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KAMMER, THOMAS - Evolutionary paleoecology of Paleozoic crinoids, lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, and sequence stratigraphy of marine Mississippian rocks in the eastcentral United States.

KASYANOV, VLADIMIR - Cellular mechanisms of reproductive strategies of marine invertebrates.

KAWAUCHI, GISELE YUKIMI - Reproduction and dispersion  apodous holothurians

KELLER, BRIAN -  Echinoid ecology.

KELLEY, L. SCOTT -  Lower Cretaceous echinoid systematics; Cidaroid taxonomy.

KELLY, MAEVE -  Feasibility of commercial echinoculture in Scotland (Psammechinus miliaris );  Echinoderm/subcuticular bacteria symbioses.

KERR, ALEXANDER - Phylogeny of holothurian families;  Phylogeny of the Holothuriidae;  Evolution of habitat choice in holothurians.

KINJO, SONOKO -  Evolution of skeletal morphology of larvae in the family Echinometridae (Echinoidea).

KLINGER, THOMAS - Digestion in echinoids, asteroids, and holothuroids; Population biology of tropical holothuroids; manufactured feeds suitable for the mariculture of echinoids.

KOBAYASHI, NAOMASA -  Marine pollution bioassay by using sea urchins;  spawning periodicity of sea urchins; Effects of marine pollution upon sea urchin gonads.

KOGO, ICHIZO -  Class Crinoidea  taxonomy.

KOGURE, YOICHI - Taxonomic and distributional study of ophiuroids and asteroids in the Japan Sea;  Ecology of sand dollar Scaphechinus mirabilis.

KRISHNARAJAH, PADMINI - Kinetic studies on carbohydrase enzyme of Holothuria scabra.

KROH, ANDREAS - Oligo-Miocene echinoids of the eastern Mediterranean and the Paratethys.

KYTE, MICHAEL - Puget Sound vacant benthic habitats.




LAMBERT, PHILIP - New species of Holothuroidea from Pacific Northwest.

LANDEIRA, ANA MARIA -  Ca2+ transport in sea cucumber smooth muscle.

LANE, DAVID - Asteroid and holothuroid diversity and biogeography studies in the IndoMalay Archipelago;  Population studies of the goniasterid sea star Iconaster longimanus.

LANE, N. GARY - Completing three papers on Famennian (latest Devonian) crinoids from China, Britain, and Germany.

LAWLEY, JERRY - A quantitative survey of sea urchins on Enmedio Reef, Veracruz, Mexico.

LAWRENCE, JOHN - Characteristics of arm regeneration in starfish; Nutrition and reproduction of sea urchins;  Lifehistory strategies of sea urchins and starfish.

LE MENN, JEAN -  Paleozoic North-African crinoids (calyx and dissociated columnals); Benthic communities, polynomorphes and medium to high frequencies cycles.

LEE, YOUNHO - Phylogenetic analysis of Korean east coast sea urchins; Phylogenetic analysis of the antarctic sea urchin, Sterechinus neumayeri; analysis of spicule matrix protein gene expression in sea urchin embryos.

LEFEBVRE, BERTRAND -  Lower Palaeozoic (mainly Cambrian to Ordovician) primitive echinoderms (stylophorans, solutes, cinctans, ctenocystoids, eocrinoids) from northern margin of Gondwana (Bohemia, Spain, France, Morocco, Sardinia, Portugal) : Anatomy, ecology, functional morphology, phylogeny, biostratigraphy, palaeogeography.

LEISMAN, JULIANNE - Recruitment study of brittlestars in the Banana River; also, aspects of regeneration.

LELAND, AMANDA - My research addresses the question of how the green sea urchin affects coastal zone community structure in the Gulf of Maine via grazing pressure. Currently, I am working with sea urchin harvesters and the Dept of Marine Resources to determine if intense grazing pressure by large urchins can effectively reclaim suitable urchin habitat in areas that are depleted due to overharvesting. In addition, I am looking at grazing rates as a function of algae functional groups and for prominent local species as well as how grazing rates differ for urchins of different sizes and densities.

LESSER, MICHAEL - Molecular biology of photoperiod regulation of gametogenesis in sea urchins;  Identification and transmission of bacterial symbionts in Amphipholis squamata.

LESSIOS, HARILAOS -  Molecular biogeography of echinoids.

LEVIN, VALERY - Shallow water Holothuroidea; systematics, biology feeding and fisheries.

LEVITAN, DONALD - Ecological and evolutionary consequences of sperm limitation in echinoderms;  Echinoid grazing pressure in the Caribbean.

LHEKNIM, VACHIRA - I am identifying the echinoderm holdings in the Prince of Songkla University collections. Most of the specimens come from student field trips to the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea.

LIAO, YULIN -  Fauna Sinica: Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea.

LINDSTROM, DAWN - Amount of predation on Ophiocoma echinata through the use of tethering experiments.

LITVINOVA, NINA - Compiling a Catalogue Ophiuroidea of the Institute of Oceanology.

LORDSON, JINBERT - Seed production and sea ranching of sea cucumbers.

LOVELY, ERIC - Coexistence of hydroid predators in Tubularia larynx colonies.

LYONS, KERRY -  Management of commercial Green Sea Urchin fishery  Maine.




MACURDA, JR., D. BRADFORD -  Mississippian crinoids.

MACZYNSKA, STEFANIA - Cretaceous and Tertiary echinoids particularly from Poland.

MAGSINO, RICHARD - I am currently looking into the genetic relationship of the color ecomorphs of the coral reef starfish Linckia laevigata in the Kalayaan Islands Group, South China Sea in western Philippines using both allozymes and DNA sequence of the COI genetic markers.  I am also doing PCR RFLP of the COI gene segment of the blue Linckia laevigata for individuals collected from the Palawan shelf and shoal reefs in the Philippines, and eventually compare it with allozyme data to determine the population genetic structure of this species.

MAHARAVO, JEAN - Study about proliferation of Salmaciella erythracis in Ambaro Bay (NosyBe) Northwest coast of Madagascar.

MAIER, MARTA - Isolation and structural elucidation of secondary polar metabolites from echinoderms of the South Atlantic Ocean.

MALAY, MARIA CELIA -  Population genetics of the sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla; Sea urchin fishery management / cage growout culture.

MALDONADO, ELISA -  Study of ecology of deep-sea feather stars from the Bahama Islands (Smithsonian Institution with Dave Pawson). Study of ophiuroid parasites (Los Angeles County Natural History Museum with Gordon Hendler).

MALLEFET, JEROME - Luminescent ophiuroids; morphological, physiological, ecological aspects.

MANIKANDAN K.P. - I am working in a research and development company in the Maldives (Mais Marine Seacucumber Research Centre, Bandaveri, Raa Atoll, Republic of Maldives  *no postal service). We in our research centre are trying to commercialize sea cucumber hatchery and growout. In our R&D Programme we have produced about 65,000 juveniles at 6% survival rate.  From the start of my research career, I was fully interested in the embryology of sea cucumbers, particularly in Holothuria scabra. At present we have attained an increase in our survival rate  from 5% to 15% without using sterilized seawater.  We hope to increase it still more by using microbe-free-water. We are using different algaldiets for its growth which to our excitement has affected greatly its metamorphosis and cycle duration. I am still carrying on my research by making sea cucumber hatchery and culture a commercial one in par with that of shrimpculture.

MANNI, RICCARDO - Morphological functionality of radial facets of the cyrtocrinids, Jurassic cyrtocrinids of central Italy.

MANNIFIELD, KAY - Dinantian crinoids from northwest Ireland; exploring Camerate ?extinction;  Crinoid palaeoecology, autecology and palaeobiology; also looking at carbonate reefal environments etc.

MANSO, CYNTHIA L.C. - The echinoids from the middle Cretaceous of the Sergipe Basin (Brazil);  Ophiuroids from the Brazilian coast.

MAPLES, CHRISTOPHER - DevonianPermian crinoid and blastoid paleobiogeography rebound from mass extinction; Late Paleozoic invertebrate paleoecology.

MARAN, ALEKSANDRA - Palaeoecological research of Lower Cretaceous Echinoidea from eastern Serbia (YU); irregular echinoids, especially genus Heteraster, Toxaster, (Spatangoids) and Holaster , biostratigraphy, palaeoecology, taphonomy; Cretaceous echinoids from Serbia (YU); Lower Cretaceous echinoids (Urgonian) and accompanying macro and micro fauna; Lower Cretaceous foraminifers (Orbitolinids).

MARCOS-DIEGO, CONCEPCION - Study of benthic fauna and flora from the southern of the Livingston Island (South Shetland, Antarctica).

MARSH, LOISETTE M. - Echinoderms of the Dampier Archipelago, Northwestern Australia.

MARTIN, RICHARD B. - Introduction and translocation of nonindigenous marine species; development of a marine pest information database; community detection of marine pest incursions.

MARTINEZ, PRISCILLA C. - Population and reproductive biology of the sea cucumber Isostichopus fuscus in the Galapagos Islands.

MARTINS DELBONI, CYNTHIA - Ossicle formation in apodous holothurians, specifically Chiridota rotifera and Synaptula hydriformis.

MASCARENHAS, BERNARDO JOSE DE A. - Pattern of distribution of asteroidea from Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

MASHANOV, VLADIMIR S. - Gut development in Eupentacta fraudatrix;  Ultrastructure of the alimentary canal in holothurians; Regeneration of the digestive tube in holothurians; Ultrastructure of the radial nerve cord in holothurians.

MASON, JOANNE - Reproductive behaviour of echinoderms.

MASSIN, CLAUDE -  Holothurian taxonomy; Indonesia, Malaysia, Madagascar.

MASTROTOTARO, FRANCESCO -  Benthic communities.

MATA PEREZ, EUSTOLIA - Sea stars of the Family Luidiidae (Echinodermata: Asteroidea) from the coast of Mexico.

MATERIA-ROWLAND, CHRISTINE - Developing a manual on coastal and marine monitoring; biological analysis and sediment chemistry analysis of the impact of the aquaculture industry on benthic fauna.

MATTOS-SEGOVIA, ELIO - The assessment of bioinducers of the settlement in larvae of sea urchin Loxechinus albus.

MAUBON, ROGER M. - Preparing inventories (or catalogs) of historical collections of Echinoderms in institutions like Museum of Nancy (Paul Thiery), Museum of Chambery (Savin, Demoly) and Museum of La Rochelle;  addendum (1998) to inventories (1994) of echinoderms in Grenoble, Museum of Natural History.

McALOON, KELLY - Trace metal solubilization by intestinal fluid of Sclerodactyla briareus.

McCLINTOCK, JAMES - Chemical ecology of echinoderms from the Gulf of Mexico and Antarctica.

McKENZIE, J. DOUGLAS -  Subcuticular bacteria in echinoderms; antifouling mechanisms of echinoderms.

McLELLAND, JERRY - Identification and ecology of the local echinoderm fauna from the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean areas.

McNAMARA, KENNETH -  Neogene species of the clypeasteroid Peronella from Western Australia; Paleocene spatangoids from the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia; Miocene echinoids from the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia; Eocene echinoids from the Bremer Basin, Western Australia; fauna of Australia  spatangoids, holasteroids, clypeasteroids, cassiduloids (with Rich Mooi); general echinoid morphology, physiology and biogeography.

MEDEIROS-BERGEN, DOT -  Selective constraints on brittlestar life histories.

MEIJER, LAURENT -  Molecular mechanisms of cell cycle regulation, using starfish oocytes and sea urchin embryos as cellular models; circadian control of the cell division cycle; identification of novel antimitotic compounds, with potential antitumor activity, using mechanismbased screening assays (purified cell cycle regulating enzymes; detection of inhibitors of cell cycle regulating enzymes in extracts prepared from marine invertebrates (collaboration with Dr. G.R. Pettit, Cancer Research Institute, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona).

MELIKOV, OKTAY HAMZA -  Investigation, evolutionary, systematic and development of orders Spatangoid, Holasteroid and Holectypoid of Azerbaijan (late Cretaceous and Eocene)

MENDES, CARLA LIMA TORRES - Feeding ecology of Echinometra lucunter; feeding preference in relation to food availability in Cabo Frio region, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

MESSING, CHARLES - Systematics and phylogeny of comatulid crinoids.

MEYER, CHRISTIAN - Tertiary asteroids from the Eggenburg area (Austria);  Fossilium catalogus Austriae, Part Asterozoa.

MILLER, ROBERT - Evolution and biogeography of the Elasipoda (Holothuroidea).

MIRONOV, ALEXANDER - 1) Taxonomy of the deep sea echinoderms (echinoids of the order Holasteroida, stalked crinoids of the suborder Bourgueticrinina, asteroids of the family Porcellanasteridae and holothurians of the family Myriotrochidae).  2) Biogeographical history of the deep sea echinoderm fauna.

MITROVIC-PETROV, JOVANKA - Upper Cretaceous echinoidea from western Serbia  taxonomy, paleoecology and paleobiogeography.

MLADENOV, PHILIP - Biology, ecology and population genetics of asexual echinoderms; parthenogenesis in echinoderms; population and evolutionary genetics of Amphipholis squamata ; sea cucumber fisheries of the Cook Islands; ecology and systematics of New Zealand brittle stars.

MONTAGUE, CHRISTOPHER - Regeneration capabilities of sea stars in closed systems.

MOONEY, ROBERT - Red sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus franciscanus) management by the Hesquiaht First Nation: implications for community structure and the successful establishment of a commercial sea urchin fishery.

MOORE, ABIGAIL - Trying to set up a communitybased project aiming to combine consensusbased local management of marine resources with various other initiatives to improve the economic and educational status of the villagers.  This may be combined with trials of reef repair system and reseeding of some species. Also possible involvement in one or more holothurian penculture projects for rearing juveniles to maturity before processing them.

MORGAN, ANDREW -  Demography, life history and aquaculture of the temperate sea cucumber Stichopus mollis.

MORGAN, KATHERINE - Lecithotrophy in starfish; the evolution of developmental patterns and life cycle evolution.

MORRILL, JOHN - Experimental analysis of primary invagination in the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus;  Descriptive morphology of the embryonic development of the sea urchin Echinometra lucunter.

MOTOKAWA, TATSUO - Neuropeptides of echinoderms; Catch connective tissue.

MUKAI, HIROSHI - Community ecology of seagrass beds, including herbivorous seaurchin grazing effects.

MUSA, NADIRAH - Histology of the sea cucumber.




NAIDENKO, TAMARA K. - Cryopreservation of sea urchin embryos and larvae bioassay by using sea urchin eggs and embryos.

NAKAI, SAORI -  Echinoids of the family Temnopleuridae.

NATARAJAN, P. - Aquaculture, fish and shrimp culture, fish pathology; planning to implement echinoderm culture in India.

NEBELSICK, JAMES - Taphonomy of reef echinoids;  Lower Miocene echinoid palaeobiogeography.

NEILL, BRUCE - Biogeography, systematics and population biology of echinometrids

NEPOTE, ANA CLAUDIA -   As a graduate student from CICESE (Ensenada, Mexico), I am doing my thesis project on the Upper Gulf of California, Mexico. This area represents one of the few places in the world where the tidal range is around 7 m during low tides. The physical conditions in the Upper Gulf of California gives opportunity to study the processes that shape the assemblages of marine invertebrates communities.

NESTLER, HELMUT -  Cretaceous echinoids from South Yemen;  Isolated elements of maestrichtian crinoids.

NEUMANN, CHRISTIAN - Cretaceous deepsea echinoids from Spain; Postlarval development of Cretaceous hemiasterid echinoids; Origin of urechinid echinoids.

NICHOLS, DAVID -  Reproductive cyclicity in the New Zealand crinoid Oxycomanthus plectrophorum ;  Seasonality in resource allocation in the English Channel starfish Luidia ciliaris.

NICOSIA, UMBERTO -  Systematics and evolutive trends of Cyrtocrinids.

NISHIHIRA, MORITAKA -  Effect of heart urchins on coral community structure of the sandy bottom.

NISHIZAKI, MICHAEL - Fluid dynamic influences on the growth and survival of juvenile sea urchins (Strongylocentrotus franciscanus and S. purpuratus)  for MSc started Sept 1998 at University of Northern British Columbia.

NITHYANANDAN, MANICKAM -  Working as a junior research fellow in Zoological Survey of India Chennai under the project "Survey & Inventorization of Marine Biodiversity of East Coast of India".  Preparing checklist of echinoderms of east coast of India. Starfishes of Indian waters.

NOGUEIRA LIMA, RENATA PIRES -  Reproductive cycle of the holothurian.

NOJIMA, SATOSHI -  Feeding habits and effects of sea stars on benthic organisms.




O'CONNOR, BRENDAN - Bioturbation rates of infaunal echinoderms; Connection between hydrographic features and high density ophiuroid populations.

O'HARA, TIMOTHY - Echinoderms of Macquarie Island (final stages); Patterns of diversity for faunal assemblages on subtidal reefs off central Victoria (Ph.D. thesis, University of  Melbourne).

OJEDA, F. PATRICIO -  Ontogenetic changes in the diet of Loxechinus albus: an ecophysiological approach.  Ecology of intertidal rockpools: role of sea urchins and fishes in determining community patterns.

OJI, TATSUO - Paleontology and biology of stalked crinoids; especially regeneration of crown and arms, and evolutionary history of isocrinines.

OLSZEWSKANEJBE, DANUTA - Studying the irregular echinoids in the North European Province; stratigraphy and paleobiogeography.

OLVER, JANE - Mesozoic irregular echinoids; extant British species.

ORTIZ, EDUARDO MORTEO - The history of artisanal fisheries of starfish in Baja California, Mexico (Echinodermata: Asteroidea) for a degree in Oceanology at the Autonomous University of Baja California, Mexico.

OTERO, MARIA DEL MAR - Energy partitioning, growth and reproductive strategies in a new aquaculture species, the green sea urchin Psammechinus miliaris (Ph.D. in progress).

OYEN, CRAIG -  Cenozoic echinoid biostratigraphy and taxonomic descriptions (primarily in the Gulf and Atlantic Coastal Plain areas of the U.S.).  Fossil comatulid crinoid biostratigraphy and taxonomy in the same region.  Biofacies and paleoecology interpretations of Cenozoic strata in Florida.




PABIAN, ROGER - Late Paleozoic crinoids,paleoecology, associated fauna and parasitic, prey and predation relations; biostratigraphy.

PADILLO, LOVELE -  Asteroidea.

PAGETT, RICHARD - Caspian Sea: literature review.

PAIK, SANG GYU -  Ecology of Asterias amurensis.

PARDO ANGEL, ROBERTO - Ecology and population dynamics of echinoderms (particularly echinoids and ophiuroids)  currently, population dynamics of sand dollars.

PARMA, SARA GRACIELA - Cretaceous and Tertiary echinoids from Patagonia and La Pampa Province, Argentina.

PARSLEY, RONALD -  Reworking stylophoran phylogeny.

PAULS, SHEILA MARQUES -  Distribution of the echinoids in coral communities.

PAYNE, ADAM - Studying the association between damselfish and brittlestars in Jamaica. I am especially interested in predatory and carrion feeding brittlestars and associations between the ophiuroids and other animals of different taxa and phyla.

PEARCE, CHRIS - Roe enhancement of the green sea urchin using prepared feeds. Juvenile growout strategies for the green sea urchin.

PENCHASZADEH, PABLO - Working on the diet of endemic starfish Luidia and Astropecten and the reproduction of the sea urchin Pseudechinus and the holothurian Psolus.

PENNINGTON, J.TIMOTHY -  Primary production in the central California upwelling zone; brachiopod larvae of the Monterey Bay Submarine Canyon.

PEREIRA MAJER, ALESSANDRA -  Reproductive and behavioral aspects of Synaptula hydriformis (Holothuroidea, Apoda) reared in laboratory.

PEREZ-RUZAFA, ANGEL - Wetlands and coastal lagoons of Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)  basis for its protection and management; Iberic fauna; study of benthic fauna and flora from the southern of Livingston Island (South Shetland, Antarctica); design of new algorithms for the primary productivity and water quality prediction in coastal zones using remote sensing techniques.

PETR, VACLAV - Preparation of a photographic, comprehensive book, "Atlas of Echinoderms of the Barrandian area".  This book will be written in English and published at the end of 1998.

PETROVA, IRINA YU. -  Structure and functions of echinoderms lectins.

PHILIPPE, MICHEL -  Miocene echinoids.

PIEPENBURG, DIETER - Ecology of brittle stars in Arctic and Antarctic seas. Echinoderms of the Meteor Seamount.

PIZER, MARGARET - Evolution of echinoderm metamorphosis.

PODOLSKY, ROBERT - Evolution of life history characters in ophiuroid genus Macrophiothrix; Evolution of gamete characters in echinoid genus Strongylocentrotus.

PORTELL, ROGER W. - Echinoid biostratigraphy of Florida (especially undescribed Miocene taxa);  Miocene echinoderms of Jamaica.

PROKOP, RUDOLF JAN - Devonian echinoderms from the Barrandian area; systematics, palaeoecology, biostratigraphy (together with V. Petr).

PUTCHAKARN, SUMAITT -  Echinoderms associated with some sponges in coral reefs along the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand.




QUEVEDO, RUY -  Reproduction and culture of sea cucumbers.




RAJAKUMAR, C. P. -  Biology and ecology of certain Indian echinoderms; investigating the bioactive substances of Indian echinoderms.

RAM MOHAN, M. K . - Taxonomical studies of echinoderms.

RANNER, HERWIG - Marine echinoderms and bivalves and their potential as recorders of climate change (Ph.D. thesis in progress).

REGIS, MARIE-BERTHE - Population dynamics of regular echinoids in the Mediterranean; Enzymatic study of the nutrition of Paracentrotus lividus (Echinodermata: Echinoidea)

REGNAULT, SERGE E. -  Echinoderms (Stylophora, Eocrinoidea, Cystoidea); Paleozoic; North Gondwora.

REICH, MIKE - Revision of the fossil holothurian parafamily Priscopedatidae Frizzell & Exline, 1956 (OrdovicianQuaternary) [in collaboration with Prof. Dr. H. Mostler, Innsbruck];  Silurian holothurians from the Isle of Gotland (Sweden); Campanian and Maastrichtian holothurians from Europe; fossil isolated calcareous ring elements of Holothuroidea (Palaeozoic and Mesozoic); Silurian ophiocistioids from the Isle of Gotland (Sweden) [in collaboration with M. Kutscher, Sassnitz].

REMPALA, ERIN -  Jaw ossicle evolution in the asteroids; phylogenetic analysis of Linckia.

REY, DANIEL - Creataceous and Tertiary echinoids of Spain.

RINELLI, PAOLA -  National and international trawlsurveys projects (GRUND; MEDITS) for the evaluation of demersal resources (in which the macrobenthic fauna is studied with trawl net as well as grab and dredge).

ROCCATAGLIATA, ALEJANDRO J. - Chemistry of physiologically active compounds isolated from starfishes and brittle stars in the South Atlantic Ocean.

RODRIGUEZ, SEBASTIAN - Subtidal brown macroalgae forests as food sources for intertidal organisms: role in determining community patterns in the rocky intertidal environment.

ROGERS-BENNETT, LAURA - Examining the impact of larval feeding history on the growth and success of newly settled red sea urchins; examining the survival of newly settled urchins exposed to micropredators in the benthos; spatial patterns in the growth and survival of juvenile red abalone.

ROSE, EDWARD P.F. - Jurassic irregular echinoids; Cenozoic holectypoid echinoid Echinoneus.

ROTHENBERGER, PAIGE - Studying coral reef ecology and the Diadema epizootic from 1983.

ROTMAN CLARK, HELEN - Systematics of Southern Ocean asteroids.

ROUX, MICHEL - Taxonomy, ontogeny, ecology of recent and fossil Articulata (Crinoidea).

ROWE, FRANK - Indowest Pacific echinoderms and their systematics and zoogeography; Indian Ocean echinoderms with A.C. Campbell.

ROY, MICHAEL - Evolutionary history of Amphipholis squamata;  Phylogeography and human influence in Ophiactis savignyi distributions; The effects of fiords on population structure of marine invertebrates; Developmental evolution of asteroids.

RUSSELL, MICHAEL - Population biology, ecology and fisheries management of green sea urchins in the Gulf of Maine.




SABA, MASAKI - Taxonomic studies of Japanese seastars.

SALAMON, MARIUSZ ANDRZEJ - Triassic crinoids.

SAMYN, YVES - Distribution and biodiversity of holothuroids along the Kenyan coast; feeding biology of commercial holothuroids from Kenya; reproductive biology of commercial holothuroids from Kenya; distribution and biodiversity of regular echinoids along the Kenyan coast.

SANFORD, ERIC - Influence of water temperature on the physiology and community role of the sea star, Pisaster ochraceus.

SANO, MINORU - Population ecology of Strongylocentrotus nudus.

SANTILLAN, AUGUST - Studying the growth rate of the starfish Oreaster nodosus in the wild (in a marine reserve).

SASTRY, DWADASI R.K. -  Echinoderm fauna of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and their coral reefs.

SAUCEDE, THOMAS - Apical system and primitive irregulars; systematic and plates structure in the family Pourtalesiidae.

SCALLY, KEVIN - Tooth form function and evolution of invertebrate dental systems (in particular, echinoids), especially tooth sharpening behaviour (thegosis).

SCHEIN, JASON - The relationship between living echinoid populations and their skeletal remains in the seafloor sediment, San Salvador, Bahamas.

SCHELTEMA, RUDOLF - Capacity of larvae to delay settlement, competence of larvae encountered in the open ocean to retain their capacity to metamorphose.

SCHOPPE, SABINE - Sea cucumber fishery in Philippines. Morphology and taxonomy of Ophiactis spp.

SCHUETZ, ALLEN - Mechanisms of hormone signal transduction on the starfish gonads.

SCHUHMACHER, HELMUT - Bioerosion on Red Sea coral reefs within the context of carbonate budget.

SCHULTZ, HEINKE - Identifying the Antarctic irregular echinoids housed in the AlfredWegenerInstitute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven as a volunteer; cidarids, but mainly brooding schizasterids; also interested in other irregulars.

SEETO, JOHNSON - Taxonomy of Fiji echinoderms.

SERAFY, D. KEITH - Biogeography of Atlantic Ocean echinoids; Age and growth studies of Echinarachnius parma.

SEVASTOPULO, GEORGE - Functional morphology of Pygmaeocrinus (with Rudolf Prokop); Carboniferous microcrinoids from northwest Ireland; A new Carboniferous microcrinoid genus from Belgium; Late Tournaisian crinoid faunas associated with Waulsortian carbonate mounds.

SEWELL, MARY - Lifehistory and early development in echinoderms; Temperature effects on larval development; holothurian reproduction and ecology; larval physiology.

SHEPHERD, SCORESBY - Sea urchin culture.

SHICK, J. MALCOLM - Effects of UV on echinoid eggs and embryos; dietary accumulation of mycosporine-like amino acids by echinoids.

SHIRLEY, THOMAS - Predator-prey and competitive interactions between sea otters, crabs and starfish in Glacier Bay, Alaska.

SIBUET, MYRIAM - Deep sea ecology and deep sea echinoderms; Cold deep environments; Deep sea basins.

SKOLD, MATTIAS - The role of environmental factors in regulating sexual and asexual reproduction in sea stars. Genetics of sexual and asexual populations of the sea star  Coscinasterias muricata around New Zealand. Population dynamics, growth, regeneration, feeding and predatorprey interactions in brittle stars. Structuring mechanisms in marine benthic populations; interactions between burrowing heart urchins ( Brissopsis lyrifera) and brittle stars (Amphiura chiajei). Ecotoxicology and fate of contaminants in marine environments, especially infaunal brittle stars.

SLOAN, NORMAN A . -  Sea cucumber harvest on west coast of North America.

SMILEY, SCOTT - Annotated catalogue of holothurians with synonymies; Annual cycle of Parastichopus californicus , changing conditions of body wall muscles.

SMIRNOV, ALEXEI V. - Arctic echinoderms fauna; holothurians of the North Pacific; Taxonomy of apodid and molpadid holothurians.

SMIRNOV, IGOR S. - Taxonomic studies of arctic and antarctic ophiuroids, creation of illustrated computer key for arctic brittlestars and data bases on ophiuroids of Arctic and Southern Oceans.

SMITH, ANDREW - Cretaceous echinoids (monography);  Electronic Guide the Genera of Echinoidea.

SMITH, L. COURTNEY -  Evolution of the deuterostome immune system;  Immunity and cellular defense  mechanisms in invertebrates;  Sea urchin immunology.

SMITH, MICHAEL - Mitochondrial gene order and early deuterostome evolution; Molecular phylogenetics of larval life history strategies.

SOLANDT, JEAN-LUC - Exploring possibilities of funding toward using Diadema as a grazing 'tool' in deeper reef communities in order to restore >10m deep Jamaican (and possibly wider Caribbean) reefs to prehurricane coral dominated seascape.  Research would involve movement of animals top deeper waters, coralling them and subsequently monitoring effects of their grazing at intermediate (8 per m square) densities.Francisco Solis-Marin and Susan Hottenrott

SOLIS-MARIN, FRANCISCO - Ecology and molecular taxonomy of echinoderms in the North Atlantic (for Ph.D. program at Southampton Oceanography Centre, in progress).

SOLOVJEV, ANDREY - Holasteroid and spatangoid echinoids (evolution, classification, paleoecology); Echinoids on the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary.

SONNENHOLZNER, JORGE -  Systematic evaluation of the reef echinoderms at the Machalilla National Park, Manabi, Ecuador;  Ecology of the sand dollar Mellita longifissa Michelin intertidally at the Machalilla National Park, Manabi, Ecuador.

SPENCER, LARRY - Symbiotic relationship between Holothuria atra and the polkadot crab in the Hawaiian sublittoral zone.

SPIRINA, IRINA - Morphology and regeneration of respiratory trees in holothurians.

SPIRLET, CHRISTINE -  Starting new project at Universite de MonsHainaut (Belgium) in September: Study of the impact of sand and gravel extraction on the coastal ecosystem, with emphasis on benthic organisms.

SPONER, RENATE - Molecular evolution of ophiuroids: phylogeny, phylogeography, population genetics in Amphipholis squamata, Ophiactis savignyi, Ophiocoma scolopendrina. (http://www.dnapop.zi.ku.dk)

STANCYK, STEPHEN - Population biology, predation and regeneration of Ophiura sarsi; sublethal predation of echinoderms;  Use of markers and growth rings of ophiuroid ossicles for age/growth studies.

STARMER, JOHN - Annotated checklist of ophiuroid fauna of Guam;  Additional ophiuroid records from Mauritius; Annotated checklist of ophiuroids from Palau;  Population dynamics of Tripneustes gratilla in the micronesian country of Palau.

STEWART, BRIAN -  Reproductive biology of Astrobrachion constrictum and Ophiopsammus maculata (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea); Growth rate and reproduction in Stichopus mollis (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea).

STICKLE JR., WILLIAM - Effects of seasonal and latitudinal temperature variation on aerobicanaerobic transitions in the Leptasterias spp. complex and the biological impact of the ciliated protozoan parasite, Orchitophrya stellarum on asteriid sea stars from the west coast of North America.

STOCK, STUART - Structure of sea urchin teeth, lanterns, spines with noninvasive xray methods.

STOCKLEY, BRUCE - The phylogenetics of Spatangoid sea urchins.

STOEHR, SABINE -  Diversity in tropical Ophiuroidea.

STORC, RICHARD -  Ophiuroids and asteroids from the Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian Turonian) of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Czech Republic).

STRATHMANN, RICHARD - 1. Effect of brooded and pelagic development on the evolution of embryonic cell cycle durations.  2. Effect of developmental allometry of larval ciliary bands on foodlimited larval growth rates.  3. Anal suspension feeding by sea cucumbers (in collaboration with Will Jaeckle).

STUMP, RICHARD -  Population dynamics of Acanthaster planci (L.)

SUMRALL, COLIN - Phylogeny of primitive Echinodermata; Edrioasteroid systematics; primitive echinoderm paleoecology.




TABLADO, ALEJANDRO - Taxonomy of Asteroidea from Southwestern Atlantic; Intertidal ecology in rocky shores of Argentina.

TAHERA, QASEEM -  Prepared an "Illustrated key to the Echinoderms of Pakistan". (in press).

TAKAHASHI, KEIICHI -  Physiology of the madreporite; physiology of echinoid spine muscle and catch apparatus; motile mechanism of echinoderm sperm flagella.

TALBOT, TIFFANY - Salinity tolerances and other factors of Ophiophragmus filograneus.

TAVARES, YARA APARECIDA GARCIA -  Studying reproductive biology of echinoids (Echinometra lucunter, Arbacia lixula and Lytechinus variegatus), allocation of resouces, biochemistry, feeding, sea urchin fishery monitoring.

TELFORD, MALCOLM - Collagen in tooth support mechanism of clypeasteroids; Podial forces in Asterias; computer simulation of Dendraster distribution.

THANDAR, AHMED - New species of holothuroid echinoderms from off KwaZuluNatal coast; Revision of the holothuriid genus Actinopyga in the IndoWest Pacific region.

THAPANAND, THANITHA -  Population dynamics of fish and invertebrates of Thailand.

THIERRY, JACQUES -  Jurassic fossil irregular echinoids of North West European Peri Tethyan platforms and basins.

THOMAS, FLORENCE -  Physical properties of echinoderm gametes. Effect of hydrodynamics on gametes and developmental stages.

THORNDYKE, MICHAEL -  Regeneration, neuronal development and regeneration, growth factors, gene regulation of regeneration and response to environmental conditions.

THORSEN, MARIANNE  - The ecophysiology of the irregular sea urchin Echinocardium cordatum   interactions with gut microbiota.

TIAGO, CLAUDIO -  Biology of marine invertebrates, especially echinoderms.

TIEFENTHALER, LIESL -  Research on the red brittlestar Amphiodia urtica.

TOMAS, FIONA - Biology and ecology of the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus on Posidonia oceanica meadows.

TOMMASI, LUIZ ROBERTO - Palaeobiogeography and modern biogeography of echinoderms in the South Atlantic and Antarctic regions (especially in Brazilian REVIZEE material  NE and SE Brazilian areas.

TRONCOSO, JUAN - Identifying collections of Antarctic echinoderms in the Natural History Museum of Concepcion, Chile; studying several species of echinoderms from the Pacific coast Eight Region; the conservation problems of the echinoderms of Chile and their future projection.

TURNER, RICHARD - Various projects on systematics and biogeography of echinoderms from the western Atlantic, all classes.

TURON, XAVIER - Evaluation of sublethal impact of pollution on benthic invertebrates; Reproductive strategies of ascidians and echinoderms;  Chemical defense mechanisms in sponges.

TUTERA, PETER - Monograph of the irregular echinoids of Prydz Bay, Antarctica; new Pachycentrotus species.




UBAGHS, GEORGES - New echinoderms from the Upper Cambrian of the Montagne Noire (southern France).

URBINA BURGOS, MEDARDO - Revision of the species Athyonidium chilensis, especially anatomy and histology.

UTHICKE, SVEN - Population genetics and stock size of commercially fished holothurians; asexual reproduction in holothurians.




v.JUTERZENKA, KAREN -  Ecology of Arctic ophiuroids and their function within the benthic food web (within the framework of AOSGE).

VADAS, ROBERT - Ecology and reproductive biology of sea urchins along the coast of Maine. Funded by NOAA Sea Grant (19951997); temporal and spatial variability in reproduction and roe yield in green sea urchins.  Tentatively funded by Maine Dept. Mar. Res. (19961997).

VADET, ALAIN -  Les oursins du Jurassique de france et des pays limitrophes : critères de détermination, répartition stratigraphique et géographique, variations en fonction du milieu.

VALENTINE, JOE - Studying the interaction between a local sea urchin species and a recently  introduced macroalga in subtidal waters (for PhD at the University of Tasmania).

VALENTINE, JOHN - Continuing investigations of sea urchin herbivory and predation on sea urchins in the Florida Keys.

VAN DER HAM, RAYMOND - Hemiaster and Echinogalerus of the Upper Cretaceous of NW Europe.

VAN HOUT, TESSA - Distribution of Echinothrix diadema in Kenyan reefs.

VANDENSPIEGEL, DIDIER - The defensive mechanism of the Echinodermata: structure and functions of the Cuvierian tubules.

VANDERKLIFT, MAT - Ecology of sympatric sea urchins.

VAROTTO, RICARDO - Growth of the irregular echinoid Cassidulus mitis (Cassiduloida).

VEGA, JUAN TORRES - Study of the echinoids and ophiuroids collected on the Campanas Oceanograficas Proibe IIIIIIIVV.

VELARDE, RONALD - Benthic infauna and trawl invertebrates of the Southern California Bight, taxonomy and distributional ecology (in conjunction with other monitoring agencies in southern California).

VERLING, EMMA -  Niche plasticity in echinoderms in Ireland  in particular, the asteroid Marthasterias glacialis and the echinoid, Paracentrotus lividus.

VIADA, STEPHEN - Characterization study of the 'pinnacles' topographic features in the north central Gulf of Mexico.

VIKTOROVSKAYA, GALINA -  Reproduction of invertebrates in artificial and natural conditions.

VILLALOBOS, FRANCISCO -  Ecology of echinoderms.

VILLIER, LOIC -  Radiation of the genus Heteraster (Lower Cretaceous Spatangoida); taxonomy, phylogeny and disparity (for Ph.D. dissertation).  Also, taxonomic and phylogenetic revision of the family Stauranderasteridae (fossil Asteroidea).

VISTISEN, BODIL - Studying the two brittle stars Ophiura albida and Amphiura filiformis concerning their tolerance towards hypoxi with and without the presence of  hydrogenesulphide.




WALLACE, BRENDA -  Sea urchin larval culture  Lytechinus variegatus.

WAREN, ANDERS -  Gastropods parasitic on echinoderms.

WATERS, JONATHAN -  Molecular analysis of the fissiparous asteriid genus Coscinasterias.

WATTS, STEPHEN -  Steroid biology in echinoderms; aquaculture of echinoids.

WEBSTER, GARY - 1)  Continuing compilation of the bibliography and index of Paleozoic crinoids.  2)  Devonian and Carboniferous crinoids of Iran  (with Chris Maples). 3)  Carboniferous crinoids of Algeria (with Chris Maples,Terry Frest, George Sevastopulo, and Johnny Waters).  4)  Carboniferous crinoids of the western U. S. and SE Alaska.

WELSCH, ULRICH -  Innervation of the juxtaligamental cells in crinoids; analysis of the connective tissue of crinoids.

WHITE, CHRIS - Crinoids.

WIDDISON, ROSANNE -  Ph.D. dissertation (started 10/97) entitled, Palaeobiology of Silurian crinoids. Involves a complete taxonomic review of UK Silurian collections and establishment of crinoid communities in UK. Also looks at the variations in US and UK faunas.

WIGHAM, BEN -  Reproductive biology, ecology and population genetics of Elasipodid holothurians from the NE Atlantic; influence of seasonal phytodetrital fluxes on changes in the structure of abyssal megafauna communities (for Ph.D. dissertation).

WILKIE, IAIN - Functional morphology and mechanics of the echinoid lantern;  Functional morphology and mechanics of the ophiuroid mouthframe; organisation, mechanics and physiology of echinoderm connective tissues; autotomy mechanisms of echinoderms and other invertebrates.

WILLCOX, MARK -  Molecular phylogeny of asteroids; genetic basis to salinity adaptation in asteroids.

WILLIAMSON, JANE -  An autogenic shift in the response of the echinoid, Holopneustes purpurascens, to host plant chemistry (current Ph.D. at the University of New South Wales). Intense grazing by the sea urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma on algal community structure (group project).

WIRTZ, PETER -  Zoogeography of the area Azores to Sao Tome Island;  Sea urchin behaviour; Writing a book (with about 1000 underwater photos) on eastern Atlantic invertebrates.

WOODLEY, JEREMY -  The abundance of Diadema and Tripneustes on the forereef at Discovery Bay,  Jamaica; Spawning behaviour of coral reef ophiuroids.

WRAY, GREGORY - We are working on a range of projects, most of which have to do with the evolution of development and life history in echinoderms.  They include: (1) an analysis of the changing roles of key developmental regulatory genes in echinoderms, including differences in expression domains and function between echinoderms and other phyla and also the diversification of these features within echinoderms; (2) a phylogenetic analysis of the Asteroidea based on mitochondrial and nuclear sequence data; (3) a detailed analysis of the evolution of gene regulatory sequences (promoters and enhancers) for several echinoderm genes; and (4) a study of cell lineage and cellcell interactions during the development of the adult rudiment in sea urchins.




YAMAGUCHI, MASASHI -  Supervising a thesis on Acanthaster planci.

YANAGISAWA, TOMIO -  Larval development from plutei to metamorphosis of the sea urchins in the Ogasawara (Bonin) Islands.

YANG, MEISUN -  Fisheries management.

YOKOTA, YUKIO - Extracellular matrix and morphogenesis in the sea urchin; Phylogenic analysis of yolk proteins in  sea urchins and starfishes;  Functions of vitellogenin and vitellogen in the sea urchin and starfish.

YOSHIZATO, KATSUTOSHI -  Molecular evolution of invertebrate collagen.

YUND, PHIL - Fertilization processes, gamete toxicology, and the genetic differentiation of populations of Strongylocentrotus drobachiensis.




ZARDUS, JOHN - Population genetics of deep sea invertebrates, larval development and soft sediment ecology.

ZAVODNIK, DUSAN - Diversity, ecology and regional distribution of Adriatic Sea echinoderms.

ZITT, JIRI - 1. Lower Cretaceous crinoids of West Carpathians; crinoids and echinoids of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (late Cenomanian early Turonian). 2. Asteroidea (Echinodermata) from the Upper Cretaceous of Bohemia (grant project starting in January 2001 and ending in December 2003).