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Stella, E. 1984

Crustacea: Copepoda: Calanoida (d'acqua dolce).

Fauna d'Italia, Edizioni Calderini, Bologna
Volume: 21:i-x, 1-101. SIL QH91.8 .S82 1984
Wilson: paper
Einsle, U. 1993

Crustacea: Copepoda: Calanoida und Cyclopoida.

In: Schwoerbel, J. & P. Zwick (eds.). Süsswasserfauna von Mitteleuropa, Gustav Fischer Verlag
Volume: 8(4-1):1-209. (German) SIL QL254 .S56 1990
Wilson: paper
Sahuquillo, M. & R.M. Miracle 2010

Crustacean and rotifer seasonality in a Mediterranean temporary pond with high biodiversity (Lavajo de Abajo de Sinarcas, Eastern Spain).

Volume: 29(1):75-92.
Averof, M. & N.H. Patel 1997

Crustacean appendage evolution associated with changes in Hox gene expression.

Volume: 388:682-686.
Wilson: paper
Danielopol, D.L., K. Martens & J. C. Von Vaupel Klein 1999

Crustacean biodiversity in subterranean, ancient lake and deep-sea habitats.

Crustaceana (Leiden)
Volume: 72(8):721-722. (xi.1999)
Wilson: paper
De los Ríos-Escalante, P. & P. Acevedo 2016

Crustacean communities in coastal ephemeral pools in the Araucania region (38 degrees S, Chile).

Brazilian Journal Of Biology
Volume: 76(4):811-817. 10.1590/1519-6984.21714 OCT-DEC 2016
Fryer, G. 1963

Crustacean parasites from cichlid fishes of the genus Tilapia in the Musée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale.

Revue de Zoologie et de Botanique Africaines
Volume: 68(3-4):386-392.
Wilson: paper, PDF
Ghani, N. & Q.M. Ali 2003

Crustacean parasites of Pampus argenteus Euphrasen from Karachi waters.

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences
Volume: 6(6):626-628.
Stankovic, I., I. Ternjej, Z. Mihaljevic, L. Furac & M. Kerovec 2011

Crustacean plankton community (Crustacea: Copepoda and Cladocera) in gypsum karst lakes and their relation to abiotic parameters.

In: Sanoamuang, L.O. & J.S. Hwang (eds.) Hydrobiologia. 10th International Conference on Copepoda in Pattaya, Thailand, 13 - 19 July 2008. 338 pp.
Volume: 666(1):145-153.
Wilson: paper, PDF
De los Ríos-Escalante, P. & M. Amarouayache 2016

Crustacean zooplankton assemblages in algerian saline lakes: a comparison with their chilean altiplano counterparts.

Volume: 89(13):1485-1500. 10.1163/15685403-00003581 2016
Brandorff, G.O. & E.R. Hardy 2009

Crustacean zooplanktonof LagoTupe, a neotropical black water lake in the Central Amazon.

In: Santos-Silva, E.N. & V.V. Scudeller (eds.). Biotupé: Meio Físico, Diversidade Biológica e Sociocultural do Baixo Rio Negro, Amazônia Central. Volume 2, Editora UEA Ltda, Manaus, Brazil, 206 pp.
Volume: Chapter3:37-52.
Wilson: PDF
Cressey, R.F. 1983

Crustaceans as parasites of other organisms.

In: Provenzano, A.J., Jr. (ed.). Pathobiology. The Biology of Crustacea (editor-in-chief D.E. Bliss), Vol. 6. Academic Press, New York. 290pp.
Volume: :251-273, fig. 1, tab. 1.
Wilson: paper, PDF
Selden, P.A., R. Huys, M.H. Stephenson, A.P. Heward & P. N. Taylor 2010

Crustaceans from bitumen clast in Carboniferous glacial diamictite extend fossil record of copepods.

Nature Communications
Volume: DOI: 10.1038/ncomms1049
Wilson: PDF
Heller, C. 1865


In: Reise der Osterreichischen Fregatte Novara um die Erde in den Jahren 1857, 1858, 1859. Zoologischer Theil
Volume: 2(3):1-280, pls. 1-25. (Partial photocpy pp. 150-252.) the volume on copepods was 1865, the book cover says 1868
Wilson: paper, PDF
Chen, G. & M.P. Hares 2011

Cryptic diversity and comparative phylogeography of the estuarine copepod Acartia tonsa on the US Atlantic coast.

Molecular Ecology
Volume: 20(11):2425-2441.
Garlitska, L., T. Neretina, D. Schepetov, N. Mugue, M. de Troch, J.G. Baguley & A. Azovsky 2012

Cryptic diversity of the 'cosmopolitan' harpacticoid copepod Nannopus palustris: genetic and morphological evidence.

Molecular Ecology
Volume: 21(21):5336-5347.
Lajus, D., N. Sukhikh & V. Alekseev 2015

Cryptic or pseudocryptic: can morphological methods inform copepod taxonomy? An analysis of publications and a case study of the Eurytemora affinis species complex.

Ecology And Evolution
Volume: 5(12):2374-2385. 10.1002/ece3.1521 JUN 2015
Nilssen, J.P. 1977

Cryptic Predation and the Demographic Strategy of Two Limnetic Cyclopoid Copepods.

Memorie Ist. Ital. Idrobiol.
Volume: 34: 187-195, figs. 1-4.
Wilson: paper
Motoda, S. 1980

CSK zooplankton specimens available for study.

Marine Biological Center, Tokai University
Volume: :3pp, 1 fig.
Wilson: paper
Kim, B.M., J.S. Rhee, G.S. Park, J.H. Lee, Y.M. Lee & J.S. Lee 2011

Cu/Zn- and Mn-superoxide dismutase (SOD) from the copepod Tigriopus japonicus: Molecular cloning and expression in response to environmental pollutants.

Volume: 84(10):1467-1475.
Takano, H. 1971

Cultivation and breeding.

Iden (Heredity)
Volume: 25(6):35-40.
Wilson: paper
Paffenhöfer, G.A. 1970

Cultivation of Calanus helgolandicus under controlled conditions.

Helgoländer Wissenschaftliche Meeresuntersuchungen
Volume: 20(1-4):346-359, figs. 1-3, tabs. 1-6. (v-1970)
Wilson: paper
Avila, M., M.I. Piel, J.H. Caceres & K. Alveal 2011

Cultivation of the red alga Chondracanthus chamissoi: sexual reproduction and seedling production in culture under controlled conditions.

Journal of Applied Phycology
Volume: 23(3, Sp. Iss.):529-536.
Dittami, S.M., T. Wichard, A.M. Malzahn, G. Pohnert, M. Boersma & K.H. Wiltshire 2010

Culture conditions affect fatty acid content along with wound-activated production of polyunsaturated aldehydes in Thalassiosira rotula (Coscinodiscophyceae).

Nova Hedwigia
Volume: Suppl. 136:231-248
Encina-Montoya, F., P.D. Escalante & K. Salazar 2017

Culture of native species of zooplanktonic crustaceans: Tumeodiaptomus diabolicus (Brehm, 1935) from northern patagonian lakes (Chile).

Volume: 90(13):1599-1603. 10.1163/15685403-00003713 2017
Iglesias, J., F.J. Sánchez, J.J. Otero & C. Moxica 2000

Culture of octopus (Octopus vulgaris, Cuvier): Present knowledge, problems and perspectives.

In: Recent advances in Mediterranean aquaculture finfish species diversification. Zaragoza : CIHEAM-IAMZ, Zaragoza. Seminar of the CIHEAM Network on Technology of Aquaculture in the Mediterranean on "Recent advances in Mediterranean aquaculture finfish species diversification", 1999/05/24-28, Zaragoza (Spain) CIHEAM (Centre International de Hautes Etudes Agronomiques Méditerranéenes) – Cahiers Options Méditerranéenes
Volume: 47:313-321. [In English; abstract in French.]
Rajkumar, M. & M.M. Rahman 2016

Culture of the calanoid copepod, Acartia erythraea and cyclopoid copepod, Oithona brevicornis with various microalgal diets.

Sains Malaysiana
Volume: 45(4):615-620. APR 2016
Vijverberg, J. 1989

Culture techniques for studies on the growth, development and reproduction of copepods and cladocerans under laboratory and in situ conditions: a review.

Freshwater Biology
Volume: 21(3):317-323.
Wilson: paper
Robertson, A., C.W. Gehrs, B.D. Hardin & C.W. Hunt 1974

Culturing and ecology of Diaptomus clavipes and Cyclops vernalis.

Office of Research and Development, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C.
Volume: EPA-660/3-74-006:226pp. SIL QL444 .C7R64 1974
Wilson: paper
Matsudaira, C. 1957

Culturing of a Copepoda, Sinocalanus tenellus.

Information Bulletin on Planktology in Japan
Volume: 5:1-6, figs. 1-6. (ix-1957, Japanese.)
Wilson: paper, PDF
Anufriieva, E., M. Holynska & N.V. Shadrin 2014

Current invasions of asian cyclopid species (Copepoda: Cyclopidae) in Crimea, with taxonomical and zoogeographical remarks on the hypersaline and freshwater fauna.

Annales Zoologici
Volume: 64(1):109-130. 10.3161/000345414X680636
Wilson: PDF
Mercado-Salas, N., & E. Suárez-Morales 2011

Current knowledge and main taxonomic problems of Eucyclops (Cyclopoida: Eucyclopinae) in Mexico.

Abstracts of the 11th International Conference on Copepoda, Merida, Mexico, July 11-15, 2011, Gasca, R. & E. Suárez-Morales, (eds.)
Volume: 86
Kaminski, S.M., J.G.F. Bersano, A.P. Cardozo & W.J.A. Amaral 2007

Curvas de saturação alimentar para o copépode Acartia tonsa sob diferentes concentrações de Isochrysis galbana e Thalassiosira fluviatillis. [Food-saturation curves for the copepod Acartia tonsa under different concentrations of Isochrysis galbana and Thalassiosira fluviatillis.]

In: XII Congresso Latino-Americano de Ciências do Mar (COLACMAR), 2007, Florianópolis. Anais do XII Congresso Latino-Americano de Ciências do Mar - Livro de Resumos e CDROM.
Volume: Pp. 128-129. [Abstract; In Portuguese.]
Luo, X.X., Z.W. Liu & R.D. Gulati 2015

Cyanobacterial carbon supports the growth and reproduction of Daphnia: an experimental study.

Volume: 743(1):211-220. 10.1007/s10750-014-2038-7 JAN 2015
Shmeleva, A.A. & A.V. Kovalev 1975

Cycles biologiques des Copépodes (Crustacés) de la Mer Adriatique.

Bollettino di Pesca, Piscicoltura e Idrobiologia
Volume: n. ser. 29(1):49-70, figs. 1-11. (1974)
Wilson: paper
Herrick, C.L. 1882

Cyclopidae of Minnesota with notes on other copepods. Notes on some Minnesota Cladocera. On Notodromas and Cambarus.

Reports of the Geological and Natural History Survey of Minnesota
Volume: 10, 1881:219-254, figs. 1-2, pls. 1-7.
Wilson: PDF
Kiefer, F. 1937

Cyclopiden (Crustacea Copepoda) aus nordspanischen Höhlen.

Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 119(11-12):321-327, figs. 1-13. (15-ix-1937)
Wilson: paper, PDF
Lindberg, K. 1955

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes) d'îles du Pacifique Sud (Mélanésie et Micronésie) et de Bornéo.

Kunglige Fysiografiska Sällskapets i Lund Förhandlingar
Volume: 24(18):1-14, figs. 1-3. (27-i-1955)
Wilson: paper, PDF
Lindberg, K. 1953

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes) de la Grèce.

Praktika toi Ellenikoi 'Udrobiologikoi Institoitoi, Athens
Volume: 6:19-39, figs. 1-2, tab.
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1950

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes) de la Nigéria (Afrique occidentale).

Bulletin de la Société Zoologique de France
Volume: 75(4):145-148, figs. 1-3.
Wilson: paper, PDF
Lindberg, K. 1956

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes) de la Sardaigne.

Memorie della Società Entomologica Italiana
Volume: 35:71-79, figs.1-2. (4-vi-1956)
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1957

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes) de la Turquie d'Asie.

Kunglige Fysiografiska Sällskapets i Lund Förhandlingar
Volume: 27(7):73-84, figs. 1-3.
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1954

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes) de l'Amérique du Sud.

Arkiv för Zoologi
Volume: n. ser. 7(11):193-222, figs. 1-7. (24-xi-1954)
Wilson: paper, PDF
Lindberg, K. 1953

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes) de l'Australie.

Acta Universitatis Lundensis, new series
Volume: 2, 49(5):1-8. (4-vi-1953)
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1942

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes) de l'Inde, XIV-XVIII.

Records of the Indian Museum, Calcutta
Volume: 44(2):139-190, figs.1-12. (27-viii-1942)
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1939

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes) de l'Inde. I.

Records of the Indian Museum, Calcutta
Volume: 41(1):45-56, figs. 1-4, 2 tables (iii-1939)
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1939

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes) de l'Inde. II. Une révision des réprésentants indiens du sous-genre Microcyclops Claus, du genre Cyclops Müller.

Records of the Indian Museum, Calcutta
Volume: 41(3):235-262, figs. 1-6, 5 tables (ix-1939)
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1939

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes) de l'Inde. III. Une révision des représentants indiens du sous-genre Eucyclops s. str. (groupe serratalus).

Records of the Indian Museum, Calcutta
Volume: 41(4):373-400, 5 tables (xii-1939)
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1941

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes) de l'Inde. VI, VII.

Records of the Indian Museum, Calcutta
Volume: 43(4):395-409, figs. 1-7. (19-xii-1941)
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1952

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes) de Madagascar. Troisième note.

Mémoires de l'Institut Scientifique de Madagascar
Volume: (A)7(1):53-67, figs. 1-3.
Wilson: paper, PDF
Lindberg, K. 1951

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes) de Madagascar.

Mémoires de l'Institut Scientifique de Madagascar
Volume: (A)5(1):187-195, figs. 1-2.
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1952

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes) du Royaume du Cambodge.

Bulletin de l'Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique
Volume: 28(15):1-16, figs. 1-3. (ii-1952)
Wilson: paper, PDF
Lindberg, K. 1953

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes) du Tassili des Ajjer (Sahara central). Mission scientifique au Tassili des Ajjer, 1949.

Travaux de l'Institut des Recherches Sahariennes, Université d'Alger, 1953.
Volume: 9:55-63, figs. 1-5.
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1960

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes) II. Contribution à l'étude de la faune d'Afghanistan 34.

Acta Universitatis Lundensis (Lunds Univer. Aarskr.), N.F.
Volume: 2, 56(11):1-16, figs. 1-3. (9-iv-1960)
Wilson: paper, PDF
Lindberg, K. 1955

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes) récoltés au Pérou par le Dr. Hernando de Macedo.

Folia Biologica Andina, Part 2, Zoología, Anuário de la Estación Altoandina de Biología, Hacienda Checayani-Azangaro, Puno, Peru
Volume: 1:1-18, figs.1-7.
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1959

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes). Contribution à l'étude de la faune d'Afghanistan. 13.

Acta Universitatis Lundensis
Volume: 2, 56(4): 1-26, figs. 1-4. (2-ix-1959)
Wilson: paper, PDF
Lindberg, K. 1951

Cyclopides (Crustacés Copépodes).

Exploration du Parc National de l'Umpemba, Mission G.F. de Witte
Volume: 2:1-13, fig. 1, pls. 1-3, tab.
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1957

Cyclopides (Crustacés, Copepodés) récoltés au Pérou par le Dr. Hernando de Macedo. (Deuxième Partie).

Folia Biologica Andina, Part 2, Zoología, Anuário de la Estación Altoandina de Biología, Hacienda Checayani-Azangaro, Puno, Peru
Volume: 1:39-52, figs.1-5.
Wilson: paper
Plesa, C. 1981

Cyclopides (Crustacea, Copepoda) de Cuba.

Résultats des Expéditions Biospéologiques Cubano-Roumaines à Cuba
Volume: 3:17-34, figs. 1-65, tabs. 1-2. (vi-1984, English summary).
Wilson: paper, PDF
Lindberg, K. 1953

Cyclopides de Madagascar (Crustacés Copépodes). Quatrième note.

Mémoires de l'Institut Scientifique de Madagascar
Volume: (A)8:11-17, figs. 1-3.
Wilson: paper, PDF
Lindberg, K. 1953

Cyclopides des îles Kerguelen (Crustacés Copépodes).

Mémoires de l'Institut Scientifique de Madagascar
Volume: (A)8(1):19-24, figs. 1-4.
Wilson: paper, PDF
Alekseev, V.R. 2010


In: Alekseev, V.R. (volume editor), Opredelitel zooplanktona i zoobentosa presnuh vod Evropejskoj Rossii. Tom. I. Zooplankton. (Keys for identification of freshwater zooplankton and zoobenthos of European Russia. Volume 1. Zooplankton. , KMK Publishers, Moscow-St. Petersburg, Victor Alekseev, Izdatelstvo KMK, Moskva-Sankt-Peterburg, 495 pp.
Volume: :328-376.
Wilson: paper
Schäfer, H.W. 1936

Cyclopiniden (Crustacea Copepoda) aus der deutschen Nordsee.

Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 114(9-10):225-234, figs. 1-20. (2-vi-1936)
Wilson: paper, PDF
Lindberg, K. 1955

Cyclopoïdes (Crustacés Copépodes) du Mexique.

Arkiv för Zoologi
Volume: n. ser. 7(23):459-489, figs. 1-5. (12-iv-1955)
Wilson: paper, PDF
Lindberg, K. 1941

Cyclopoïdes nouveaux du continent Indo-Iranien. I.

Records of the Indian Museum, Calcutta
Volume: 43:87-95, figs. 1-3. (vi-1941)
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1942

Cyclopoïdes nouveaux du continent Indo-Iranien. III-IV.

Records of the Indian Museum, Calcutta
Volume: 44(1):15-27, figs. 1-8. (iii-1942)
Wilson: paper
Alekseev, V.R., D.G. Haffner, J.J. Vaillant & F.M. Yusoff 2013

Cyclopoid and calanoid copepod biodiversity in Indonesia.

Journal Of Limnology
Volume: 72:245-274. 2 10.4081/jlimnol.2013.s2.e12
Wilson: PDF
Kim, I.H., E. Cruz-Rivera, M. El-Din Sherif & S. El-Sahhar 2016

Cyclopoid copepods (Ascidicolidae, Notodelphyidae) associated with Phallusia nigra Savigny, 1816 (ascidiacea) in the Red Sea: A new ascidicolid and first descriptions of the males from two notodelphyids.

Journal of Crustacean Biology
Volume: 36(4):553-566.
Wilson: PDF
Humes, A.G. 1975

Cyclopoid copepods (Nanaspidae and Sabelliphilidae) associated with holothurians in New Caledonia.

Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology
Volume: 202:1-41, figs. 1-24. (12-viii-1975)
Wilson: paper, PDF
Humes, A.G. 1976

Cyclopoid copepods associated with asteroid echinoderms in New Caledonia.

Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology
Volume: 217:1-19, figs. 1-9, tab. 1. (15-i-1976)
Wilson: paper, PDF
Herbst, H.V. 1955

Cyclopoida Gnathostoma (Crustacea Copepoda) von der brasilianischen Atlantikküste.

Kieler Meeresforschungen
Volume: 11(2):214-229, pls. 27-35.
Wilson: paper, PDF
Rylov, V.M. 1948

Cyclopoida presnykh vod. Freshwater Cyclopoida.

Fauna SSSR, Rakoobraznye
Volume: 3(3): 1-3l8, figs. 1-79. SIL QL444 .C73R99 1948
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1949

Cyclopoides (Crustacés Copépodes) du Liban et de Syrie.

Kunglige Fysiografiska Sällskapets i Lund Förhandlingar
Volume: 19(10):146-156, figs. a-g. (20-vii-1949)
Wilson: paper
Murugan, K., G. Benelli, C. Panneerselvam, J. Subramaniam, T. Jeyalalitha, D. Dinesh, M. Nicoletti, J.S. Hwang, U. Suresh & P. Madhiyazhagan 2015

Cymbopogon citratus-synthesized gold nanoparticles boost the predation efficiency of copepod Mesocyclops aspericomis against malaria and dengue mosquitoes.

Experimental Parasitology
Volume: 153:129-138; 10.1016/j.exppara.2015.03.017 JUN 2015
Poley, J.D., L.M. Braden, L.M. Messmer, S.K. Whyte, B.F. Koop & M.D. Fast 2016

Cypermethrin exposure induces metabolic and stress-related gene expression in copepodid salmon lice (Lepeophtheirus salmonis).

Comparative Biochemistry And Physiology D-Genomics & Proteomics
Volume: 20:74-84. 10.1016/j.cbd2016.08.004 DEC 2016
Dippenaar, S.M., R.B. Mathibela & P. Bloomer 2010

Cytochrome oxidase I sequences reveal possible cryptic diversity in the cosmopolitan symbiotic copepod Nesippus orientalis Heller, 1868 (Pandaridae: Siphonostomatoida) on elasmobranch hosts from the KwaZulu-Natal coast of South Africa.

Experimental Parasitology
Volume: 125(1):42-50.
Wilson: PDF
Clancy, D.J., G.R. Hime A.D. Shirras 2011

Cytoplasmic male sterility in Drosophila melanogaster associated with a mitochondrial CYTB variant.

Volume: 107(4):374-376.
Carli, A.M. & C.L. Bruzzone 1977

Développement larvaire du Copépode Lepeophtheirus nordmanni (Edwards) parasite de Mola mola (L.).

Rapports et Procès-Verbaux des Réunions de la Commission Internationale pour l'Exploration Scientifique de la Mer Mediterranée, Monaco
Volume: 24(10): 135-136. (Italian with English and French summaries).
Wilson: paper
Dzyuba, E.V. & Y.P. Tolmatshova 2010

Daily rhythm of feeding of larvae of little Baikal oilfish Comephorus dybowski (Comephoridae) in the Lake Baikal.

Voprosy Ikhtiologii
Volume: 50(6):856-859.(Russian)
Wiles, C.M. & M.G. Bolek 2015

Damselflies (Zygoptera) as paratenic hosts for Serpinema trispinosum and its report from turtle hosts from Oklahoma, USA.

Folia Parasitologica (Ceske Budejovice)
Volume: 62:019, 8 pp.. 10.14411/fp.2015.019. 62 MAR 2 2015
Wiles, C.M. & M.G. Bolek 2015

Damselflies (Zygoptera) as paratenic hosts for Serpinema trispinosum and its report from turtle hosts from Oklahoma, USA.

Folia Parasitologica
Volume: 62: doi: 10.14411/fp.2015.019. 62 MAR 2 2015
Kiörboe, T. , H.S. Jiang & S.P. Colin 2010

Danger of zooplankton feeding: the fluid signal generated by ambush-feeding copepods.

Proceedings of the Royal Society B
Volume: 277(1698):3229-3237.
Haroardottir, S., M. Pancic, A. Tammilehto, B. Krock, E.F. Moller, T.G. Nielsen & N. Lundholm 2015

Dangerous relations in the arctic marine food web: interactions between toxin producing Pseudonitzschia diatoms and Calanus copepodites.

Marine Drugs
Volume: 13(6):3809-3835. 10.3390/md13063809 JUN 2015
Landry, M.R. 1975

Dark inhibition of egg hatching of the marine copepod Acartia clausi Giesbr.

Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology
Volume: 20(1):43-47, figs. 1-2. (iii-1975)
Wilson: paper
Schauss, R. 1926

Das Krebsplankton des Schalkenmehrener Maares.

Verhandlungen der Naturhist. Ver. Preuss. Rheinlande und Westfalens
Volume: 83: 189-198, figs. 1-2.
Apstein, C. 1912

Das Plankton der Küste von Südwestafrika.

In: Schultze, L. (ed.). Zoologische und anthropologische Ergebnisse einer Forschungsreise im westlichen und zentralen Südafrika ausgeführt in den Jahren 1903 - 1905, Bd. 5: Zur Kenntnis des Körpers der Hottentotten und Buschmänner, in: Denkschriften der medizinisch- naturwissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft zu Jena
Volume: 17:33-46, figs. 1-14.
Wilson: PDF
Schneider, Georg 1913

Das Plankton der westfälischen Talsperren des Sauerlandes.

Archiv für Hydrobiologie
Volume: 8:1-42, 207-263, figs. 1-14.
Wilson: paper
Brehm, V. & E. Zederbauer 1905

Das September-Plankton des Skutarisees.

Verhandlungen der Zoologisch-Botanischen Gesellschaft Wien
Volume: 55:47-52.
Steuer, A. 1900

Das Zooplankton des 'alten Donau' bei Wien.

Biologisches Zentralblatt, Leipzig
Volume: 20(1):25-32, fig. 1. (1-i-1900)
Wilson: paper
Schneider, Gerald 2002

Das Zooplankton des Atlantiks.

Zwischen unsichtbaren Schranken. Biologie in unserer Zeit
Volume: 32(3):175-182.
Spandl, H. 1926

Das Zooplankton des Paranagua-Sees.

Denkschriften der Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Wien, Mathematische-Naturwissenschaftliche Klasse
Volume: 76:101-105.
Wilson: paper, PDF
Chang, Y.C., J.C. Yan, J.S. Hwang, C.H. Wu & M.T. Lee 2011

Data-oriented analyses of ciliate foraging behaviors.

In: Hwang, J.S. & K. Martens (eds.) Hydrobiologia. 10th International Conference on Copepoda in Pattaya, Thailand, 13 - 19 July 2008. 338 pp.
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Wilson: paper, PDF
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Wilson: PDF
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Wilson: paper, PDF
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Wilson: PDF
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Wilson: PDF
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Wilson: PDF
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Wilson: PDF
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Wilson: PDF
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