Cerion lerneri Clench, 1956

Original Description

Shell cylindrical, solid, tapering, rimately perforated and finely sculptured. Color a pale cream and mottled irregularly with brown. Interior of aperture colored a brownish cream. Whorls 10½ to 11, the first 2½ white and smooth, the remainder mottled with brown and having fine and irregular growth lines. The first seven whorls form a convex cone to the spire; the remaining whorls are nearly parallel sided. Spire produced at an angle of about 65 degrees. Aperture subcircular. Parietal tooth centered and small. Columellar tooth about halfway on the columella and very small. Lip thickened and reflected backward for a very short distance. Sculpture consisting of irregular axial growth lines on the earlier whorls, the last 1½ whorls with numerous fine and irregular axial ribs.

LENGTH                     WIDTH           WHORLS

31 mm.                         13.5 mm.          10½                 Holotype

30.5                             13.5                 10½                 Paratype

30.4                             13.0                 11                    Paratype

26.5                             12.5                 10                    Paratype"  (Clench, 1956:2-3)



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