Cerion (Microcerion) floridanum Dall, 1915

Original Description

"Shell small, solid, stout, smooth, with about five whorls separated by a distinct suture; nucleus smooth, rather blunt, hardly differentiated from the subsequent rather convex whorls which are somewhat irregularly wound, the last whorl, at the suture, rising near the aperture to the periphery of the penultimate whorl; base rounded, imperforate, but which [sic] a chink behind the upper part of the pillar lip; aperture rounded, the peritreme relatively thick, duplex, the outer part wider, reflected, the inner part narrower, projecting forward, the surface concentrically striated; parietal callus moderately thick with a small nodulous projection near the junction with either lip; deeper in the throat is a single parietal nodule or denticle; pillar with a single deep-seated similar denticle; throat smooth.  Height 4.74, maximum diameter 2.4 mm.

Tampa silex beds, Ballast Point, Tampa Bay, Florida.

Two specimens in the Post collection, U. S. Nat. Mus. No. 165018." (Dall, 1915:29)

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