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Department of Invertebrate Zoology

Menaethius c.f. orientalis (Brachyura, Majoidea, Epialtidae) from northern Sumatra, Indonesia

Menaethius c.f. orientalis (Brachyura, Majoidea, Epialtidae) from northern Sumatra, Indonesia

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Amanda WindsorResearch Collaborator

  • Phone: 202-633-9082
  • Fax: 202-633-0182
  • E-mail:
  • Mailing Address:
    Smithsonian Institution
    PO Box 37012, MRC 163
    Washington, DC 20013-7012

  • Courier Delivery Address:
    Smithsonian Institution
    National Museum of Natural History
    10th and Constitution Ave, NW
    Washington, DC 20560-0163

    Responsibilities: Research Collaborator, FDA: Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

    Education: PhD Evolutionary and Environmental Biology 2011. University of Louisiana at Lafayette
    BS Marine Science and Biology. 2003. Coastal Carolina University

    Research Interests:
    Phylogenetics and systematics of the brachyuran superfamily Majoidea. Decapod crustacean biodiversity in the Coral Triangle.

    Recent Publications:

    Windsor, A.M. and Felder D.L. 2014. Molecular phylogenetics and taxonomic reanalysis of the family Mithracidae MacLeay, 1838 (Decapoda: Brachyura: Majoidea). Invertebrate Systematics. 28(2): 124-144.

    Lemaitre, R., Campos, N.H., Viloria Maestre, E.A., and Windsor, A.M. 2013. Discovery of an alien crab, Scylla serrata (Forsskål, 1775) (Crustacea: Decapoda: Portunidae), from the Caribbean coast of Colombia. BioInvasion Records. 2(4):311-315.

    Windsor, A.M., and Ahyong, S.T. 2013. Hyastenus baru, A new species of spider crab from Indonesia (Brachyura, Majoidea, Epialtidae) with a key to the species of Hyastenus. Crustaceana. 86(6):718 - 727.

    Windsor, A.M. and Felder, D.L. 2011. A new species of Hemus (Majoidea: Majidae: Mithracinae) from the Pacific coast of Panamá, with akey to the genus. Zootaxa. 2799: 63-68.

    Windsor, A.M. and Felder, D.L. 2009. Re-evaluation of species allied to Mithrax hispidus (Decapoda: Brachyura: Majoidea: Mithracidae) based on three mitochondrial genes. Zootaxa. 2302: 61-68.

    Felder, D.L., Dworschak, P.C., Robles, R., Bracken, H.D., Windsor, A.M., Felder, J., et al. 2009. Obvious invaders and overlooked infauna: unexpected constituents of the decapod crustacean fauna at Twin Cays, Belize. In: M.A. Lang, I.G. Macintyre, and K. Rutzler (Eds), Smithsonian Contributions to the Marine Sciences. Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press, Washington, D.C., pp. 181-188.

    Windsor, A., Crowe, M., Bishop, J. 2005. Determination of temperature preference and the role of the enlarged cheliped in thermoregulation in male sand fiddler crabs, Uca pugilator. Journal of Thermal Biology 30: 37-41.

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