Cerion (Strophiops) fairchildi Clench, 1933

Original Description

"Cerion (Strophiops) fairchildi sp. nov.

(Plate I, figure 6)

            Description.—Shell rather short, cylindric, rather heavy, perforate, finely ribbed. Color rather dull white, with a faint indication of mottling on upper whorls; first 2 whorls a faint brownish white. Whorls 9 to 9 ½ flat-sided, first 1 ½ whorls smooth, remainder ribbed, last three whorls nearly parallel-sided. Spire acute, flat conic, produced at an angle of 71°. Aperture rounded ovate. Mid-parietal tooth and columellar lamella very well developed. Lip reflected and moderately thickened. Sutures definite but not deeply indented. Sculpture of rather widely spaced, low and rather fine, flat ribs; 22 ribs on the body whorl.

MEASUREMENTS (in millimeters)

Length              Width               Aperture length Aperture width

27.5                 13.5                 7                                  5.5            Holotype

28                    14                    7                                  5                Paratype

            Holotype, Mus. Comp. Zoöl., no. 80,502, and paratype, no. 80,503, Conception Island, Bahamas, D. Fairchild, collector, 1932.

            This species appears to be in close relationship to C. lentiginosa Maynard from Rum Cay. It differs in being smaller, in having less developed ribs, less color markings, and a much greater development of the parietal tooth and columellar lamella. The lip is thicker and has a greater reflexed surface."

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