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Image of Frog crab Lyreidus tridentatus De Haan, 1841

Frog crab Lyreidus tridentatus De Haan, 1841 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Raninidae)

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Marcos TavaresResearch Associate

  • Phone: (55) (11) 2065-8085
  • Fax: (55) (11) 2065-8116
  • E-mail:


    Responsibilities: Research Associate

    Ph. D., Université de Paris VI and Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris
    M.S., National Museum of Natural History, Federal University, Rio de Janeiro
    B.S., Santa Ursula University, Rio de Janeiro

    Research Interests: Taxonomy, Systematics, Morphology and Evolution of Decapod Crustaceans, Phylogenetic reconstruction using morphological and molecular data, Biogeography, Paleontology

    Professional Activities:
    Museum of Zoology, University of São Paulo, Associate Professor
    Correspondant du Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris
    Associate Editor – journal Zoologia (Taxonomy & Nomenclature)
    Member – The Crustacean Society, Brazilian Carcinological Society, Brazilian Zoological Society

    Selected Publications:
    Benetti, A.; Tavares, M.; Santos, D.; Tudge, C. 2012. Ultrastructure of the spermatophores and spermatozoa from the gecarcinid land crab, Cardisoma guanhumi Latreille, 1828, (Crustacea, Brachyura, Gecarcinidae) from the western Atlantic. Invertebrate Reproduction & Development, 55(1): 1-9.

    Tavares, M. & Santana, W. 2011. A new genus for Libinia rostrata Bell, 1835, with comments on the validity of Libinia bellicose Oliveira, 1944 (Crustacea, Brachyura, Majoidea, Epialtidae). Zootaxa, 3057: 61-68.

    Tavares, M. & Pinheiro, A. P. 2011. A new species of Chaceon Manning & Holthuis, 1989, from the southwestern Atlantic, with a key to the western Atlantic species (Crustacea, Decapoda, Geryonidae). Zootaxa, 3086: 57-68.

    Tavares, M. 2011. Alien Decapod Crustaceans in the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean, p. 251-267. In: GALIL, B., CLARK, P.F., CARLTON, J.T. (Eds.). In the Wrong Place – Alien Marine Crustaceans: Distribution, Biology and Impacts. Invading Nature. Springer Series in Invasion Ecology. Volume 6. London. 723p. (ISBN 978-94-007-0590-6).

    Tavares, M. & Cleva, R. 2010. Trichopeltariidae (Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura), a new family and superfamily of Eubrachyuran crabs with description of one new genus and five new species. Papéis Avulsos de Zoologia, 50(9): 97-157.

    Guinot, D. & Tavares, M. 2003. A new subfamilial arragement for the Dromiidae de Haan, 1833, with diagnoses and description of new genera and species (Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura). Zoosystema, 25(1): 43-129.

    Tavares, M. 2003. A new theoretical approach for the study of monophyly of the Brachyura (Crustacea: Decapoda) and its impact on the Anomura. Memoirs of Museum Victoria, 60: 145-149.

    Tavares, M. 2003. FAO species identification sheets for fishery purposes: Western Central Atlantic (Fishing Area 31). FAO, Rome. Stomatopods: 245-250, Shrimps: 251-291, Lobsters: 293-325, True Crabs: 327-352.

    Guinot D. & Tavares, M. 2001. Une nouvelle famille de Crabes du Crétacé, et la notion de Podotremata Guinot, 1977 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura). Zoosystema, 23(3): 507-546.

    Tavares, M. 1998. Phyllotymolinidae, nouvelle famille de Brachyoures Podotremata (Crustacea, Decapoda). Zoosystema, 20(1): 109-122.

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