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   Table 1 - Major Oceans Chart | Map of Oceans

Region Location Species Spawning Local name References
South Pacific PNG viridis Oct., Nov. or Dec. Vaien; Lamaha; Kaama Bartlett 1947, Burrows 1955
Northern GBR viridis Oct., Nov. or Dec. Burrows 1955
Solomon I. viridis Oct., Nov. or Dec. Orku, Parenga or Pareņa Burrows 1955
Vanuatu viridis Oct., Nov. or Dec. Ayby (?); Un Burrows 1955; Codrington 1891
New Caledonia viridis Oct., Nov. or Dec. Burrows 1955
North I., NZ edentulum Glasby & Alvarez 1999
Chatham I. edentulum Glasby & Alvarez 1999
Kiribati viridis Oct., Nov. or Dec. Matamata, te kawariki (?), te o (?) Burrows 1955
Fiji vernalis Treadwell 1922
viridis Oct., Nov. or Dec. Mbalolo Woodworth 1903, Burrows 1955
Tonga viridis Oct., Nov. or Dec. Balolo Burrows 1955
Samoa dubia (?) Woodworth 1903, 1907
viridis Oct., Nov. or Dec. Palolo Burrows 1955; Caspers 1961,1984; Hauenschild et al. 1968; Woodworth 1903, 1907
Cook I. viridis Oct., Nov. or Dec. Burrows 1955
Indo-/Central Pacific Ambon viridis March/April Wawo Burrows 1955
Philippines accrescens February/ March Hoagland 1920; Gosliner et al. (?)
Palau unidentified pers. obs.
Yap unidentified pers. obs.
Guam unidentified July/August Ritson-Williams (pers. comm.), pers. obs.
siciliensis Kohn & White 1977
Pohnpei unidentified pers. obs.
Kosrae unidentified pers. obs.
East Pacific California pallidus Hartman 1938
paloloides Hartman 1938, Moore 1904
Taboga unidentified pers. obs.
Las Perlas unidentified pers. obs.
Galapagos gallapagensis Kinberg 1865
siciliensis Westheide 1977
Juan Fernandez leucodon Ehlers 1901
edentulum Glasby & Alvarez 1999
Magellanic I. edentulum Glasby & Alvarez 1999
Caribbean Mexico siciliensis Salazar-Vallejo & Carrera-Parra 1997
Belize unidentified pers. obs.
Bocas del Toro unidentified pers. obs.
Venezuela siciliensis Liņero Arana 1985
West Atlantic North Carolina siciliensis Gardiner 1976
Brasil brasilensis Zanol et al. 2000
esbelta Morgado & Amaral 1981
Argentina siciliensis Orensanz 1975
East Atlantic Madeira madeirensis Baird 1869
Mediterranean Sicily siciliensis Grube 1840
ebranchiata Quatrefages 1866
Banyuls-s-M siciliensis Hofmann 1972, 1974, 1975
Red Sea Djibouti valida Gravier 1900
West Indian Ocean Mozambique simplex Fauchald 1992, Peters 1854
East Indian Ocean South Australia edentulum Glasby & Alvarez 1999, Fauchald 1992
siciliensis Augener 1913, Fauchald 1992
West coast of Thailand and Sumatra siciliensis Kohn & LLoyd 1973

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