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Humes, A.G. 1973 Cyclopoid copepods associated with marine bivalve mollusks in New Caledonia. Cahiers de l'Office de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique Outre-Mer (ORSTOM), Série Océanographie
Volume: 11(1):3-25, figs. 1-95.
Wilson: paper
Humes, A.G. 1975 Cyclopoid copepods associated with marine invertebrates in Mauritius. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, London
Volume: 56(2):171-181, figs. 1-4. (iii-1975)
Wilson: paper
Humes, A.G. 1974 Cyclopoid copepods associated with opistobranch mollusks in New Caledonia. Crustaceana (Leiden)
Volume: 26(3):233-238, figs. 1-18. (22-v-1974)
Wilson: paper
Lindo, R.T. & N.C. Rosell 1983 Cyclopoid copepods associated with shallow water echinoids of Luzon, Philippines. Natural and Applied Science Bulletin, Quezon City
Volume: 35(4):245-254.
Wilson: paper
Humes, A.G. 1974 Cyclopoid copepods associated with the coral genera Favia, Favites, Platygyra, and Merulina in New Caledonia. Pacific Science
Volume: 28(4):383-399, figs. 1-8, tab. 1. (v-1974)
Wilson: paper
Humes, A.G. 1973 Cyclopoid copepods associated with the ophiuroid Astroboa nuda in Madagascar. Beaufortia
Volume: 21(275):25-35, figs. 1-34. (3-ix-1973)
Wilson: paper
Humes, A.G. & J.S. Ho 1966 Cyclopoid copepods associated with the starfish Choriaster granulatus (Lütken) in Madagascar. Cahiers de l'Office de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique Outre-Mer (ORSTOM), Série Océanographie
Volume: 4(3):93-108, figs. 1-59.
Wilson: paper
Humes, A.G. 1972 Cyclopoid copepods associated with Tridacnidae (Mollusca, Bivalvia) at Eniwetok Atoll. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington
Volume: 84(42):345-358, figs. 1-32. (29-ii-1972)
Wilson: paper
Humes, A.G. 1976 Cyclopoid copepods associated with Tridacnidae (Mollusca, Bivalvia) in the Moluccas. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington
Volume: 89(43):491-508, figs. 1-51. (12-x-1976)
Wilson: paper
Ueda, H., S. Ohtsuka & T. Kuramoto 1996 Cyclopoid copepods from a stream in the limestone cave Akiyoshido. Japanese Journal of Limnology
Volume: 57(4):305-312. (xii-1996).
Wilson: paper
Thwin, S. 1972 Cyclopoid copepods from Moreton Bay. Ph.D. Thesis, Department of Zoology, University of Queensland
Volume: 188pp. (vii.1972)
Wilson: paper
Sandoy, S. & J.P. Nilssen 1987 Cyclopoid copepods in marginal habitats: abiotic control of population densities in anthropogenic acidic lakes. Archiv für Hydrobiologie
Volume: suppl. 76(3):236-255.
Wilson: paper
Yoo, K.I. & D.H. Lim 1993 Cyclopoid copepods of genus Oithona in Korean waters. Korean Journal of Systematic Zoology
Volume: 9(2):91-102.
Wilson: paper
Ho, J.S. 1975 Cyclopoid copepods of the family Chondracanthidae parasitic on New Zealand marine fishes. Publications of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory
Volume: 22(5):303-319, figs. 1-10. (xi-1975)
Wilson: paper
Nishida, S., O. Tanaka & M. Omori 1977 Cyclopoid copepods of the family Oithonidae in Suruga Bay and adjacent waters. Bulletin of the Plankton Society of Japan
Volume: 24(2):119-158, figs. 1-26, tabs. 1-2.
Wilson: paper
Humes, A.G. & G.S. Lewbel 1977 Cyclopoid copepods of the genus Acanthomolgus (Lichomolgidae) associated with a gorgonian in California. Transactions of the American Microscopical Society
Volume: 96(1):1-12, figs. 1-53.
Wilson: paper
Humes, A.G. 1973 Cyclopoid copepods of the genus Acanthomolgus (Lichomolgidae) associated with gorgonians in Bermuda. Journal of Natural History, London
Volume: 7(1):85-115, figs. 1-104. (1-i-1973)
Wilson: paper
Humes, A.G. & J.S. Ho 1969 Cyclopoid copepods of the genus Kelleria (Lichomolgidae) from intertidal burrows in Madagascar. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History), Zoology
Volume: 18(7):219-229, figs. 1-53 on pls. 1-8. (24-x-1969)
Wilson: paper
Humes, A.G. & J.S. Ho 1968 Cyclopoid copepods of the genus Lichomolgus associated with octocorals of the families Xeniidae, Nidaliidae, and Telestidae in Madagascar. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington
Volume: 81(60):693-750, figs. 1-148. (30-xii-1968)
Wilson: paper
Humes, A.G. & J.S. Ho 1968 Cyclopoid copepods of the genus Lichomolgus associated with octocorals of the family Alcyoniidae in Madagascar. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington
Volume: 81(59):635-692, figs. 1-187. (30-xii-1968)
Wilson: paper
Humes, A.G. & J.S. Ho 1968 Cyclopoid copepods of the genus Lichomolgus associated with octocorals of the family Nephtheidae in Madagascar. Proceedings of the United States National Museum
Volume: 125(3661):1-41, figs. 1-113. (4-vi-1968)
Wilson: paper
Humes, A.G. 1967 Cyclopoid copepods of the genus Paranthessius associated with marine pelecypods in Chile. Proceedings of the United States National Museum
Volume: 124(3628):1-18, figs. 1-43. (28-xii-1967)
Wilson: paper
Humes, A.G. 1970 Cyclopoid copepods of the genus Paranthessius associated with marine pelecypods in the West Indies. Bulletin of Marine Science
Volume: 20(3):605-625, figs. 1-51. (ix-1970)
Wilson: paper
Humes, A.G. & J.S. Ho 1970 Cyclopoid copepods of the genus Pseudanthessius associated with crinoids in Madagascar. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology
Volume: 54:1-20, figs.1-90.
Wilson: paper
Ho, J.S. 1967 Cyclopoid copepods of the genus Telson parasitic on Uranoscopid fishes in the Gulf of Mexico. Journal of Parasitology
Volume: 53(4):852-858, figs. 1-28. (viii-1967)
Wilson: paper
Ho, J.S. 1968 Cyclopoid copepods of the genus Tucca (Tuccidae) parasitic on diodontid and tetraodontid fishes. Fishery Bulletin, United States National Marine Fisheries Service
Volume: 66(2):285-298, figs. 1-27, tabs. 1-6. (viii-1968)
Wilson: paper
Hudson, P.L., L.T. Lesko, J.W. Reid & M. Chriscinske 2003 Cyclopoid copepods of the Laurentian Great Lakes. Great Lakes Science Center, Ann Arbor Michigan, Home Page
Humes, A.G. & J.S. Ho 1969 Cyclopoid copepods parasitic in holothurians in Madagascar. Journal of Parasitology
Volume: 55(4):877-894, figs. 1-82, tab. 1. (viii-1969)
Wilson: paper
Marten, G.G. & J.W. Reid 2007 Cyclopoid copepods. In: Floore, T.G. (ed.). Biorational Control of Mosquitoes. Bulletin of the American Mosquito Control Association 7. Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association
Volume: 23(special issue 2):65-92.
Wilson: paper, PDF
Dumas, P. & F. Lescher-Moutoué 2001 Cyclopoid distribution in an agriculturally impacted alluvial aquifer. Archiv für Hydrobiologie
Volume: 150(3):511-528.
Por, F.D. & C. Dimentman 2001 Cyclopoid diversity in the basin of Lake Hula (Israel), after its partial reflooding. In: Lopes, R.M., J.W. Reid & C.E.F. Rocha (eds.). Hydrobiologia 156, Developments in Hydrobiology 156, Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Copepoda, held in Curitiba, Brazil, 25-31 July 1999.
Volume: 453/454:335-339.
Wilson: paper
Por, F.D. & C. Dimentman 1999 Cyclopoid diversity in the basin of the old Lake Huleh (Israel). In: World Association of Copepodologists: Seventh International Conference on Copepoda, Curitiba, 25-31 July 1999; Program and Abstracts
Volume: :198. (Abstract; 25.vii.1999)
Wilson: paper
Hartig, J.H., D.J. Jude & M.S. Evans 1982 Cyclopoid predation on Lake Michigan fish larvae. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Volume: 39(12):1563-1568, figs. 1-5. (xii-1982, French summary.)
Kappes, H. 2000 Cyclopoida (Crustacea: Copepoda) of temporary (small) waters near Manderscheid (Bernkastel-Wittlich district), Eifel. Decheniana
Volume: 53:139-143. (In German.)
Brancelj, A. 1987 Cyclopoida and Calanoida (Crustacea, Copepoda) from the Postojna-Planina Cave system (Slovenia). Bioloski Vestnik
Volume: 35(1):1-16. (Serbo-Croatian summary).
Wilson: paper
Stoch, F. 2010 Cyclopoida bentonici: Cyclopinidae, Smirnovipinidae, Schminkepinellidae, Cyclopidae. Biologia Marina Mediterranea
Volume: 17(suppl. 1):435-437.
Ito, Takashi 1954 Cyclopoida copepods of Japanese subterranean waters. Report of the Faculty of Fisheries, Prefectural University of Mie
Volume: 1:372-416, figs. 1-180, tabs. 1-17. (30-vii-1954)
Wilson: paper
Herbst, H.V. 1964 Cyclopoida Gnathostoma (Crustacea Copepoda) aus dem Litoral und Küstengrundwasser des Roten Meeres. Kieler Meeresforschungen
Volume: 20, Sonderheft: 155-169, pls. 1-6.
Wilson: paper
Anufriieva, E.V. 2016 Cyclopoida in hypersaline waters of the Crimea and the World: Diversity, the impact of environmental factors, ecological role. Journal of Siberian Federal University Biology
Volume: 9(4):398-408.
Schirl, K. 1973 Cyclopoida Siphonostoma (Crustacea) von Banyuls (Frankreich, Pyrénées-Orientales) mit besonderer Berücksichtigung des Gast-Wirtverhältnisses. Bijdragen tot de Dierkunde
Volume: 43(1):64-92, figs. 1-12, tabs. 1-5.
Wilson: paper
Stock, J.H. 1966 Cyclopoida siphonostoma from Mauritius (Crustacea, Copepoda). Beaufortia
Volume: 13(159):145-194, figs. 1-26. (29-iv-1966)
Wilson: paper
Holynska, M. 2008 Cyclopoida. In: Bogdanowicz, W., E. Chudzicka, I. Pilipuk, E. Skibinska (Ed.), Fauna of Poland - characteristics and checklist of species. Muzeum i Instytut Zoologii PAN, Warszawa, Volume 3, 603 pp.
Volume: 301-303.
Wilson: paper
Yeatman, H.C. 1960 Cyclopoida. McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
Volume: 3:642-643, figs. 1-2.
Wilson: paper
Tai, A.Y. & G.X. Chen 1979 Cyclopoida. In: Shen, Chia-jui and Fauna Editorial Committee (eds.). Freshwater Copepoda. Fauna Sinica, Crustacea; Science Press, Beijing. 450pp.
Volume: :301-420, figs. 169-255. (In Chinese.)
Bacescu, M. & F. Por 1959 Cyclopoïde comensale (Clausidiidae si Clausiidae) din Marea Neagra si descrierea unui gen nou, Pontoclausia gen. nov. In: Omagiu lui Traian Savalescu cu prilejul împlinirii a 70e ani, Acad. Rep. Pop. Rom., Bucharest
Volume: :11-30.
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1939 Cyclopoïdes (Crustacés Copépodes) de l'Inde, I. Bulletin de la Société Zoologique de France
Volume: 64:120-122, figs. 1-4.
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1940 Cyclopoïdes (Crustacés Copépodes) de l'Inde. Records of the Indian Museum, Calcutta
Volume: 42:519-526, figs. 1-4. (24-ix-1940)
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1947 Cyclopoïdes (Crustacés Copépodes) nouveaux de l'Inde. Records of the Indian Museum, Calcutta
Volume: 45:129-132, figs. 1-2.
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1946 Cyclopoïdes (Crustacés Copépodes) nouveaux et peu connus de l'Inde. Bulletin de la Société Zoologique de France
Volume: 71:84-95.
Wilson: paper
Pesce, G.L. & D. Maggi 1979 Cyclopoides des eaux souterraines phréatiques de la région des Marche, Italie Centrale (Crustacea; Copepoda). Acta Musei Macedonici Scientiarum Naturalium, Skopje
Volume: 15(8)(133):167-193, figs. 1-7, tabs. 1-2.
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1941 Cyclopoides nouveaux du continent Indo-iranien. II. Records of the Indian Museum, Calcutta
Volume: 43:259-264, figs. 1-2. (ix-1941)
Wilson: paper
Lindberg, K. 1950 Cyclopoïdes nouveaux ou peu connus (Crustacés Copépodes). Mémoires du Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, Nouvelle Série
Volume: 29(3):259-297, figs. 1-21.
Wilson: paper
Iepure, S. 1998 Cyclopoids (Crustacea, Copepoda) from upper basin of Somesul Cald basin: biodiversity, ecology, human impact. M.S. Thesis, Babes Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania.
No Volume Data Available
De Los Ríos, P., R. Rivera & J.J. Morrone 2010 Cyclopoids (Crustacea: Copepoda) reported for Chilean inland waters. Boletín de Biodiversidad de Chile
Volume: 2:10-20. [In English; abstract in Spanish.]
Taube-Nauwereck, I. 1972 Cyclopoids in Char Lake. Annual Report Char Lake Project
Volume: 1970-1971, PF-2: 48-52.
Gopikrishna, M., K. Sivakumar & P. Muthupriya 2004 Cyclopoids. In: Altaff, K. (ed.). A Manual of Zooplankton. Compiled for the National Workshop on Zooplankton, Chennai, 5-10 July 2004. Unit of Reproductive Biology and Live Feed Culture, Department of Zoology, The New College, Chennai, India. 155 pp.
Volume: Pp. 100-108.
Grabda, J. 1958 Cykl rozwojowy Lernaea cyprinacea L. Developmental cycle of Lernaea cyprinacea L. Wiadomosci Parazytologiczne
Volume: 4:633-636. (Polish with English summary.)
Ullah, R., A. Zuberi, S. Ullah, I. Ullali & F.U. Dawar 2014 Cypermethrin induced behavioral and biochemical changes in mahseer, Tor putitora. Journal Of Toxicological Sciences
Volume: 39(6):829-836. DEC 2014
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Volume: :360-361.
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Volume: 156(4):535-550.
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Volume: 486: 161-167
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Volume: 28(4):399-412, figs. 1-20. (Italian summary)
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 4(2):http//
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Volume: 24(3-4):225-238.
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Volume: III-1405-1426.
Kuchta, L. 2009 Czy mala elektrownia wodna ma wplyw na rozmieszczenie zooplanktonu na rzece Symsarnie? [Do small hydropower dams affect the zooplankton distribution in the Symsarnie River?] M.Sc. Thesis, UWM - Uniwersytetu Warminsko-Mazurskiego w Olsztynie, Olsztyn, Poland.
Volume: [In Polish.]
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Volume: 38:45-50.
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Volume: 38:45-50.
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Volume: 1(1):65-70.
Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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No Volume Data Available
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Wilson: paper
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