Cerion heterodon Pilsbry,1902

Original Description

   "Var. HETERODON Pilsbry, n. v. Pl. 45, figs. 96, 97, 98.

    Shell small and thin, roseate with white ribs, or maculate with rose over part of the ribs. Sculpture of densely crowded, fine riblets, 46 to 48 on the penult. whorl. Whorls 8 ½. Lamellæ as in C. striatelluma short parietal not connected with a somewhat longer spiral lamella, with a small, short infra-parietal adjacent to the neighboring ends of the other lamellæ. Length 14 to 15, diam. 6 mill.

                                                       Inagua (R. Swift).

This is as "good" a species as any of the Diacerions, but while I have not seen intermediate specimens, I believe it to be a dwarf form of the rubicundum stock. The four specimens are essentially alike."

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