Strophiops ajax Maynard, 1924

Original Description

New name for S. gigantea Maynard & Clapp, 1921, non S. gigantea Maynard, 1894.

"The three foregoing species (Nos. 170a, l66b, and 166 c), and Strophiops antique, agassizi. leva, and ajax. (see Synopsis p. p. 151 and 152). This last named species was first described under the name of S. gigantea, but as this name was preoccupied by a sub-species in Contribu­tions to Science, Vol. II, p. 146, I shall re­describe this large, fine Cerion on a forth­coming page of my Notes on the History of the CERIONIDAE in which will be found the Synopsis cited above."  (Maynard, 1924: 5)

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