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Akbulut, A. & N.E. Akbulut 2002 The plankton composition of lake Mogan in Central Anatolia. Zoology in the Middle East
Volume: 27:107-116.
Shen, C.J. & A.Y. Tai 1961 The plankton crustaceans on the Shui-Fong reservoir on the Ya-Lu River, the boundary between China and Korea. Acta Zoologica Sinica
Volume: 13(1-4):135-153, figs. 1-5. (xii-1961, Chinese with English summary).
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 11:577-586, figs. 1-3, tabs. 1-3. (Japanese with English summary.)
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Volume: 61(2):135-142, figs. 1-4, tab. 1. (27-x-1978)
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 45:173-196, figs. 1-3, tabs. 1-3.
Neumann-Leitão, S., F.A.N. Feitosa, E. Mayal, R. Schwamborn, M.G.G. Silva-Cunha, T.A. Silva, N.F. Melo & F.F. Porto Neto 2009 The plankton from Maracajaú reef ecosystem (Brazil) – offshore coral reefs under multiple human stressors. In: Brebbia, C.A. & E. Tiezzi (eds.). Proceedings, ECOSUD 2009 - Seventh International Conference on Ecosystems and Sustainable Development, Chianciano Terme, Italy, 8-10 July 2009. WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment (Online)
Volume: 122:173-182.
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Volume: 85: 161-222, figs. 1-28, tabs. 1-12. (18-xii-1946).
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Volume: :1-16.
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Volume: 4(31):87-114, figs. 1-3, pls. 19-31. (iii-1956)
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 172:397-404, figs. 308-313, tabs. 165-166. (viii-1978).
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Volume: 38:103-114.
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Volume: n. ser. 23:397-425, figs. 1-13.
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Volume: (2)9(1):1-35, pl. 1, tabs. 1-3.
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Volume: 13(6):1137-1150.
Wilson: paper
Moscatello, S. & G. Belmonte 2007 The plankton of a shallow submarine cave (`Grotta di Ciolo', Salento Peninsula, SE Italy). Marine Ecology
Volume: 28(Supplement 1):47-59.
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Volume: :317-318.
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Volume: 1902-1905:1-19, pls. 1-7. (Also: Suppl. XXXIX. A. Rep. Dep. Mar. Fish., Fish. Branch, Can.).
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 21:113-126. (v-1900)
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 83:316-326, figs. 1-4.
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Volume: 11(271):374-389. (9-iii-1900). (Also in: Trans. Wis. Acad. Sci. Arts Lett. 13(1): 163-187, 1899).
Wilson: paper
Smith, B.B. & C.B. Reif 1990 The plankton of Harveys Lake, 1984 through 1988. Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science
Volume: 64(2):66-72.
Wilson: paper
Yamazi, I. 1959 The plankton of Japanese coastal waters. Hoikusha Chome Uehonmachi, Higashiku, Osaka
No Volume Data Available
Yamaji, I. 1969 The Plankton of Japanese Coastal Waters. Illustrations of the Marine Plankton of Japan. Enlarged and revised edition. Osaka
Volume: 369pp. (In Japanese.)
Yamaji, I. 1962 The Plankton of Japanese Coastal Waters. Enlarged and revised edition. Hoikusha Publishing Co., Osaka
Volume: 238 pp.
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Volume: 47: 147-152.
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Volume: 27(4):661-665, fig. 1. (xii-1976)
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 11(3):108-116, fig. 1, tabs. 1-6. (xii-1941, Japanese.)
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Volume: 23:61-62.
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 17(4):203-232, tabs. 1-3.
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 13:41-66.
Wilson: paper
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Volume: (B)(2):65-96, figs. 1-6, pls. 1-2.
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Volume: 22: 83-94, figs. 1-5. (xii-1967, Japanese with English summary).
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Volume: (11)3:401-414, pls. 14-15. (iv-1939)
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 31:239-272, figs. 1-3.
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Volume: 3(1):1-2.
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Volume: 30(B/3):
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Volume: (B)30:20-96, pls. 4-6. (27-i-1913)
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Volume: 11(1):32-33. (iv-1941, Japanese)
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Volume: 14:125-130, fig. 1, pl. 1, tabs. 1-2. (xii-1959, Japanese with English summary)..
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Volume: 32:419-450. (15-ii-1958)
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 22(4):261-265.
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Volume: 49:246-251. (vii-1930)
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 8(1-2):201-212, figs. 1-9. (vii-1974)
Wilson: paper
Napp, J.M., L.S. Incze, P.B. Ortner, D.L.W. Siefert & L. Britt 1996 The plankton of Shelikof Strait, Alaska: Standing stock, production, mesoscale variability and their relevance to larval fish survival. Fisheries Oceanography
Volume: 5(Suppl. 1):19-38.
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Volume: 19:449-467.
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 1-416.
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Volume: Bulletin 26, 5(3):253-279.
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 6(2):95-629, pls. 1-50, tabs. 1-15. (xi-1903)
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Wilson: paper
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Volume: 426pp., figs. 1-102, pls. 1-20, color plate.
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Volume: 3:177-210, pl.1-6.
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 35:20-28.
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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