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Leigh-Sharpe, W.H. 1928 Degeneracy in parasitic Copepoda in relation to the distribution of their hosts in time. Parasitology, Cambridge
Volume: 20:421-426. (12-xii-1928)
Wilson: paper
Wilson, A. 1881 Degeneration. Popular Science Monthly
Volume: 19:218-229, 382-394, figs. 1-19. (vi & vii-1881)
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No Volume Data Available
Poulsen, L.K. 2007 Degradation and vertical flux of copepod fecal pellets. Ph.D. Thesis, Roskilde University, Roskilde, Denmark
No Volume Data Available
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Volume: 367:1-13.
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Volume: 25(1):65-72.
Nishibe, Y., K. Takahashi, T. Ichikawa, K. Hidaka, H. Kurogi, K. Segawa & H. Saito 2015 Degradation of discarded appendicularian houses by oncaeid copepods. Limnology And Oceanography
Volume: 60(3):967-976. 10.1002/lno.10061 MAY 2015
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Volume: 37(2):393-404.
Dethier, M.N., A.S. Brown, S. Burgess, M.E. Eisenlord, A.W.E. Galloway, J. Kimber, A.T. Lowe, C.M. O'Neil, W.W. Raymond, E.A. Sosik & D.O. Duggins 2014 Degrading detritus: Changes in food quality of aging kelp tissue varies with species. Journal Of Experimental Marine Biology And Ecology
Volume: 460:72-79. 10.1016/j.jembe.2014.06.010 NOV 2014
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Volume: 36(6):1107-1123.
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Volume: 147:394-398.
Richiardi, S. 1877 Dei Filictidi: osservazioni critiche e descrizione di sei specie nuove. Atti della Società Toscana di Scienze Naturali, Processi Verbali e Memorie, Serie B
Volume: 3(1):180-194, pl. 10.
Wilson: paper
Kirpichenko, M.Yu., V.P. Kikheev & E.P. Shtern 1963 Deistvie elektricheskogo toka na lichinok dreisseny i planktonnykh rachkov pri malykh ekspozitsiyakh. In: Kazin, B.S. (ed.). Materialy po biologii i gidrologii Volzhskikh vodokhranilishch
Volume: :76-70, tabs. 1-4.
Berger, V.Y. 1970 Deistvie morskoi vody raznoi solenosti na Lepeophtheirus salmonis (Kröyer) i ektoparazita semgi. The effect of sea water of different salinity on Lepeophtheirus salmonis, an ectoparasite of salmon. Parazitologiya
Volume: 4(2):136-138, fig. 1-2. (25-iii-1970, Russian with English summary).
Richiardi, S. 1878 Del nuove genere di Crostaceo Trypaphylum e delle nuove specie Phyllophora crassa, e Lernanthropus foliaceus. Atti della Società Toscana di Scienze Naturali, Processi Verbali e Memorie, Serie B
Volume: 1: xx.
Wilson: paper
Coull, B.C. & B.W. Dudley 1976 Delayed naupliar development of meiobenthic copepods. Biological Bulletin, Woods Hole
Volume: 150(1):38-46, figs. 1-2, tabs. 1-2. (ii-1976)
Wilson: paper
Hakalahti, T., M. Bandilla & E.T. Valtonen 2005 Delayed transmission of a parasite is compensated by accelerated growth Parasitology
Volume: 131(5):647-656.
Jiang, X.D., Y.H. Tang, D.J. Lonsdale & C.J. Gobler 2009 Deleterious consequences of a red tide dinoflagellate Cochlodinium polykrikoides for the calanoid copepod Acartia tonsa. Marine Ecology Progress Series
Volume: 390:105-116.
Lee, H.W., S. Ban, Y. Ando, T. Ota & T. Ikeda 1999 Deleterious effect of diatom diets on egg production and hatching success in the marine copepod Pseudocalanus newmani. Plankton Biology and Ecology
Volume: 46(2):104-112. (viii.1999)
Zhang, G., S. Sun, F. Zhang & G. Liu 2002 Deleterious effects of temperature on the reproduction of Calanus in the southern Yellow Sea in summer. Oceanologia et Limnologica Sinica
Volume: 33(Suppl.):85-91. (Chinese, with English abstract)
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Volume: 173:1465-1477.
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Volume: 237-238:459-472. (30.ix.1999)
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Volume: Pp. 117-178.
Dominguez, A., M. Ferreira, P. Coutinho, J. Fábregas & A. Otero 2005 Delivery of astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis to the aquaculture food chain. Aquaculture
Volume: 250(1-2):424-430.
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Volume: 49(5):526-534.
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Volume: 26(4):495-500.
Carrasco, N., I. Arzul, F.C. Berthe, M. Fernández-Tejedor, M. Durfort & M.D. Furones 2008 Delta de l'Ebre is a natural bay model for Marteilia spp. (Paramyxea) dynamics and life-cycle studies. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms
Volume: 79(1):65-73.
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Volume: (2)61(3): 110-123, map.
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Volume: (2)63:1-16.
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Volume: 58(19-20):2036-2042.
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Volume: 5(1):195-202, figs. 1-6, tabs. 1-4. (iii.1986)
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Volume: 111(2):96-102. (1995)
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 121(3): 125-134.
Dahms, H.U., H.M. Joo, J.H. Lee, M.S. Yun, S.H. Ahn & S.H. Lee 2015 Demersally drifting invertebrates from Kongsfjorden, SvalbAyenrd (Arctic Ocean)-a comparison of catches from drift-pump and drift-nets. Ocean Science Journal
Volume: 50(4):639-648. 10.1007/s12601-015-0058-5 DEC 2015
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Volume: 44(3):320.
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Volume: 106 pp.
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Volume: 174 pp.
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Volume: 21(1-2):145-152, figs. 1-6, tabs. 1-2. (10-i-1985)
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Volume: 42(3):487-501. (xi.1999)
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 108(959):91-102, figs. 1-4, tabs. 1, 1A, appendix. (31-xii-1974).
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Volume: 39(3):267-274.
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Volume: 104 pp.
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Volume: 104 pp. [In English; abstracts in German and Spanish.]
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Volume: 147 pp.
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Volume: 110 pp. [In Turkish; abstract in English.]
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Volume: 42 pp. [In Portuguese.]
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Volume: 68 pp. [In Spanish.]
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Wilson: paper

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