Pupa incrassata Sowerby, 1875

Original Description

"Species 6.  (Mus. Brit.)

Pupa incrassata. Pup. testâ obesâ, cylindrical, subtruncatâ, subcæruleâ; costis subobliquis, distantibus, lævibus; aperturâ auriformi, flexuosâ; margine albido, crassisimo; labio externo supernè flexuoso, lavio interno validè biplicato.

The Thickened Pupa.  Shell obese, cylindrical, slightly truncated, bluish; ribs rather oblique, distant, smooth; aperture auriform, flexuous; margin whitish, very thick; outer lip flexuous above, inner lip with two strong folds.


Hab.  Cuba.

            The writer having figured this shell under the name of P. tumida, and finding that name already used for another species, is obliged to re-name it.  It resembles P. proteus, but its chief peculiarity is a much thickened and flexuous margin."  (Sowerby, 1876)


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