Cerion (Strophiops) brunneum Dall, 1905

Original Description

"Cerion (Strophiops) brunneum new species.  Pl. LVIII, fig. 9.

Shell of moderate size, solid, strong, opaque, white, richly striped and flecked axially with dark chestnut brown; form subcylindric with a rather pointed apex and slightly attenuated last whorl. Nu­clear whorls two and a half, pale brown, partly transversely striate; subsequent whorls about eight, obsoletely ribbed, the ribbing strong­est on the base; umbilicus closed; peristome broad, thick, simple, strongly reflected, yellowish white; the parietal part thin, interrupted except in fully adult specimens. The throat is livid brown, the parietal lamina low, about one third of the last whorl in length, the axial lamina feeble.

                Height of              

                shell.                                       Aperture.               Max. Diameter.

                28.5                                         10.0                         10.5 mm.

                26.0                                           8.0                         10.0   "

                This appears to belong the eximium group, but differs from that species by its nearly obsolete ribbing, base not paler than above, the dark brown throat, the thin and usually incomplete parietal callus, and the parietal lamina not prolonged into the older half of the last whorl.

                The specimens were obtained at Governor's Harbor, Eleuthera, by Messrs. Bean and Riley in 1903. U. S. Nat. Mus., No. 173,266."  (Dall, 105:441)

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