Cerion bendalli Pilsbry & Vanatta, 1896

Original Description

"A miniature Abacoense (q. v.) in shape and sculpture. Whorls 10 to 10½. White, closely mottled with brown, the nepionic whorls corneous-brown. Aperture dark brown within; peristome white, less heavy; parietal callus thin, translucent; parietal tooth very .small, short.

Alt. 19½, diam. 8⅓; alt. of aperture 7 mm.

Alt. 21½, diam. 8⅔; alt. of aperture 7 mm.

Abaco, Bahamas.

This form at first sight looks extremely different from C. Abacoense, and as we have seen no intermediate examples it may well prove to be a distinct species. However, we consider it best to rank Bendalli as a subspecies, thereby keeping in sight its genetic relationship with the larger form; this might otherwise be easily overlooked, on account of its maculated coloring, which would at first incline one to look to another group of forms for its allies.

It is named in recognition of the services to science of Mr. Wil­fred Bendall, who has recently published a list of the land snails of the Bahamas."  (Pilsbry & Vanatta, 1896:332-333)

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