Cerion duplodon Pilsbry and Vanatta, 1896

Original Description

"Shell rather thin, cylindrical, the latter three whorls of about equal diameter, those above slowly tapering to form a rather long, convex cone. White, variegated with gray-white. Whorls 10½, slightly convex, two nepionic smooth, those of the cone very finely, sharply striate, the latter four with coarser riblets, much narrower than their intervals. Umbilicus a short, compressed rimation.

            Aperture ovate, large and open, white, higher than wide. Per­istome expanded and recurved, rather thick; axial fold basal; parietal fold narrow, nearly a half-whorl long; an acccessory fold ascends around the root of the columella, but at the apertural termi­nation approaches close to the main parietal lamella.

Alt. 29, diam. 10½; alt. of aperture 11 mm.

Bahamas, exact locality unknown.

This is an albino form of the Diacerion group, differing from C. rubicundum and its immediate allies in the greater distance between the two parietallamellre within." (Pilsbry & Vanatta, 1896:337)

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