Strophiops lobata Maynard, 1919

Original Description

"The binomen Strophiops lobata was used by Maynard (1919b:527) as an example of a species with a thickened and lobed margin an included a reference to a subsequently published figure (Maynard, 1919c, fig. 20) that was labeled "S. lobata M. & C."  Article 10.1.1 (ICZN, 1999:9) states that if publication of the data relating to a new nominal taxon or a nomenclatural act is interrupted and continued at a later date, the name or act becomes available only when the requirements of the relevant Articles have been met.  Strophiops lobata became available on November 6, 1919 based on the publication of the meager description, which was adequate to meet the requirements of the relevant articles [Article 12.1 (ICZN, 1999:16)], rather than from the later publication of the captioned figure.  Authorship is attributed to Maynard, the sole author of the description, rather than to Maynard and Clapp, as specified in the caption to the subsequently published illustrations." Harasewych et al. (2007:442)


Intended description

"81. S. lobata.

Smaller, 1.11 by 45: frontal bar well developed: marginal lobe .20; costae 25, narrower than interspaces; blue-white. Eastern Soldier Key; common on salicornia and other low herbage. 925. Plate 30. figs. 7, 8." (Maynard and Clapp in Maynard, 1921a:134)


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