BUNDRICK, CARLA - is collecting submissions of Echinoderm Poetry (original works, please!) For an upcoming publication honoring Walter Garstang. Snail-mail and email accepted.

DELBONI, CYNTHIA GRAZIELLE MARTINS - requests papers published on ossicle formation in holothurians, methods of preparation etc.

HENKEL, TIMOTHY - I am interested in habitat use of the sponge-dwelling ophiuroid Ophiothrix lineata and am looking for any sitings or samples in collection and where they were found.

HORSTMAN, DEON - I'm starting to assess the mariculture potential of an indigenous sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla through laboratory rearing of early life history stages.  I would urgently like to make contact with scientists doing similar research.

IVY, GRISILDA - requests reprints related to sea cucumber culture and reproductive biology.

JACKSON, JENNIFER -  I am really keen to aquire DNA samples of irregular echinoidea, particularly any spatangoidea and  clypeasteroidea. I only need about a cm square of tissue or 0.5g of test in order to perform a successful extraction so any material would be useful and very gratefully appreciated.

JAGT, JOHN W.M. -  I would greatly appreciate receiving any Recent ophiuroids (preferably identified to species level, and representing all orders), or fragments of such (in particular arms), for an ongoing study of fossil brittles stars (Late Cretaceous of NW Europe).

JEYABASKARAN, R. - requests information about taxonomy of corals and their associated animals.

MAGSINO, RICHARD -  I would like to request literature reprints from researchers working on the population genetics of reef invertebrates.  I will be very thankful if I can get contacts with specialists in the field.

MENDES, CARLA LIMA TORRES - requests information related to the following topics. Feeding ecology of Echinometra lucunter:  Feeding preference in relation to food availability in Cabo Frio region, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

NITHYANANDAN, MANICKAM - I request reprints regarding the deep sea echinoderms of the east coast of India (Bay of Bengal).

ORTIZ, EDUARDO MORTEO - I'm currently studying about the artisanal fishery of starfish in Baja California, Mexico.  I would appreciate any information relating to this topic.

OYEN, CRAIG -  I am gathering data (species diversity, geographic and biostratigraphic distribution) regarding fossil comatulid crinoids from the southeastern U.S.  Any comments regarding occurrences from Texas to Maryland is welcome.

RANNER, HERWIG - I would be interested in having information about the geographic distribution of Asterias rubens worldwide.

TAHERA, QASEEM - would appreciate any publication on echinoderms relating to taxonomy, systematics, reproduction and larval distribution.

TAVARES, YARA APARECIDA GARCIA - I'm begining study sea urchin fishery monitoring and I would like to contact some specialist in echinoids fisheries and receive publications about sea urchin aquaculture and management.