Cerion maisianum Pilsbry, 1902

Original Description

"Form maisianum Pilsbry, n. v. Pl. 30, figs. 89, 90, 91.

            Shell cylindric, with rather short, obtuse terminal cone, whitish, boldly striped with brown, the stripes mostly angularly interrupted or dislocated. Whorls 9-10, sculptured closely and regularly with rather narrow riblets, usually 40 to 45 on the penult. whorl, but sometimes as few as 35. Parietal lamella of the aperture as simple or duplicated, as described above for C. politum. Peristome moderately thick.

      Length 29, diam. 11 ½ mill. Length 28, diam. 11 mill.

      Length 29, diam. 10 1/3 mill.           Length 23 ¾, diam. 11 mill.

            Cuba: Punta Maisi (Arango, de la Torre)."

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