Cerion bequaerti de la Torre and Clench, 1932

Original Description

"CERION AGUAYOI BEQUAERTI, subsp. nov. Plate 6, fig. 8.

            This subspecies differs from the typical form in being larger, more cylindrical and the spire more tapering. In the specimens examined by us there is no indication of the "wide point" which occurs just above the middle in both C. proteus and C. aguayoi. The locality of C. aguayoi bequaerti is about 50 Km. east of Gibara, the locality of the other forms.


Length              Width               Ap. length         Ap. width        

30.5 mm           15 mm              8 mm                7 mm               Holotype

30.5                 14                    8                      7                      Paratype

29.5                 14.5                 7                      8                      Paratype

29                    14.5                 7                      8                      Paratype

28                    15                    8                      7                      Paratype

25.5                 13                    6.5                   6                      Paratype


            Holotype: M. C. Z. No. 86177, dunes at Lucrecia lighthouse, near Banes, Oriente, Cuba. Paratypes: M. C. Z. No. 86176.

            This subspecies is probably a direct offshoot of C. proteus stock and apparently may be a form of parallel development similar to that of C. aguayoi. However, it seems best in our present understanding of these forms to consider it a subspecies of the latter species to which it more closely approximates."

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