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King, J.E. 1959 Variation in abundance of zooplankton and forage organisms in the Central Pacific Ocean in respect to equatorial upwelling. Proceedings of the IX. Pacific Science Congress
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Volume: 90pp. (WCL - Abstract only.)
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 21 pp.
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Volume: 39(11):1297-1303. 2052488 Nov 2016
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Volume: 71 pp.
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Wilson: paper
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Volume: 73pp. (WCL - Abstract only.)
Wilson: paper
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Volume: :47-64. (Russian.)
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Volume: 221:76-83. 10.1016/j.vetpar.2016.03.013 MAY 15 2016
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Wilson: paper
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Volume: :49. (Abstract.)
Wilson: paper
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Volume: special vol.:391-396.
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 292/293:53-57, fig.1-20.
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 56: 27-37. (Spanish)
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Volume: 32 pp. [In English; anstract in Finnish.]
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Volume: 33:255.
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Volume: 245(1-4):19-30.
Wilson: PDF
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Volume: :44. (Abstract.)
Wilson: paper
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No Volume Data Available
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Volume: 101
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Volume: 25 pp. [In French.]
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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