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Department of Invertebrate Zoology

Dynamenella perforata

Dynamenella perforata is a shallow-water sphaeromatid isopod which inhabits intertidal coral rubble and algae. It has also been found living under the chiton Acanthopleura granulata. Distribution of D. perforata: Bermuda to Puerto Rico; Dominican Republic; Cuba and Trinidad & Tobago. (View a higher resolution version of this image.)

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Armadillidium nasatum

Armadillidium nasatum is a common terrestrial isopod in North America which immigrated from Europe along with humans, and is found in many states. It inhabits greenhouses as well as backyards, grasslands, and sunny slopes. Normally the color is slate gray, but this specimen has a purplish hue caused by a virus. Like all terrestrial isopods, it feeds mostly on plant matter and can be a scavenger too. Terrestrial isopods in general are called by these common names: "sowbug," "pillbug," "roly-poly" or "potato bug."

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