Strophia (Eostrophia) anodonta Dall, 1890

Original Description

"Shell subcylindrical, obtuse, nine or ten-whorled, apparently smooth, but under a magnifier showing fine parallel grooves and wrinkles extending obliquely from suture to suture, in harmony with the incremental lines; suture distinct, not deep; base full and rounded with a chink in the imperforate umbilical region; aperture slightly expanded, rounded, the lip strongly reflected, so that it is rounded in front and sharp-edged behind; a thin callus connects the inner and outer lips over the body, but there are neither parietal nor columellar laminae. Alt. 24.0 [27.31 mm]; max. dia., excluding the aperture [11.0 [10.98 mm]; dia. Of aperture from outside to outside of lips 9.0 mm [8.77 mm]." (Dall, 1890:13).

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