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Dukina, V.V. 1956 Vidovye razlichiya lichinok tsiklopov. (Species differences in cyclopoid larvae. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal
Volume: 35(5):680-690, pls. 1-4. (Russian with English summary).
Wilson: paper
Deharveng, L., L.C. Kiet & A. Bedos 2001 Vietnam. In: Juberthie, C. & V. Decu (eds.). Encyclopaedia Biospeologica. Tôme 3. Société de Biospéléologie, Moulis & Bucharest, 907 pp.
Volume: III:2027-2037.
Liu, S.H., S. Sun & B.P. Han 2006 Viewing DVM via general behaviors of zooplankton: A way bridging the success of individual and population. Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume: 238(2):435-448.
Brehm, V. 1920 VII. Die Süsswasserfauna. In: Werner, F. (ed.). Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Fauna Dalmatiens, Besonders in der Insel Brazza. Zoologische Jahrbücher, Abteilung für Systematik
Volume: 42(4):233-234. (19-ii-1920)
Turner, W. & H.S. Wilson 1862 VII. On the sturcture of Chondracanthus lophii, with observations on its larval form. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Volume: 23(1):67-76, pl.3.
Wilson: paper
Bauer, O.N. (ed.) 1979 VII. Vsesoyuznoe soveshchanie parazitam i boleznyam ryb. Proceedings of the VII All-Union conference on fish parasites and diseases. Nauka, Leningrad
Volume: 130pp. (In Russian.)
Turner, W. 1905 VIII. On Pennella balaenopterae: a crustacean, parasitic on a Finner Whale, Balaenoptera musculus. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Volume: 41(2)18:409-434, pls.1-4.
Wilson: paper
Turner, W. & H.S. Wilson 1862 VIII. On the sturcture of Lernaepoda dalmanni, with observations on its larval form. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Volume: 23(1):77-87, pl.4.
Wilson: paper
Walker, L.M., B.M. Glass & B.S. Roberts 1979 VIII. Zooplankton, 1971-1973. Florida Marine Research Publications. Nearshore marine ecology at Hutchinson Island, Florida: 1971-1974
Volume: 34:62-98, figs.1-9.
Gaivoronskaia, G. 2008 Viktige forbrukarspørsmal nar det gjeld hausting og kommersialisering av raudate. [Important consumer issues with regard to harvesting and commercializing redfeed.] In: Bailey, J., R. Tiller, O. Otterstad & A.M. Tretvik (eds.). Raudate: Redning eller Ruin? Tapir Akademisk Forlag, Trondheim. 160 pp.
Volume: Pp. 125-135. [In Norwegian.]
Hure, J., A. Ianora & B. Scotto di Carlo 1979 'Vila Velebita' Expedition in the Kvarner Region (Adriatic Sea). Planktonic copepods. Thalassia Jugoslavica
Volume: 15:203-216.
Veldre, I. 1971 Vimma toidust leitud rullikulistest (Harpacticoida). On Harpacticoida found in the food of the silver bream (Vimba vimba). Faunistilisi Märkmeidi
Volume: 1(4-5):289-290. (30-xi-1971)
Lakkis, S. 1990 Vingt ans d'observations sur le plancton des eaux libaniases:structure et fluctuations interannuelles. In: Godeaux, J. (ed.). A propos des migrations lessepsiennes. Bulletin de l'Institut Océanographique, Monaco, No. Spéc.
Volume: 7:51-66, figs. 1-5.
Boccone, S.P. 1674 Vingtcinquième lettre à monsieur Laurens Belline, Professeur anatomiste à Pise. In: Boccone, S.P. (ed.). Recherches et Observations Naturelles
Volume: :284-295, plate facing page 286, figs. A-E.
Brussaard, C.P.D., K.R. Timmermans, J. Uitz, M.J.W. Veldhuis 2008 Virioplankton dynamics and virally induced phytoplankton lysis versus microzooplankton grazing southeast of the Kerguelen (Southern Ocean). Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography
Volume: 55(5-7):752-765.
Zhang, J.S., S.L. Dong, X.L. Tian, Y.W. Dong, X.Y. Liu & D.C. Yan 2007 Virus - phytoplankton adhesion: a new WSSV transmission route to zooplankton. Acta Oceanologica Sinica English Edition
Volume: 26(6): 109-115.
Madan, N.J., W.A. Marshall & J. Laybourn-Parry 2005 Virus and microbial loop dynamics over an annual cycle in three contrasting Antarctic lakes. Freshwater Biology
Volume: 50(8): 1291-1300.
Laybourn-Parry, J., A.M. Anesio, N. Madan & C. Saewstroem 2013 Virus dynamics in a large epishelf lake (Beaver Lake, Antarctica). Freshwater Biology
Volume: 58(7):1484-1493. 10.1111/fwb.12146
Lo, C.F. & G.H. Kou 1998 Virus-associated white spot syndrome of shrimp in Taiwan: A review. Fish Pathology (Gyobyo Kenkyu), University of Tokyo
Volume: 33(4):365-371.
Larsen, P.S. & H.U. Riisgård 2010 Viscosity and not biological mechanisms often controls the effects of temperature on ciliary activity and swimming velocity of small aquatic organisms. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology
Volume: 381(2):67-73.
Subramanian, G. 2010 Viscosity-enhanced bio-mixing of the Oceans. Current Science, Bangalore
Volume: 98(8):1103-1108.
Strickler, J.R., A.J. Udvadia, J. Marino, N. Radabaugh, J. Ziarek & A. Nihongi 2005 Visibility as a factor in the copepod-planktivorous fish relationship. Scientia Marina
Volume: 69(Supp./1):111-124.
Harvey-Clark, C.J., J.J. Gallant & J.H. Batt 2005 Vision and its relationship to novel behaviour in St. Lawrence River Greenland Sharks, Somniosus microcephalus. Canadian Field Naturalist
Volume: 119(3): 355-358.
Lannoo, M.J. 1986 Vision is not necessary for size-selective zooplanktivory in aquatic salamanders. Canadian Journal of Zoology
Volume: 64(5):1071-1075.
Casale, A. 1972 Visione d'insieme del complesso ecologico e faunistico della grotta del Bue Marino (Cala Gonone, Dorgali, NU). Bollettino della Società Sarda di Scienze Naturali
Volume: 10:111-136.
Haenen, O.L.M. 2000 Visparasieten: van ciliaat tot lintworm (9). [Fish parasites: from ciliates to cestodes (9).] OVB-Bericht
Volume: 23(3):103-105. [In Dutch.]
Marshall, N.J., T.W. Cronin & T.M. Frank 2003 Visual adaptations in crustaceans: Chromatic, developmental, and temporal aspects. In: Collin, S.P. & N.J. Marshall (eds.). Sensory Processing in Aquatic Environments. Springer, Berlin. ISBN 9780387955278.
Volume: Pp. 343-372.
Utne-Palm, A.C. 2002 Visual feeding of fish in a turbid environment: Physical and behavioural aspects. Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology
Volume: 35(1-2):111-128.
Moray, N. 1972 Visual mechanisms in the copepod Copilia. Perception, London
Volume: 1(2):193-207, figs. 1-10.
Kerfoot, W.C., D.L. Kellogg, Jr. & J.R. Strickler 1980 Visual observations of life zooplankters. I. Evasion, escape, and chemical defenses. In: Kerfoot, W.C. (ed.). Evolution and ecology of zooplankton communities. Special Symposium no. 3, American Society of Limnology and Oceanography. University Press of New England, Hanover, New Hampshire and London
Volume: :10-27, figs. 1-14, tab. 1.
Vereshchaka, A.L. & G.M. Vinogradov 1999 Visual observations of the vertical distribution of plankton throughout the water column above Broken Spur vent field, Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Deep-Sea Research Part I Oceanographic Research Papers
Volume: 46(9):1615-1632.
Gophen, M. & R.P. Harris 1981 Visual predation by a marine cyclopoid copepod, Corycaeus anglicus. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
Volume: 61(2): 391-399, figs. 1-3, tab. 1. (1-v-1981).
Wilson: paper
Torgersen, T. 2001 Visual predation by the euphausiid Meganyctiphanes norvegica. Marine Ecology Progress Series
Volume: 209: 295-299.
Ramcharan, C.W. & W.G. Sprules 1986 Visual predation in Mysis relicta Lovén. Limnology and Oceanography
Volume: 31(2):414-420.
Fortier, M., L. Fortier, H. Hattori, H. Saito & L. Legendre 2001 Visual predators and the diel vertical migration of copepods under Arctic sea ice during the midnight sun. Journal of Plankton Research
Volume: 23(11): 1263-1278.
Cohen, J.H. 2004 Visual sensitivity and diel vertical migration of the marine copepod Calanopia americana. Ph.D. Thesis, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, U.S.A.
Volume: 282 pp.
Whigham, P.A. 2006 Visualising and assessing the probable error from downscaling ecological time series data. Ecological Informatics
Volume: 1(3):307-314.
Wägele, J.W. & C. Mayer 2007 Visualizing differences in phylogenetic information content of alignments and distinction of three classes of long-branch effects. BMC Evolutionary Biology
Volume: 7:147.
Issel, R. 1914 Vita latente per concentrazione dell'acque (anabiosi i osmotica) e biologia delle pozze di scogliera. Mitteilungen aus der Zoologischen Station zu Neapel
Volume: 22: 191-254, pls. 3-4, figs. 1-3, tabs.
Wilson: paper
Ingolfsson, A. & E. Olafsson 1997 Vital role of drift algae in the life history of the pelagic harpacticoid Parathalestris croni in the northern North Atlantic. Journal of Plankton Research
Volume: 19(1):15-27.
Wilson: paper
Dressel, D.M., D.R. Heinle & M.C. Grote 1972 Vital staining to sort dead and live Copepods. Chesapeake Science
Volume: 13(2):156-159, tabs. 1-3. (vi-1972).
Wilson: paper
Fisher, L.R., S.K. Kon & S.Y. Thompson 1952 Vitamin A and carotenoids in certain invertebrates. I. Marine Crustacea. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
Volume: 31:229-258, figs. 1-6. (x-1952)
Fisher, L.R., S.K. Kon & S.Y. Thompson 1964 Vitamin A and carotenoids in certain invertebrates. VII. Crustacea: Copepoda. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
Volume: 44:685-692, tab. 1. (x-1964)
SINTEF 2010 Vitamin bombs for baby fish. ScienceDaily
Volume:¬ /releases/2010/01/100107083911.htm
Poulet, S.A., A.M. Hapette, R.B. Cole & J.C. Tabet 1989 Vitamin C in marine copepods. Limnology and Oceanography
Volume: 34(7):1325-1331.
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Volume: 126(3176):398.
Boros, E. 2007 Vízimadarak és fontosabb háttérváltozók szerepe fehér szikes vizek trofikus kapcsolataiban. [Waterfowl and their important role in trophic relationships in salt pans.] Ph.D. Thesis, University of Debrecen, Debrecen, Hungary.
Volume: 119 pp. [In Hungarian; summary in English.]
Ulomsky, S.N. 1940 Viznachnik Calanoida i Cyclopoida Chornogo morya. Bestimmungstabellen der aus dem Schwarzen Meer stammenden Calanoida- und Cyclopoida-Arten. Trudy karadah. nauch. Sta. T.I. Vyazems'koho (= Trav. Stn. biol. Karadagh)
Volume: 6: 145-172, figs. 1-14. (Russian with German summary).
Schnapp, B. 1997 Vklad Buharestovo Muzeja estestvoznanija v naucno-issledovatelskoe razvitie (Kratkii istoriceskii obzor). [The Bucharest Science Museum collection in natural-research development (Brief historical perspective).] Travaux du Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle Grigore Antipa
Volume: 3:9-44. [In Russian; abstract in German.]
Dovgal, I.V. 2007 Vladislav Ivanovich Monchenko (to the 75th birthday). Vestnik Zoologii
Volume: 41(3):285-286. [In Ukrainian.]
Faina, R. & Z. Svobodova 1997 Vliv dravych buchanek na rana vyvojova stadia ryb. [The effect of predatory water fleas on early developmental stages of fishes.] Edice Metodik, Vyzkumny Ustav Rybarsky a Hydrobiologicky Vodnany
Volume: No. 44:1-9. [In Czech.]
Sukop, I. 1993 Vliv vodohospodarskych uprav na jizni Morave na rozvoj vodnich biocenoz bezobratlych zivocichu v inundacnim uzemi reky Dyje. (Influence of water management modifications in southern Moravia on the development of invertebrate biocoenoses in the floodplain of the Dyje River.) Habilitation Thesis, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Brno, Czechoslovakia
Volume: 92pp. (Czech.)
Bauer, O.N. & Yu.A. Strelkov 1972 Vliyanie akklimatizatsii i perevozok ryb na ikh parazitofaunu. The effect of acclimatization and transportation on fish parasite fauna. In: Bauer, O.N. & Yu.A. Strelkov (eds.). Parazity i bolezni ryb v ozerakh severo-zapada RSFSR. Parasites and diseases of fish in the lakes of N.W. Russia, Izv. gosud. nauchno-issled. Inst. ozern. rechn. rybn. Khozyaist.
Volume: 80:123-131. (28-xii-1972, Russian with English summary).
Chechina, A.S., M.A. Malevitskaya & N.E. Kononova 1953 Vliyanie akklimatizatsii Kaplikovogo somika na ego parazitofaunu. Influence of acclimatisation on parasitic fauna of Ameiurus nebulosus. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR
Volume: 88:173-175, tab. 1.
Kovaleva, T.M. 1983 Vliyanie bioticheskikh faktorov na pitanie Acartia clausi Giesbr. i Pseudocalanus elongatus Boeck (Crustacea, Copepoda) v Chornom more. (The influence of biotic factors on feeding of Acartia clausi Giesbr. and Pseudocalanus elongatus Boeck (Crustacea, Copepoda) in the Black Sea. Master's Thesis, Institute of the Biology of Southern Seas, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR
Volume: 214pp. (Russian.)
Ulomsky, S.N. 1952 Vliyanie bolotnogo vodosbora i GRES na razvitie ozernogo planktona (na primere oz. Isetskogo Sverdlovskoi oblasti). Trudy vses. gidrobiol. Obshch.
Volume: 4: 93-96, tabs. 1-3. (10-v-1952, Russian).
Partaly, E.M. 1974 Vliyanie chislennosti rakoobraznykh v planktone na populyatsiya gidroida Perigonimus megas v biotsenoze obrastaniya. Effect of planktonic crustaceans on a population of the hydroid Perigonimus megas in a fouling community. Okeanologiya (Translation in: Oceanology, 14(4): 580-583, figs. 1-2. (V-1975)).
Volume: 14(4):719-722, figs. 1-2. (30-vii-1974, Russian with English Summary)
Vinogradov, M.E. & N.M. Voronina 1961 Vliyanie defitsita kisloroda na raspredelenie planktona v Arabiiskom more. (The influence of oxygen deficit upon the plankton distribution in the Arabian Sea). Okeanologiya
Volume: 1(4):670-678, figs. 1-3.
Krylov, A.V. 2002 Vliyanie deyatel'nosti bobrov kak ekologicheskogo faktora na zooplankton malykh rek. [Influences of beaver activity and ecological factors on the zooplankton of small rivers.] Ekologiya
Volume: 2002(5):350-357. [In Russian.]
Vinogradov, M.E. 1952 Vliyanie dykhaniya zooplanktona na umen'shemie soderzhaniya kisloroda v razlichnykh sloyakh vody. Influence of zooplancton respiration on efficiency in oxygen content in various layers of water. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR
Volume: 82:637-639, fig. 1, tabs. 1-2. (Russian.)
Prygunkova, R.V. & S.S. Burlakova 1977 Vliyanie epizodicheskikh peremeshchenii zooplanktona na ego vertikal'noe raspredelenie v Kandalakshskom zalive (Beloe More). Influence of the episodic transferences of zooplankton upon its vertical distribution in the Kandalaksha Bay (White Sea). In: Brodsky, K.A. & N.V. Vyshkvartzeva (eds.). Ekologiya morskogo planktona. The ecology of marine plankton organisms. Issledovaniya Fauny Morei
Volume: 19(27):109-114, figs. 1-2, tabs. 1-4. (25-iv-1977, Russian with English summary).
Wilson: paper
Nikulina, V.N. 1975 Vliyanie Fil'tratsionogo Pitaniya Zooplanktona Na Sostav Fitoplanktona Oz. Krivogo. (The Effect of Zooplankton Filter Feeding on Phytoplankton Composition in Krivo Lake) In: Otchetnaya Nauchnaya Sessiya Po Itogam Rabot 1974, Goda. Scientific Session, Review of Results of Work in 1974. Tez. Dokl. Zool. Inst. Akad. Nauk SSSR
No Volume Data Available
Koval, L.G., T.P. Kotsegoi, E.V. Nastenko, G.M. Trofanchuk & R.M. Besfa 1977 Vliyanie fuktsionirovaniya morskogo porta na zooplankton Sukhogo limana i Smerzhnogo raona Chernogo morya. In: Voprosy gidrobiologii Chernomorskogo shel'fa. Biologiya Morya, Kiev
Volume: 43:38-42, figs. 1-4, tab. (23-xi-1977, Russian.)
Pervushin, A.S. & A.G. Naumov 1970 Vliyanie Gidrologicheskikh Uslovii Na Raspredelenie Planktona V Antarktike (Raione Ostrovov Kroze). The Effect of Plankton in the Antarctic (Kroze Islands Region) In: Kity Yuzhnogo Polushariya (Biologiya I Morfologiya). Whales of the Southern Hemisphere. (Biology and Morphology). Trudy Atlant. Nauchno-Issled. Inst. Ryb. Khoz. Okeanogr.
Volume: 29: 170-184, figs. 1-7, tab. 1. (2-Xii-1970, Russian).
Markevich, A.P., M.P. Iskov, B.P. Koval' & M.I. Chernogorenko 1976 Vliyanie gidrostroitel'stva na parazitofauna r. Dnepr. Effect of hydroconstruction on parasitofauna of the Dnieper. Gidrobiologicheskii Zhurnal
Volume: 12(2):5-12. (30-iii-1976, Russian.)
Agapova, A.I. 1975 Vliyanie introduktsii ryb na rasselenie ikh parazitov. In: Gvozdev, E.V. (ed.). Ekologiya parazitov vodnykh zhivotnykh. Nauka, Alma Ata.
Volume: :97-108. (Russian.)
Skadovsky, S.N. 1928 Vliyanie izmenenii pH v rastvorakh razlichnykh elektrolitov na vyzhivanie lichinok Cyclops languidus Sars. Effect of pH changes in various electrolyte solutions on larvae of Cyclops languidus Sars. Trudy Zvenigerodskoi gidro-fiziologicheski Sta.
Volume: 1: 82-95.
Ivanova, M.B. & B.L. Gutel'makher 1977 Vliyanie khishchnykh tsiklopov (Cyclops vicinus Ul'yanin) na formirovanie zooplanktonnogo kompleksa. The effect of Cyclops vicinus Uljanin on the formation of zooplankton complex. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR (translation in: Dokl. (Proc.) Acad. Sci. USSR, Biol. Sci. Sect. 234(1-6): 177-180, figs. 1-2, tabs. 1-2, as: Effect of the predaceous Cyclops vicinus Uljanin on the formation of the zooplankton complex).
Volume: 234(5):1226-1229, figs. 1-2, tabs. 1-2. (27-v-1977, Russian)
Krylov, A.V., D.V. Kulakov, N.A. Kas'yanov, O.L. Tsel'movich & V.G. Papchenkov 2009 Vliyanie kolonial'nogo poseleniya ptits na zooplankton zashchishchennogo zarastayyushchego melkovodýa rybinskogo vodokhranilishcha. [The influence of bird colonies on the zooplankton in the Rybinsk Reservoir overgrown shallows.] Biologiya Vnutrennikh Vod / Inland Water Biology
Volume: 2009(2):56-61. [In Russian.] [English version 2(2):157-161.]
Pechen-Finenko, G.A. 1973 Vliyanie Kontsentratsii Poishchi Na Effektivnost' Ee Usvoeniya Planktonnymi Rakoobraznymi S Raznym Sposobom Pitaniya. Influence of Food Concentration on Efficiency of its Assimilation by Plankton Crustaceans with Different Way of Nutrition. Gidrobiologicheskii Zhurnal, Saratov
Volume: 9(5):97-104, figs. 1-4, tabs. 1-2. (29-Ix-1973, Russian with English Summary).
Dubinina, M.N. 1949 Vliyanie na parasitofaunu ryb ikh zimovki v zimoval'nykh yamakh del'ty volgi. Influence of hibernation on parasitic fauna of fishes in hibernating grounds of Volga delta. Parazit. Sb.
Volume: 11:104-125, tabs. 1-10. (Russian.)
Dimov, I.G. 1964 Vliyanie na serovodoroda v'rku vertikalnoto razpredelenie na zooplanktona. Influence de l'acide sulfhydrique sur la distribution verticale du zooplancton. Izv. Inst. Rib. Varna
Volume: 4: 25-30, fig. 1, tab. 1. (30-i-1964, Bulgarian with Russian and French summaries).
Mironov, G.N. 1969 Vliyanie neftyanogo zagryazneniya na nekotorykh predstavitelei Chernomorskogo zooplanktona. The effect of oil pollution upon some representatives of the Black Sea zooplankton. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal
Volume: 48(7):980-984, figs. 1-3, tab. 1. (27-vi-1969, Russian with English summary.)
Koroleva, A.M. 1979 Vliyanie nekotorykh zagryaznitelei na zooplankton Belogo morya. (The effect of some pollutants on the zooplankton of the White Sea). Dokl. mosk. Obshch. Ispyt. Prir., Zool. Bot.
Volume: l977(1): 31-32. (19-iii-979, Russian).
Kovaleva, T.M. 1982 Vliyanie obrastaniya vodoroslyami veslonogikh rachkov na protsessy ikh zhizne deyatel'nosti. The influence of algae fouling of copepods on their vital activity. Ekologiya Morya
Volume: 11:29-37, figs. 1-4, tabs. 1-2. (10-xii-1982, Russian with English summary).
Wilson: paper
Osmanov, S.O. & O. Yusupov 1985 Vliyanie Osoloneniya Aral'skogo Morya Na Parazitofaunu Ryb. Influence of Salinity of the Aral Sea on the Parasite Fauna. Parazit. Sb.
Volume: 33:14-43, tabs. 1-5. (20-vi-1985, Russian with English Summary.)
Dubinin, V.G. 1948 Vliyanie osoloneniya reki Malyi Uzen'na parazitofauna pazalyayushchikh ee ryb. Influence of the salinity on the composition of the parasitic fauna of fishes in the river Maly Uzen. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal
Volume: 27(4):335-342, tabs. 1-2. (Russian.)
Kazachenko, V.N. & V.V. Plyusnin 1996 Vliyanie paraziticheskikh kopepod Clavella irina (Crustacea: Copepoda: Lernaeopodidae) na zhabernie lepestki treski Gadus macrocephalus (Pisces: Gadiformes: Gadidae). (Influence of the parasitic copepod Clavella irina (Crustacea: Copepoda: Lernaeopodidae) on the gill filaments of the codfish Gadus macrocephalus (Pisces: Gadiformes: Gadidae). Ribokhozyaistvennie Issledovaniya Okeana. Materiali yubileinoi Nauchnoi Konferenstii 8-12 Aprelya 1996, Vladivostok. (Investigations of Ocean Fisheries 2. Results of the Anniversary Science Conference, 8-12 April 1996, Vladivostok.)
Volume: 2:182-183.
Wilson: paper
Shcherbak, V.I. & G.A. Zhdanova 1985 Vliyanie planktonnykh rakoobraznykh na razmery kolonii vodoroslei. Influence of plankton crustaceans on dimensions of algae colonies. Inf. Byull. Biol. Vnutr. Vod
Volume: 67: 11-14, tabs. (8-viii-1985, Russian with English summary).
Shadrin, N.V. & T.A. Mel'nik 1981 Vliyanie plotnosti populyatsii veslonogikh rachkov na velichinu ikh ratsiona. (Influence of population density of oar-footed crustaceans [copepods] on the size of their food.) Osnovi Izuchenia Presnovodnich Ekosistem, Leningrad (Basic Studies of Fresh-water Ecosystems)
Volume: :65-71.
Wilson: paper
Stepanova, V.S. 1928 Vliyanie pokrova ryaskina vodoem. Einfluss der Lemna-Decke auf ein Wasserbecken. Trudy leningr. Obshch. Estest. (= Trav. Soc. Nat. Leningrad), Otdel. Zool.
Volume: 58(1): 63-82, tabs. 1-6. (Russian with German summary).
Kovaleva, T.M. 1989 Vliyanie razmera i kontsenstrasii vodoroslena skorost' potrebleniya ikh u dvukh vidov morskikh kopepod. Ekologiya Morya
Volume: 31:2-25.
Pavlova, E.V. & L.V. Tsareva 1976 Vliyanie razmera sosuda na dvigatel'nuyu aktivnost' Calanus helgolandicus Claus i Pleurobrachia rhodopis Chun. Biologiya Morya, Kiev
Volume: 37:61-68, figs. 1-4, tabs. 1-4. (11-V-1976, Russian)
Bakhtina, V.I. 1965 Vliyanie ryby i iskusstennykh kormav na razvitie zooplanktona v udobrennykh prudakh. (Influence of fishes and artificial fodder on the development of zooplankton in fertilized ponds). Trudy vseross. nauchno-issled. Inst. prud. ryb. Khoz.
Volume: 13:179-186, figs. 1-6, tab. 1. (Russian).
Kusmorskaya, A. 1948 Vliyanie sardiny na raspredelenie biomassy planktona v Japonskom more. The influence of the sardine on the distribution of the biomass in the Sea of Japan. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR
Volume: 60(6):1057-1060, figs. 1-3.
Panchenko, S.E. & E.S. Proskurina 1973 Vliyanie Sbrosnykh Kollektornykh Vod Risovykh Polei Na Zooplankton Nekotorykh Kubanskikh Limanov. Effect of Collector Sewage on the Zooplankton of Some Cuban Estuaries. Gidrobiologicheskii Zhurnal
Volume: 9(3): 73-78, figs. 1-3, tabs. 1-4. (19-Vi-1973, Russian).
Badalov, F.G. 1966 Vliyanie sloya temperaturnogo skachka na raspredelenie zooplanktona v usloviyakh Kaspiiskogo morya. Doklady Akademii Nauk Azerbaidzhanskoi SSR
Volume: 22(9):78-80. (22-xii-1966, Russian with Azerbaijani summary.)
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