Cerion liliorum Clench, 1938

Original Description

"Cerion (Strophiops) liliorum, new species

Plate 2, fig. 2-4

Description. Shell cylindrical, solid, ribbed, tapering and rimately perforated. Color white to dull grayish brown. On colored shells the ribs are generally white. Interior of aperture a pale brownish cream. Whorls 10½ to 11, the first full whorl smooth and opaque white, the remaining whorls strongly ribbed. Generally the first 6 whorls form a fairly acute cone to the spire, the remaining later whorls more or less parallel sided. Spire produced at an angle of 78°. Aperture subcir­cular. Parietal tooth centered, fairly high but not long. Columellar tooth situated low, not very high but carried backwards for a full whorl giving a twisted appearance to the columella within. Lip full and beveled, built slightly forwards and forming a parietal ridge. Sculpture of somewhat coarse and numerous, slightly irregular ribs with about 23-26 on the body whorl.

        Length   Width    Aperture

        32.0        14.0       8.1 x 6.8 mm.          Holotype

        31.2        13.3       7.5 x 6.0                 Paratype ­

        30.9        14.0       7.8 x 6.2                    "

        30.7        14.2       8.0 x 5.8                    "

        32.3        13.3       8.0 x 6.1                    "

        28.3        13.1       7.5 x 5.5                    "

        29.2        12.1       7.2 x 6.5                    "

        28.5        13.5       7.5 x 6.0                    "

        28.0        13.1       7.8 x 5.5                    "

        25.6        12.5       6.8 x 5.5                    "


Holotype. Mus. Comp. Zoöl. no. 116086, Next Point, (east coast) 1½  miles E. N. E. of Governors Harbour, Eleuthera Island, Bahama Islands. W. J. Clench collector, May, 1936.

Remarks. Specimens of this species were first collected on Little San Salvador Island in 1935, but they were rare and onIy a limited series was obtained. For this reason, Eleuthera Island is taken as the type locality for the species inasmuch as a very extensive series is at hand for study. These were collected at several localities in 1936, all along the outer or eastern shore of Eleuthera, all places within a few miles of Governors Harbour

This species is a member of the Cerion glans group as outlined by Pilsbry (1902, p. 249). From typical glans it differs in being somewhat larger, proportionately heavier and possesses a well formed perietal ridge. From C. glans coryi Mayn. it differs in being much lighter in color, larger and heavier. The umbilical rimation in liliorum is longer and generally with a very small perforation. Both possess the strong parietal ridge.

We found specimens most abundant on the wild spider lilies along the exposed eastern shore of Eleuthera. On Little San Salvador they occurred on a small patch of these lilies on the north side of this small island. It did not occur on Cat Island." (Clench, 1938:527-528)

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