Cerion elegantissima Maynard, 1919

Original Description

The binomen Strophiops elegantissima was first published by Maynard (1919c: 64; fig. 36 A-D) together with illustrations labeled "S. elegantissima." The text provided detailed descriptions of dentition stated to be a specific character in S. elegantissima. The name Strophia elegantissima Maynard, becomes available on December 31, 1919 (Articles 12.1 and 12.2.7, ICZN, 1999:17) prior to the intended description of the taxon as Multicostata elegantissima Maynard and Clapp in Maynard, 1920d [September 30]:126, Plate 25, figs. 1, 2).  As fig. 36 A-D are captioned "S. elegantissima," the taxon must be attributed to Maynard rather than to Maynard and Clapp, as cited by Clench (1957:144).  The name S. elegantissima was again used by Maynard (1920a:80) as an example of a taxon with color banding, citing subsequently published illustration (Maynard, 1920b:fig. 60, identical image colored on pl. 13, fig. 2, both captioned "S. elegantissima M. & C.").  Maynard's unintended taxonomic act accelerated the availability of the binomen Strophiops elegantissima to December 31, 1919, and altered the authorship and the genus in which the name became available.


Intended original description:


47. M. elegantissima,

Larger, 1,25 by .50; costae, 38, a little narrower than interspaces; white, streakings, red-brown and yellowish. Common on Norman's Pond Key, Plate 25, figs. 1,2 ."

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