.5                   "          

35                    16                    10                                6.5                   "

            Holotype, Mus. Comp. Zoöl., no. 101,157, and paratypes, no. 101,158, East Plana Cay, Bahama Islands, Barbour, Fairchild and Greenway, collectors (February, 1933).

            Cerion utowana appears to be most nearly allied to C. regina Bens. from Castle Island (Crooked Island Bank). This latter species occasionally develops the peculiar conic shape which is apparently a constant character of this new form. Both species may be regarded as extremes in this specialized group, because of the partial or full curve of the entire shell, and, in C. regina, of its size.

            The following new forms are not so strikingly differentiated from other members of this group."

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