Cerion obesum Dall, 1905

Original Description

" Cerion glans obesum Dall, novo Pl. LVIII, fig. 15.

This form was obtained from Long Cay, north bight of Andros by the late Prof. John J. Northrop; and from Mangrove Cay, south bight, by Mr. Owen Bryant. While varying somewhat in height it preserves very uniformly its stoutness and irregular sparse ribbing. It has two and a half smooth pale nuclear and nine subsequent whorls of a bluish or brownish white color, sometimes with a purplish under­tone, or faintly mottled with irregular blotches of pale brown, the aperture waxen white and deep in the throat warm yellow-brown. The surface is polished, free from spiral striae, obliquely ribbed with (on the penult whorl 22-28) irregular sharp narrow ribs separated by wider interspaces. The body is subcylindric, the apex short and subacute: the umbilicus minutely perforate, the triangle between it and the reflected peristome rather large. The peristome is rounded and well reflected, the parietal lamina strong, that on the pillar feeble or hardly perceptible.


                                of Shell                   Aperture                                Max. Diameter

Long Cay .............29.0                           10.0                          15          mm.

    "      "   ..............35.5                         11.0                             14.5     "

Mangrove Cay     33.5                        11.0                             14.0     "

The shell is near C. glans regulum Maynard, but is shorter and stouter, more cylindrical, with coarser, less regular, fewer and more widely spaced ribs.

Only a few specimens were obtained by Mr. Bryant, those of Mr. Northrop were better preserved. U. S. Nat. Mus., No. 120,008. "  (Dall, 1905:437-438)


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