Strophiops fragilis Maynard and Clapp, 1921

Original Description

Maynard (1920b [April 8]:91-92) used the binomen Strophiops fragilis prior to its intended formal description as an example of his "Law of Individual Reincarnation" and referenced subsequently published illustrations (Maynard, 1920c [July 10]:figs. 81, 82) representing apertural views of two different specimens that were reproduced in color (Maynard, 1920c:pl. 18, fig. 4,5).  Article 10.1.1 (ICZN, 1999:9) states that if publication of the data relating to a new nominal taxon or a nomenclatural act is interrupted and continued at a later date, the name or act becomes available only when the requirements of the relevant Articles have been met.  Thus, the first usages of the name (Maynard, 1920b:91-92) were nomina nuda.  The association of a new species group name with an illustration of the taxon being named prior to 1930 makes the name Strophiops fragilis available (Article 12.2.7, ICZN, 1999:17) at the time of publication of the illustrations (July 10, 1920) rather than on May 2, 1921, when the intended original description was published.   As these illustrations were captioned "S. fragilis," the taxon is attributed to Maynard, rather than Maynard and Clapp, as cited by Clench (1957:146).

Intended taxon description:

52. S. fragilis.

A little larger, 1.00 by .40; costae. 70 about as wide as interspaces, but very low; aperture, .25; yellow-white, streaked with red-brown. Second westernmost Brigadier Key. 200, many dead. Plate 26, figs. 3, 4.


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