Strophia floridanum Dall, 1890

Original Description

"Shell resembling the preceeding [Strophia anodonta] and with the same number of whorls, but shorter and stouter, and with a somewhat larger aperture proportionally.  Alt. 22.0 [actually  22.30 mm] diam. Of spire 11.1 [10.86 mm], of aperture 9.0 [9.60 mm ext]

Ballast Point; Dall.

This interesting form has been compared with Strophia incana Binney, which it resembles in outline but not in sculpture, while S. incana has both parietal and columellar laminae.

An examination of a couple of dozen more or less perfect specimens fails to show any indications of laminae and there can be little doubt that the species is normally edentulous.  The variety is sufficiently different in appearance to be worth naming, but such differences are not of specific value among the recent Strophias." (Dall, 1890:13.)

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