Cerion (Umbonis) felis Pilsbry & Vanatta, 1895

Original Description

"Cerion (Maynardia) felis

Shell short, stout, cylindrical, with short but straight and rather acute cone; strongly costate throughout (except nepionic whorls), the ribs curved, 16 on penult. and on next earlier whorls, widely spaced. Entire surface closely sculptured with unevenly spaced, deep, incised spiral striae. Whorls 10, slightly convex. Aperture ovate-cordate, nearly as wide as high, over a third of the shell's length. Lipreflexed, thin; parietal lamina strong, short; axial lamina inconspicuous in front. Alt. 28; diam. 12 mm. Cat Island, Bahamas.  This species and the next are peculiarly unlike all others known in being densely, conspicuously spirally striated." (Pilsbry & Vanatta, 1895:206-207)

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