Strophiops caduca Maynard and Clapp, 1920

Original Description

The binomen Strophiops caduca was first used as a nomen nudum (Maynard, 1919b:35).  Maynard (1920a:77) again used this binomen together with a reference to a subsequently published illustration (Maynard, 1920b:fig. 56, captioned "S. caduca M. & C.") as an example of a specimen with depressions in its surface sculpture.  The use of the name in Maynard (1920a:77) is a nomen nudum.  The association of a new species group name with an illustration of the taxon being named prior to 1930 made the name Strophiops caduca Maynard and Clapp in Maynard  1920b: fig. 56 available (Article 12.2.7, ICZN, 1999:17) prior to the intended description of this species (Maynard and Clapp in Maynard, 1921a:133, Plate 30, figs. 9, 10).  Due to Maynard's unintended taxonomic act, the binomen Strophiops caduca became available on April 8, 1920, but retained the same authorship.  Maynard (1920b:82) again used the binomen citing a figure (Maynard, 1920c:fig. 61, A) of a different specimen, captioned "S. caduca."  The binomen "S. caduca M. & C." appears in the caption to figure 64 (Maynard, 1920c), which is identical to figure 20 (Maynard, 1919c), captioned "S. lobata M. & C."  A colored version of figures 20 and 64 (Maynard, 1920c;pl. 14, fig. 4) is captioned "S. caduca." Maynard (1920d:112) published corrections, stating that the captions to figures 56 and pl. 14, fig. 4 should read lobata not caduca.


Intended taxon description:

79. S. caduca.

Smaller, 1.00 by .45; frontal bar as wide as margin; costae, 31, as wide as interspaces; Blue-white. Cabbage Key. Common along eastern shore on low shrubs, grass. and rocks. 1278. many dead. Plate 30, figs. 9. 10.


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