Cerion (Strophiops) variabile Dall, 1905

Original Description

"Cerion (Strophiops) variabile new species. Pl. LVIII, figs. I, 6, 14.

Shell varying greatly in size, the typical form handsomely axially irregularly striped with opaque white, dark brown and light yellow brown; with two polished, partly transversely striate nuclear and eight subsequent polished whorls, of which the last is more or less distinctly ribbed, the preceding ones striate transversely or smooth, without spiral sculpture, umbilical chink almost closed. The body of the shell is subcylindric, the last whorl not contracted, sometimes very blunt as if truncate, the apex evenly arcuately domed, the apical portion not swollen. The peristome is simple, rounded, reflected, and the parietal part when fully adult is thick and continuous; the pa­rietal lamina is sharp, and one-third of the whorl long; the axial lamina is well developed only behind the pillar, the latter often seeming destitute of a lamina when examined from in front. The measurements are as follows (U. S. Nat. Mus., No. 120,011):

                        Height of

                        Shell                 Aperture            Max Diameter

Type form          24-21                7                      9.5-10.5 mm.

Var. saurodon    38                     13                     13            "

Var. pupilla        15.5-20.0           5.0-6.5              5.5-6.5      "     "

(Dall, 1905:440)

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