Cerion (Strophiops) russelli Clench, 1938

Original Description


Plate 1, fig. 5-8

Description. Shell cylindrical, rather elongated, strong but not solid, coarsely ribbed and usually minutely perforated. Color dull greyish brown, rarely mottled. Whorls 10 to 11, first 1½ smooth, re­mainder ribbed, fine and numerous at first, then becoming coarse and heavy and rather widely spaced on the later whrols [sic]. Spire acute, the cone of about 7 whorls, remaining whorls more or less parallel sided. Cone of spire forming an angle of 74° (holotype). Aperture subovate. Parietal tooth short and not very high. Columellar tooth small and follows within for about one whorl.  Lip reflected, rather flat, rarely thickened or back folded. Parietal ridge well developed. Suture well defined and slightly indented. Umbilical perforation small and usually present. No pronounced basal ridge. Sculpture of numerous and strong ribs, with widely spaced intervals variable but usually 1½ to 2 mm. apart, and numbering 18 to 20 on the body whorl. A few specimens possessed fine spiral incised lines.

Length       Width         Aperture

                     32.8            13.5           8.2 x 7  mm.                  Holotype

                     32.7            13.5           8.3 x 6                           Paratype

                     31.5            13.7           9.   x 6.8                             "

                     32.              13.2           8.   x 6.5                             "

                     32.4            13.8           8.5 x 7.                               "

                     31.              13.7           8.5 x 7.5                             "

                     30.              13.3           8.    x 6.                              "

                     27.7            12.5           7.2 x 5.5                             "

                     27.3            13.6           8.    x 7.                              "

                     26.6            14.             7. x 6.5                               "

Holotype. Mus. Comp. Zoöl. no. 107534, near Turtle Cove, 4 mi. N.N.E. of The Bight, Central Cat Island, Bahama Islands. E. Williams collector, July, 1935.

Remarks. This species appears to be an aberrant form in the glans group though it is somewhat intermediate between this group and that of Cerion felis P. & V. There appears to be no question but that certain specimens are hybrids between this form and felis. Colonies of both were found in the same general area, on the windward side of the island.

From C. glans, C. russelli differs by being very much larger, pro­portionately thinner and in having a flatter, non back folded lip. Only a single colony of this form was obtained on Cat Island and its specific relationships are not clear. (Clench, 1938:528-529)


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