Cerion hondana Pilsbry, 1902

Original Description

"Var. hondana Pilsbry. Shell cylindric or tapering, ribbed as usual to the nepionic whorl, 17-23 ribs on the penult. whorl; sometimes cut by engraved spiral lines, as in the group of C. scalarinum. White, with sparse and indistinct gray markings. Whorls 9 ½, moderately convex: lips reflexed, the parietal callus thin inside, the ribs showing through. Parietal tooth minute or obsolete. Length 20 ½, diam. 8 ½ mill.      Bahia Honda.

The occasional development of engraved spirals shows how closely the mumia group is related to the scalarinum group, through such forms as hondana and sueyrasi."

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