Strophiops rediviva Maynard, 1913

Original Description

S. rediviva new. Almost exactly like ci­nerea of Hog Island, differing only in being more yellowish brown externally and paler within. While these differences are remark­ably constant, they are best seen in mass. 500. In field just west of St. Paul Quarry, East Nas8au. This is a singular case of reces­sion and one which I have been enabled to trace from origin to finality and have specimens which show this astonishing transition in every detail; but I cannot here tell the story of this convincing evidence of Cyclic Recession. I perfectly agree with Mr. Harry C. Oberholser when, in speaking of similar cases among the Green Herons, he says: "This, of course, is the same problem that one meet often in wide-ranging and plastic groups, and which it seems to the writer, would be in much the best way solved by as­signing a name to the isolated colony, if there can be found any character at all, however slight , to serve as a basis". Proc. U. S. Nat1. Mus., Vol. 42, p. 530. While it is highly im­probable that any recessional species can ever be an exact duplicate, should such a case occur, however, we must consistently con­sider it equal in value to those which do ex­hibit differential characters. All recession­al species are thus entitled to a distinctive name.

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