Echinoderm Newsletter Survey and Information Update

Thank you for updating your information, or for joining the Newsletter! Your information is very valuable to other echinoderm researchers around the world. Your submission will be added to the next Newsletter which is produced each winter. Please submit your information early to insure that it is included in the next edition! The deadline for Newsletter #27 is October 1, 2002.

Please note that, due to budgetary constraints, there will be only a very limited number of streamlined "hard-copy" Echinoderm Newsletters available in the future. The "Virtual Echinoderm Newsletter" website will continue to provide the echinoderm research community with addresses, current research and other important information!

If  you have had a great year and have many publications, long requests and/or announcements, or if you  would like to contribute to "How I began studying echinoderms," "Current Research Focus" or have any other similar contribution, feel free to send it as an e-mail attachment (mail to Cynthia Ahearn) instead of fitting it into these boxes. Just make note of the information we would like you to submit and send it off all together in standard formats (.wpd or  .doc). If you would like to send a photo, please send that as an attachment in .jpg or .gif format. We can also accept 'hard-copy' items which we can scan.  Please mail them to Cynthia Ahearn. Thanks!












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