Cerion arangoi Pilsbry and Vanatta, 1896

Original Description

"Shell similar to the type in form, but smaller. Latter two whorls only of equal diameter, those above forming a rather long cone. Whorls 8½ to 9. Surface closely and regularly ribbed through­out (except the smooth nepionic whorls), the ribs mainly white, interstices purplish-brown, mottled with white. Sutures without noticeably exserted margination. Aperture deep, rich purple within.

Alt. 23½, diam. lO⅔; alt. of aperture 9 mm.

Alt. 18⅔, diam. 9; alt. of aperture 8 mm.

Alt. 24, diam. 10⅔; alt. of aperture 9⅔ mm.

Cienfuegos, Cuba (R. Arango).

Strikingly different from iostomum at first sight, but we believe it to be closely allied and probably a subspecies thereof."  (Pilsbry & Vanatta, 1896:330)


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