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Lumberg, A. 1962 Emaj e zooplanktoni aastasest dünaamikust. Über die jährliche Dynamik des Zooplanktons des Emajogi. Uchenye Zapiski tartu Gosudarstvennogo Univ.
Volume: 120, Zool., 2:53-62, figs. 1-3. (19-vi-1962, Estonian with Russian and German summaries).
Ruse, K. 1969 Emajoe vanajogede planktonist. Das Plankton der Altwasser des Flusses Emajogi. Uchenye Zapiski tartu Gosudarstvennogo Univ.
Volume: 231: 88-113, tabs. 1-6. (12-iii-1969, Esthonian with German summary).
Lumberg, A. 1960 Emajoge luhaveekogude plankton. Das Plankton der Altwässer des Emajogi. Uchenye Zapiski tartu Gosudarstvennogo Univ.
Volume: 91, Zool., 1:35-63, tabs. 1-10, map. (19-viii-1960, Estonian with Russian and German summaries).
Lumberg, A. 1956 Emajoge planktonist. (Über das Plankton des Flusses Emajogi). Loodusuur. Seltsi Aastar.
Volume: 49:131-142, tabs. 1-10. (Estonian with German summary in Beilage: 16-17).
Waddy, S.L., E.E. Burridge, M.N. Hamilton, S.M. Mercer, D.E. Aiken & K. Haya 2002 Emamectin benzoate induces molting in American lobster, Homarus americanus. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Volume: 59 (7): 1096-1099.
Duston, J. & R.R. Cusack 2002 Emamectin benzoate: an effective in-feed treatment against the gill parasite Salmincola edwardsii on brook trout. Aquaculture
Volume: 207(1-2):1-9.
Poisson, R.A. 1961 Embranchement des Arthropodes. In: Grassé, P.P., R.A. Poisson & O. Tuzet (eds.). Zoologie I, Invertébrés. Précis de sciences biologiques
Volume: :469-736, figs. 441-636. (Sousclasse des Copépodes: 574-580, figs. 5l8-522).
Makrushin, A.V. 1981 Embrional'naya diapauza u Eurytemora gracilis (Calanoida, Copepoda). (Embryonic diapause in Eurytemora gracilis (Calanoida, Copepoda)). In: Skarlato, O.A. (ed.). Povysh. produktov. i ratsional. ispol'z. biol. resursov Belogo morya. Materialy 1 koordinats. soveshch., Leningrad (Increase in productivity and rational utilisation of biological resources of the White Sea. Material from the 1st Co-ordinated Conference, Leningrad), Acad. Sci. USSR, Zoological Institute, Ministry of Fisheries,
Volume: :53-54. (Russian)
Ho, Y.S., C.M. Chen, W.Y. Chen & W.B. Chang 2008 Embryo development and larval rearing of pink clownfish (Amphiprion perideraion). Journal of the Fisheries Society of Taiwan
Volume: 35(1):75-85.
Hanzelova, V. & R. Zitnan 1986 Embryogenesis and development of Bothriocephalus acheilognathi Yamaguti, 1934 (Cestoda) in the intermediate host under experimental conditions. Helminthologia, Bratislava
Volume: 23(3):145-154.
Filhol, J. 1934 Embryologie et développement de Lamproglena pulchella Nordmann, description du mâle. Bulletin International de l'Académie Polonaise des Sciences et des Lettres, Classe des Sciences Mathématiques et Naturelles, Série B, Sciences Naturelles
Volume: (B)2(5-7):225-232, pl.18.
Kohler, H.J. 1976 Embryologische Untersuchungen an Copepoden: Die Entwicklung von Lernaeocera branchialis L. 1767 (Crustacea, Copepoda, Lernaeoida, Lernaeidae). Zoologische Jahrbücher, Abteilung für Anatomie
Volume: 95:448-504, figs. 1-49.
Taube, I. 1966 Embryonalutvecklingens beroende av temperaturen hos Mesocyclops leuckarti (Claus) och Cyclops scutifer Sars. (The temperature dependence of the development of the embryo in Mesocyclops leuckarti (Claus) and Cyclops scutifer (Sars)). Skr. Limnologiska Institutionen, Uppsala
Volume: 2, paper 123: 1-49. (Mimeogr.).
Strathmann, R.R., L.R. Kendall & A.G. Marsh 2006 Embryonic and larval development of a cold adapted Antarctic ascidian. Polar Biology
Volume: 29(6): 495-501.
Jiménez-Melero, R., B. Santer & F. Guerrero 2005 Embryonic and naupliar development of Eudiaptomus gracilis and Eudiaptomus graciloides at different temperatures: comments on individual variability. Journal of Plankton Research
Volume: 27(11):1175-1187.
Brandl, Z. 1987 Embryonic development rate and life strategy in three cyclopoid copepods. In: World Association of Copepodologists: Third International Conference on Copepoda, British Museum (Natural History), London, 10-14 August 1987, Program and Abstracts
Volume: :25. (Abstract.)
Wilson: paper
Hart, R.C. 1985 Embryonic development times of entomostracan zooplankton from Lake le Roux (Orange River, South Africa), and their possible relationships to seasonal succession. Hydrobiologia
Volume: 127(1):17-26, figs. 1-5, tabs. 1-2. (10-viii-1985)
Pajaro, M., R.P. Sanchez & A. Aubone 1998 Embryonic mortality due to cannibalism in the Argentine anchovy Engraulis anchoita Hubbs and Marini, 1935. Boletin Instituto Espanol de Oceanografia
Volume: 14 (1-2):81-97. (Spanish)
Hesse, E. 1860 Embryons de Caliges (Caligus) et de Trébies (Trebius). Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Séances de l'Académie des Sciences, Paris
Volume: 51(20): 715-716.
Wilson: paper
Hemming, F. 1957 Emendation under the plenary powers to 'Lernaeocera' of the generic name 'Lerneocera' and designation under the same powers of a type species in harmony wi;th accustomed usage for the genus so named (Class Crustacea, Order Copepoda). Opinions and Declarations Rendered by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature
Volume: 17(1):1-14. (3.ix.1957)
Romanenko, N.A., V.A. Klebanovsky, G.L. Plyushcheva, A.S. Artamoshin, A.A. Obgolts, S.V. Gerasimov, N.T. Suleimanov, N.A. Levitskaya & O.Y. Starostina 1986 Emergence and current status of diphyllobothriasis focus in the Krasnoyarsk Water Storage Lake. Meditsinskaya Parazitologiya i Parazitarnye Bolezni
Volume: 55(1):69-73.
Kurdziel, J.P. & S.S. Bell 1992 Emergence and dispersal of phytal-dwelling meiobenthic copepods. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology
Volume: 163(1):43-64.
Kurdziel, J.P. 1991 Emergence and dispersal of phytal-dwelling meiobenthic copepods. M.S. Thesis, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.
Volume: 55 pp.
Wyngaard, G.A., B.E. Taylor & D.L. Mahoney 1991 Emergence and dynamics of cyclopoid copepods in an unpredictable environment. Freshwater Biology
Volume: 25(2):219-232.
Wilson: paper
Thistle, D., L.Sedlacek, K.R. Carman, J.W. Fleeger & J.P. Barry 2007 Emergence in the deep sea: Evidence from harpacticoid copepods. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers
Volume: 54(6):1008-1014.
Morozov, A.Yu. 2010 Emergence of Holling type III zooplankton functional response: Bringing together field evidence and mathematical modelling. Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume: 265(1):45-54.
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Volume: 311:29-36.
Wilson: paper
Cazzanelli, M., T.P. Warming & K.S. Christoffersen 2008 Emergent and floating-leaved macrophytes as refuge for zooplankton in a eutrophic temperate lake without submerged vegetation. Hydrobiologia
Volume: 605(1):113-122.
Thistle, D. & L. Sedlacek 2004 Emergent and non-emergent species of harpacticoid copeods can be recognized morphologically. Marine Ecology Progress Series
Volume: 266:195-200.
Wilson: paper
Record, N.R., A.J. Pershing & F. Maps 2013 Emergent copepod communities in an adaptive trait-structured model. Ecological Modelling
Volume: 260:11-24.
Barlet, N.T., S.A.W. Diemont, M.A. Teece & K.L. Schulz 2015 Emergent microbial food webs in ecological treatment systems for wastewater: Insight from stable carbon isotopes. Ecological Engineering
Volume: 78:62-71. 10.1016/j.ecoleng.2014.05.030 MAY 2015
Jacoby, C.A. & J.G. Greenwood 1989 Emergent zooplankton in Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia: seasonal, lunar, and diel patterns in emergence and distribution with respect to substrata. Marine Ecology Progress Series
Volume: 51:131-154.
Wilson: paper
Margaritora, F.G. 1995 Emilia Stella 1909-1994. [includes bibliography.] Memorie dell'Istituto Italiano di Idrobiologia
Volume: 56:1-6.
Wilson: paper
Ostvedt, O.J. 1990 Emmy Egidius: 1 September 1929 – 3 February 1989. ICES Journal of Marine Science: Jornal du Conseil
Volume: 46(2):224-225.
Laakmann, S. & S. Holst 2014 Emphasizing the diversity of North Sea hydromedusae by combined morphological and molecular methods. Journal Of Plankton Research
Volume: 36(1):64-76. 10.1093/plankt/fbt078
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Volume: 66(6):1376-1381. (French summary)
Peters, R.H. & J.A. Downing 1984 Empirical analysis of zooplankton filtering and feeding rates. Limnology and Oceanography
Volume: 29(4):763-784, figs. 1-6, tabs. 1-4. (vii-1984)
Feller, R.J. 1982 Empirical estimates of carbon production for a meiobenthic harpacticoid copepod. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Volume: 39(11):1435-1443, figs. 1-3, tabs. 1-5. (xi-1982, French summary).
Kahilainen, K.K., T. Malinen, A. Tuomaala, E. Alajärvi, A. Tolonen & H. Lehtonen 2007 Empirical evaluation of phenotype-environment correlation and trait utility with allopatric and sympatric whitefish, Coregonus lavaretus (L.), populations in subarctic lakes. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society
Volume: 92(3):561-572.
Sereda, J.M. & J.J. Hudson 2011 Empirical models for predicting the excretion of nutrients (N and P) by aquatic metazoans: taxonomic differences in rates and element ratios. Freshwater Biology
Volume: 56(2):250-263.
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Volume: 41(3):439-445, figs. 1-2, tabs. 1-4. (iii-1984, French summary.)
Wilson: paper
Yan, N.D. 1986 Empirical prediction of crustacean zooplankton biomass in nutrient-poor Canadian Shield lakes. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Volume: 43(4):788-796, figs. 1-4, tabs. 1-8. (iv.1986, French summary.)
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Volume: 5(2):91-97.
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Volume: 38:458-463.
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Volume: 65(9):1559-1572.
Ravera, O. 1951 Emploi de la paraldéhyde acétique pour la narcose de petits organismes d'eau douce. Verhandlungen der Internationale Vereinigung für Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie
Volume: 11:315-316, tab. 1.
Baker, H. 1764 Employment for the Microscope. London
No Volume Data Available
Mitsuka, P.M. 1998 Empobrecimento da comunidade zooplanctônica após a passagem pela barragem da Represa de Jurumirim (Rio Paranapanema, SP). Impoverishment of the zooplankton community after assage through the dam of the Jurumirim Reservoir (Rio Paranapanema, SP).) M.Sc. Thesis, Universidade Estadual Paulista Jùlio de Mesquita Filho, Botucatu,Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Volume: :237 pp. ( Portuguese)
Reinhardt, J. 1864 En Berigtigelse. In: Videnskabelige Meddelelser fra den Naturhistoriske Forening i Kjobenhavn for Aaret 1863
Volume: :236-237.
Wilson: paper
Strom, H. 1765 En eenoyet Soe-hoppe med 2 lange Rampe-Haar. Beskrivelse over Norske Insekter. Anden Prove., Skriftser Kiobenhavn Selskabet (= Acta Havniae)
Volume: 9: 572-595, pls. 1-10.
Vidnes, B. 1992 En feltundersokelse av reproduksjons-strategier hos skrubbelus, Lepeophtheirus pectoralis (Müller) (Copepoda, Caligidae). (A field study of reproductive strategies of the flounder louse, Lepeophtheirus pectoralis (Müller) (Copepoda, Caligidae).) Master's Thesis, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Volume: :42 pp. (In Norwegian.)
Nybelin, O. 1941 En intressant Dalsländsk reliktsjö. Fauna Flora, Uppsala
Volume: 36:40-43.
Strom, H. 1770 En Laxe=Luus med et aflang=rundt Ryg=Skiold og Bag=Deel. Beskrivelse over Norske Insekter. Anden Prove., Skriftser Kiobenhavn Selskabet (= Acta Havniae)
Volume: 10:23-26, Pl. 7 figs. 1-7. 10:23-26, pl. 7., figs. 1-7. (1765)
Wilson: paper
Gadd, P. 1908 En ny Lernaeopoda (Parasit-Copepod) fran Lena inferior. Öfvers. finska VetenskSoc. Förh.
Volume: 50(4): 1-6, pl. 1.
Wilson: paper
Steenstrup, J.J.S. 1862 En ny og ganske usaedvanlig form af snyltedyr, som han havde kaldt Philichthys xiphiae. Oversigt over det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskabs Forhandlinger
Volume: 1861:295-305, pl. 2.
Wilson: paper
Gadd, P. 1910 En ny Parasit-Copepod fran Ishafvet. öfvers. finska VetenskSoc. Förh.
Volume: 52(6): 1-8, pl. 1.
Fjalling, A., L. Kolsater & J. Thulin 1980 En parasitologisk undersökning an vilde och adlade musslor, Mytilus edulis i Tjärnö-omra[a]det, Norre Bohuslän, 1979. Meddelanden fran Havsfiskelaboratoriet Lysekil
Volume: 263:1-24, figs. 1-7, tabs. 1-2. (viii-1980, English summary.)
Berland, B. 1969 En parasittisk Copepod, Sphyrion lumpi (Kroyer, 1845) funnet paa torsk og blakveite. Fauna, Oslo
Volume: 27:147-152, fig. 1, tab. 1.
Wilson: paper
Nordö, E. 1991 En sammenligning av livssyklus for de to calanoide copepoder Acartia clausi og Acartia grani i Espevikpollen på Tysnes. [A comparison of the life cycles of the two calanoid copepods Acartia clausi and Acartia grani in Espevikpollen at Tysnes.] Ph.D. Thesis, Institut for Fiskeri- og Marinbiologi, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway.
No Volume Data Available
Moen, A.J. 1980 En undersokelse av Copepoda, Monogenea og Digenea hos trepigget stingsild, Gasterosteus aculeatus L. og nipigget stingsild, Pungitius pungitius (L.) fra Bunnefjorden. (A study of Copepoda, Monogenea and Digenea in the three-spined stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus L. and the nine-spined stickleback, Pungitius pungitius (L.) from the Bunnefjord.) Master's Thesis, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Volume: :112 pp. (In Norwegian.)
Demmo, R. 1985 En undersøkelse av zooplanktonsamfunnene i Bosviktjern og Bosvikkilen. En limnisk og en marin lokalitat ved Risør i Aust-Agder. [An investigation of the zooplankton community in Bosviktjern and Bosvikkilen. A limnetic and a marine community near Risør i Aust-Agder.] Ph.D. Thesis, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway.
Volume: 202 pp. [In Norwegian.]
Naess, T. 1985 En undersøkelse av zooplanktonsamfunnene i Vormelitjenn og Søndeledpollen, en limnisk og marin lokalitet ved Søndeled i Aust-Agder. [An investigation of the zooplankton community in Vormelitjenn and Søndeledpollen, a limnic and marine locality at Søndeled in Aust-Agder.] Ph.D. Thesis, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway.
Volume: 226 pp. [In Norwegian.]
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Volume: 39(10):3464-3473.
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Volume: 6(7): 1419-1425.
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Volume: 22(10):2482-2491.
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Volume: 87(1):40-45.
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Volume: 23(3):1578-1585.
Wilson: paper
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Volume: :313-318.
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No Volume Data Available
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Volume: 212(4492):342-344, fig. 1, tab. 1. (17-iv-1981)
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 34(3):258-262.
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper, PDF
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No Volume Data Available
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Wilson: paper
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