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Robertson, A. & J.E. Gannon 1981 Annotated checklist of the free-living copepods of the Great Lakes. Journal of Great Lakes Research
Volume: 7(4):382-393.
Wilson: paper
Robichaux, D.M., A.C. Cohen, M.L. Reaka & D. Allen 1981 Experiments with zooplankton on coral reefs, or, will the real demersal plankton please come up? Pubblicazione della Stazione Zoologica di Napoli, I, Marine Ecology
Volume: 2(1):77-94, fig. 1, tabs. 1-6.
Wilson: paper
Petkovski, T.K. 1981 Stygodiaptomus kieferi n. gen. et n.sp., zweiter Höhlen-Calanoide vom Dinarischen Karstgebiet (Crustacea, Copepoda). Fragmenta Balcanica
Volume: 11(8)(250):63-74, figs. 1-16. (22-ix-1981, English and Serbo-Croatian summaries)
Wilson: paper
Petipa, T.S. 1981 Osobennosti Kinematiki Dvizheniya I Mekhanizm Migratsi`'i Y Copepoda. In: 4-isezd. Vses. Gidrobiol. O-Va, Kiev, 1-4 Dek., 1981. Tez. Dokl. Ch. 4. Kiev
Volume: 1981, 54-55. (Vide: Ref. Zh., Biol., 04d/1982(4): 27).
Petipa, T.S. 1981 (Trophodynamics of copepods in marine planktonic communities.) Trofodinamika kopepod v morskix planktonnix soobshchestbax. Naukova Dumka, Kiev
Volume: 242pp.
Wilson: paper
Sibert, J.R. 1981 Intertidal hyperbenthic populations in the Nanaimo Estuary. Marine Biology, Berlin
Volume: 64(3):259-265.
Shyamasundari, K. 1981 Observations on the so-called cement gland in the oviduct of the copepod parasite Panadarus niger Kirtisinghe, 1950. [sic] In: Vaupel Klein, J.C. von (ed.). First International Conference on Copepoda, Amsterdam, 24-28 August 1981. Collected Abstracts.
Volume: :76. (Abstract.)
Wilson: paper
Shubina, L.I. 1981 Growth and sexual maturation of the Caspian shad Alosa caspia caspia (Eichwald). Voprosy Ikhtiologii
Volume: 21(2):305-316. Translated in: Journal of Ichthyology 21(2) (1982): 98-108
Shmeleva, A.A. & A.V. Kovalev 1981 Peculiarities in composition and distribution of zooplankton (Copepoda) above bottom rises in the Mediterranean. In: Vaupel Klein, J.C. von (ed.). First International Conference on Copepoda, Amsterdam, 24-28 August 1981. Collected Abstracts.
Volume: :74-75. (Abstract.)
Wilson: paper
Shimura, S. 1981 The larval development of Argulus coregoni Thorell (Crustacea: Branchiura). Journal of Natural History, London
Volume: 15:331-348.
Wilson: paper
Shih, C.T. & D.M. Maclellan 1981 Aetideopsis albatrossae, new species (Crustacea: Copepoda) from east of Mindoro, the Philippines. Journal of Crustacean Biology
Volume: 1(4):567-572, figs. 1-2. (29-xii-1981)
Wilson: paper
Shih, C.T., L. Rainville & D.C. Maclellan 1981 Copepodids of Bradyidius similis (Sars, 1902) (Crustacea: Copepoda) in the Saguenay Fjord and the St. Lawrence Estuary. Canadian Journal of Zoology
Volume: 59(6):1079-1093, figs. 1-108, tab. 1. (vi-1981, French summary.)
Wilson: paper
Shmeleva, A.A. 1981 Rod Calocalanus v Sredizemnom more. Calanoid copepods of the genera Calocalanus from the Mediterranean Sea. Journées étud. Syst. évol. Biogéogr. Méditerr., Cagliari
Volume: 1980:57
Roman, M.R. & P.A. Rublee 1981 A method to determine in situ zooplankton grazing rates on natural particle assemblages. Marine Biology, Berlin
Volume: 65(3):303-319, figs. 1-2, tabs. 1-2. (xii-1981)
Romero, M.C. & P.A. Battistoni 1981 Consumo de oxigeno de tres especies de Copepodos planctonicos dulceacuicolas de la Argentina. Limnobios
Volume: 2(3):179-188, figs. 1-3, tabs. 1-4. (vii-1981, English summary)
Wilson: paper
Sherstyuk, V.V. 1981 Energeticheskaya otsenka kormovykh rakoobraznykh. Energetic estimate of food crustaceans. Gidrobiologicheskii Zhurnal, Saratov
Volume: 16(6):92-93. (19-i-1981: translation in: Hydrobiol. J. 16(6): 80-81, as: Estimation of the energy of fodder crustaceans).
Larrahondo, M. & R. Serrano 1981 Composición planctónica de la bahía de Cartagena y algunas consideraciones ecológicas e hidrográficas. [Plankton composition of Cartagena Bay and some ecological and hydrographic considerations.] Tesis en Biología Marina, Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogotá, Colombia.
Volume: 71 pp. [In Spanish.]
Patel, C.S. & B.Y.M. Gouder 1981 Studies on digestive enzymes of zooplankton constituting fish food. Bulletin of the Botanical Society, University of Saugar
Volume: 32:68-70.
Paul, M.A. & C.K.G. Nayar 1981 Diurnal variations in the zooplankton of a fresh-water pond in Kerala, India. Journal of the Zoological Society of India
Volume: 32(1-2):83-93.
Paul, S. 1981 Effects of oil pollution upon planktonic organisms of the Karnafully river estuary. M.Sc. Thesis, Institute of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, University of Chittagong, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Volume: 82 pp.
Patalas, K. 1981 Spatial structure of the crustacean planktonic community in Lake Winnipeg, Canada. Verhandlungen der Internationale Vereinigung für Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie
Volume: 21(1):305-311, figs. 1-5. (vii-1981)
Parukhin, A.M. & V.N. Lyadov 1981 Parasitofauna nototennievidnykh ryb (Notothenioidea) iz vod Atlanticheskogo i Indi'iskogo Okeanov. Parasitofauna of Notothenioidei from waters of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Vestnik Zoologii
Volume: 1981(3):90-94, tab. (1-vi-1981, Russian with English summary.)
Profant, W. 1981 Étude au microscope électronique à balayage du rôle nutritionnel des appendices de deux Copépodes pélagiques: Acartia clausi Giesbrecht et Temora longicornis O.F. Müller. Rapports et Procès-Verbaux des Réunions de la Commission Internationale pour l'Exploration Scientifique de la Mer Mediterranée, Monaco
Volume: 27(7): 163-164. (26-x-1981, English summary).
Pringle, C.M., D.S. White, C.P. Rice & M.L. Tuchman 1981 The biological effects of chloride and sulfate with special emphasis on the Laurentian Great Lakes. Publications of the Great Lakes Research Institute
Volume: 20:1-51.
Prabha, C. & N.K. Pillai 1981 Thysanote polyfimbriata, a new lernaeopodid copepod parasitic on Epinepheles in Kerala waters. Records of the Zoological Survey of India
Volume: 79(1-2):179-185, figs. 1-3. (xi-1981)
Melville, G.E. & E.S. Maly 1981 Vertical distribution and zooplankton predation in a small temperate pond. Canadian Journal of Zoology
Volume: 59(9):1720-1725, figs. 1-2, tabs. 1-2. (ix-1981, French summary.)
Melville, R.V. 1981 Monstrilla intermedia Kriczagin, 1877 (Copepoda) suppressed. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature
Volume: 38(2):107-109.
Mearns, A.J., D.R. Young, R.J. Olson & H.A. Schafer 1981 Trophic structure and the cesium-potassium ratio in marine ecosystems. California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI) Reports
Volume: 22:99-110.
Miah, W. 1981 Taxonomy of ten copepods collected from the north-east part of the Bay of Bengal. M.Sc. Thesis, University of Chittagong, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Volume: 60 pp.
Papinska, K. 1981 Occurrence of filtering Crustacea in the near-bottom and pelagial waters of the Mikolajskie Lake. Hydrobiologia
Volume: 83(3):411-418, figs. 1-6. (25-ix-1981)
Wilson: paper
Paperna, I. & R.M. Overstreet 1981 Parasites and diseases of mullets (Mugilidae). In: Oren, O.H. (ed.). Aquaculture of Grey Mullets. Int. Biol. Program
Volume: 26:411-493, figs. 13.1 - 13.27, tabs. 13.1 - 13.8.
Par, O. 1981 Intermediate hosts of Bothriocephalus gowkongensis in the ponds of Vdnany district. Buletin VURH (Vyzkumny Ustav Rybarsky a Hydrobiologicky) Vodnany
Volume: 14(2): 17-28, illustr.
Jones, J.B. 1981 Abergasilus amplexus Hewitt, 1978 (Ergasilidae: Copepoda) from New Zealand, with a description of the male. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research
Volume: 15(3):275-278, figs. 1-2.
Wilson: paper
Jones, J.B. & A.A. Montez-Moreno 1981 Lonchidiopsis setosus n. sp. (Copepoda: Notodelphyidae) from Venezuela. Systematic Parasitology
Volume: 3:53-57.
Wilson: paper
José de Paggi, S. 1981 Variaciones temporales y distribución horizontal del zooplancton en algunos cauces secundarios del río Paraná medio. Studies on Neotropical Fauna
Volume: 16:185-199.
Kabata, Z. 1981 Crucisoma bernardi n. g., n. sp. (Crustacea: Copepoda) parasitic in a deep-sea mollusc Cuspidaria filatovae Bernard, 1979 (Bivalvia: Anomalodesmata). Systematic Parasitology
Volume: 3:91-96, figs. 1-18.
Wilson: paper
Kabata, Z. 1981 Copepoda (Crustacea) parasitic on fishes: problems and perspectives. Advances in Parasitology
Volume: 19:1-71, figs. 1-10.
Wilson: paper
Kabata, Z. 1981 Relegation of Hatschekia acuta Barnard, 1948, to synonymy with Hatschekia conifera Yamaguti, 1939 (Copepoda: Siphonostomatoida). Canadian Journal of Zoology
Volume: 59(11):2080-2084, figs. 1-14. (xi-1981, French summary.)
Wilson: paper
Johnson, S.K. 1981 Parasites of fishes and crustaceans. National Science Council Symposium Series
Volume: 3:21-36.
Jones, D.H. 1981 Predation on zooplankton by young perch. Reports of the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology
Volume: 1980:45-47, fig. 20, tabs. 14-15.
Johnston, N.A. 1981 Some aspects of faunal distribution in the intertidal meiobenthos (Ireland). Ph.D. Thesis, Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland, U.K.
Volume: 370 pp.
Heptner, M.V. 1981 Opyt kharakteristiki vertikal'nykh granits arealov primenitel'no k morskim pelagicheskim glubokovodnym zhivotnym (na primere Copepoda, Calanoida). An attempt to determine vertical boundaries of distributional areas as applied to pelagic deep-sea animals (exemplified by Copepoda, Calanoida). Okeanologiya (translation in: Oceanology, 21(6): 763-766, figs. 1-2, as: An attempt to describe the vertical range boundaries of deep-water pelagic animals (exemplified by Copepoda, Calanoida)).
Volume: 21(6):1079-1083, figs. 1-2. (Russian with English summary.)
McWilliams, P.S., P.F. Sale & D.T. Anderson 1981 Seasonal changes in resident zooplankton sampled by emergence traps in One Tree Lagoon, Great Barrier Reef. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology
Volume: 52(2-3):185-204, fig. 1, tabs. 1-6. (25-v-1981)
Lasenby, D.C. & M. Furst 1981 Feeding of Mysis relicta Lovén on macrozooplankton. Reports of the Institute of Freshwater Research, Drottningholm
Volume: 59:75-80, fig. 1, tabs. 1-5.
Landry, M.R. 1981 Switching between herbivory and carnivory by the planktonic marine copepod Calanus pacificus. Marine Biology, Berlin
Volume: 65(1):77-82, figs. 1-3. (x-1981)
Langeland, A. 1981 Decreased zooplankton density in two Norwegian lakes caused by predation of recently introduced Mysis relicta. Verhandlungen der Internationale Vereinigung für Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie
Volume: 21(2):926-937.
Wilson: paper
Lakkis, S. 1981 On the presence of some rare copepods in the Levantine basin. In: Vaupel Klein, J.C. von (ed.). First International Conference on Copepoda, Amsterdam, 24-28 August 1981. Collected Abstracts.
Volume: :41. (Abstract.)
Wilson: paper
Lamoot, E.H., H.J. Dumont & J. Pensaert 1981

Discovery of the first representative of the genus Speocyclops (Crustacea, Copepoda) in Africa south of the Sahara (Speocyclops transsaharicus n. sp.).

Revue d'Hydrobiologie Tropicale
Volume: 14(1):53-57, figs. 1-16.
Wilson: paper, PDF
Dean, H.K. 1981 Seasonal effects of beach exposure on the meiobenthos. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, U.S.A.
Volume: 185 pp.
Gagnon, M. & G. Lacroix 1981 The effect of tidal advection and mixing on the statistical dispersion of zooplankton. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology
Volume: 56(1):9-22, figs. 1-9, tabs. 1-3. (16-xi-1981, French summary.)
Gagnon, M. & G. Lacroix 1981 Zooplankton sample variability in a tidal estuary: an interpretative model. Limnology and Oceanography
Volume: 26(3):401-413, figs. 1-8, tabs. 1-2. (v-1981)
Gajbhiye, S.N. & B.N. Desai 1981 Zooplankton variability in polluted and unpolluted waters off Bombay. Mahasagar, Goa
Volume: 14(3):173-182, figs. 1-2, tabs. 1-2. (ix-1981)
Gajbhiye, S.N., J. Ram & B.N. Desai 1981

Distribution of copepods from the polluted & unpolluted regions off Bombay.

Indian Journal of Marine Sciences
Volume: 10(4):346-349, figs. 1-2, tab. 1. (xii-1981)
Wilson: paper
Gallo, J.M. 1981 Les Copépodes pélagiques néritiques de La Rochelle. Annales de la Société des Sciences Naturelles de la Charente-Maritime
Volume: 6(8):847-850. (iii-1981)
Galat, D.L., E.L. Lider, S. Vigg & S.R. Robertson 1981 Limnology of a large, deep, North American terminal lake, Pyramid Lake, Nevada, U.S.A. Hydrobiologia
Volume: 81-82(1):281-317.
Davids, C., E.F. Beintema, R. Mulder & J.E. Weekenstroo 1981 Feeding rate and egg production in water mites in relationship with temperature. Verhandlungen der Internationale Vereinigung für Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie
Volume: 21(3):1603-1606.
Davies, B.R. & R.C. Hart 1981 Invertebrates. In: Symoens, J.J., M.J. Burgis & J.J. Gaudet (eds.). The Ecology and Utilization of African Inland Waters. UNEP Reports and Proceedings
Volume: Series 1:51-68.
Davis, C.C. 1981 Mechanisms of hatching in aquatic invertebrate eggs. II. Oceanography and Marine Biology
Volume: 19:95-123, figs. 1-13.
Wilson: paper
De Dexter, B.L. 1981 Setogenesis and moulting in planktonic crustaceans. Journal of Plankton Research
Volume: 3(1):1-13, figs. 1-7, tabs. 1-2.
De Infante, A. 1981 Natural food of copepod larvae from Lake Valencia, Venezuela. Verhandlungen der Internationale Vereinigung für Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie
Volume: 21(2):709-714, figs. 1-3, tabs. 1-2. (x-1981)
Hayward, T.L. 1981

Mating and depth distribution of an oceanic copepod.

Limnology and Oceanography
Volume: 26(2):374-377, figs. 1-3. (iii-1981)
Wilson: paper
Hawkins, C.P. & J.R. Sedell 1981 Longitudinal and seasonal changes in functional organization of macroinvertebrate communities in four Oregon streams. Ecology
Volume: 62(2):387-397.
Gannon, J.E. 1981 Changes in zooplankton populations in lakes Erie and Ontario. In: Proceedings of the conference on changes in the biota of lakes Erie and Ontario, March 10-11, 1980. Bulletin of the Buffalo Society of Natural Science
Volume: 25(4):21-40, figs. 1-12, tabs. 1-4.
Wilson: paper
Gannon, J.E. 1981 Zooplankton of the North American Great Lakes. Verhandlungen der Internationale Vereinigung für Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie
Volume: 21(3):1725-1733, figs. 1-4, tabs. 1-2. (xii-1981)
Wilson: paper
Gannon, J.E. & R.S. Stemberger 1981 Impact of influent rivers on the distribution of zooplankton in Lake Skadar. In: Karaman, G.S. & A.M. Beeton (eds.). The biota and limnology of Lake Skadar, Titograd
Volume: :199-216.
Wilson: paper
Gamo, S. 1981 Metahuntemannia micracantha sp. nov., a new abyssal harpacticoid copepod (Crustacea) from east of the Mariana Trench. Bulletin of the Biogeographical Society of Japan. Special number in memory of Dr. Yaichiro Okada.
Volume: 36(1-12):1-7, figs. 1-2. (30-xii-1981, Japanese summary.)
Garcia-Varas, J.J. 1981 Residual effect of Masoten and methyl-parathion on the natural food consumption of channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus (Rafinesque), fry fed a supplemental feed. M.S. Thesis, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, U.S.A.
No Volume Data Available
Garcia, A., J. Rodriguez, N. Cano & V. Rodriguez 1981 Relation entre l'hydrographie et le zooplancton dans le secteur nord-occidental de la mer d'Alboran. I. Caracteristiques générales, Copépodes et Ichthyoplancton. Rapports et Procès-Verbaux des Réunions de la Commission Internationale pour l'Exploration Scientifique de la Mer Mediterranée, Monaco
Volume: 27(7): 133-135, figs. (26-x-1981, English and Spanish summaries).
Heinle, D.R. 1981 Zooplankton. In: Vernberg, F.J. & W.B. Vernberg (eds.). Functional Adaptations of Marine Organisms. Academic Press, New York. 347pp.
Volume: :85-145, figs. 1-21, tabs. 1-8.
Brylinski, J.M. 1981 Réponses spécifiques de la croissance de quelques copépodes aux variations de la température et de la quantité de nourriture. In: Vaupel Klein, J.C. von (ed.). First International Conference on Copepoda, Amsterdam, 24-28 August 1981. Collected Abstracts.
Volume: :4. (Abstract.)
Brylinski, J.M. 1981

Report on the presence of Acartia tonsa Dana (Copepoda) in the harbour of Dunkirk (France) and its geographical distribution in Europe.

Journal of Plankton Research
Volume: 3(2):255-260, figs. 1-3.
Wilson: paper
Brylinski, J.M. 1981 Influence d'un échauffement permanent des eaux par les rejets d'une centrale thermique sur le développement de Temora longicornis (Copepoda Calanoida) dans le port de Dunkerque. Publ. E.D.F. Fce, 2es Journées de la Thermo-écologie, 14-15 novembre 1979
Volume: :659-677.
Bulaev, A.I. 1981 On the role of crustaceans in elimination of larval forms of trematodes. Byulleten' Vsesoyuznogo Instituta Gel'mintologii
Volume: 29:82-83.
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Volume: :5. (Abstract.)
Wilson: paper
Dauby, P. & J.H. Hecq 1981 Le zooplancton de surface de la baie de Calvi. Synthèse de l'étude d'un cycle annuel (1978-1979). Rapports et Procès-Verbaux des Réunions de la Commission Internationale pour l'Exploration Scientifique de la Mer Mediterranée, Monaco
Volume: 27(7): 123-124. (26-x-1981, English summary).
Daniels, R.E. & J.D. Allen 1981 Life table evaluation of chronic exposure to a pesticide. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Volume: 38(5):485-494.
Daniel, A. & P. Krishnamoorthy 1981 Zooplankton biomass and its constituents from 100-O m and from near seabed to O m at shallow stations in the northern Arabian Sea during December, 1973 - May 1974 Records of the Zoological Survey of India
Volume: 78(1-4):63-85, figs. 1-5, tabs. 1-3. (xii-1981)
Burns, C.W. 1981 Instar development rates and production of three generations of Boeckella dilatata (Copepoda: Calanoida) in a warm-monomictic lake. Verhandlungen der Internationale Vereinigung für Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie
Volume: 21(3):1578-1583, figs. 1-2, tabs. 1-2. (xii-1981)
Wilson: paper
Arnott, G.H. & A.D. McKinnon 1981 Kelleria corioensis, a new lichomolgid (Copepoda: Cyclopoida) from Corio Bay, Australia, with comments on K. australiensis Bayly, 1971. Journal of Crustacean Biology
Volume: 1(2):279-287, FIGS.1-4.
Wilson: paper
Apostolov, A. 1981 Contribution à l'étude des Copépodes harpacticoïdes de la mer Adriatique (Côte yougoslave). 2. Sur le méiobenthos du Cap Piran. Acta Zoologica Bulgarica
Volume: 18:23-30.
Wilson: paper
Arnaud, J., M. Brunet & J. Mazza 1981 La nutrition des Copépodes pélagiques. Biologie et Écologie Méditerranéenne
Volume: 8(2):87-97, figs. 1-10. (English summary.)
Wilson: paper
Arcos, D.F. 1981 A dense patch of Acartia levequei (Copepoda, Calanoida) in upwelled equatorial undercurrent water around the Galapagos Islands. In: Richards, F.A. (ed.). Coastal Upwelling. Coastal and estuarine Sciences, 1. American Geophysical Union, Washington:i-xiii, 1-529,
Volume: :427-432, figs. 1-8.
Wilson: paper
Arfi, R., G. Champalbert & G. Patriti 1981 Système planctonique et pollution urbaine: un aspect des populations zooplanctoniques. Marine Biology, Berlin
Volume: 61(2-3):133-142, figs. 1-14, tabs. 1-2. (ii-1981)
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Volume: 31(3):815. (13-xi-1981)
Vermeer, K. 1981

The importance of plankton to Cassin's auklets during breeding.

Journal of Plankton Research
Volume: 3(2):315-329, figs. 1-4, tabs. 1-7, appendix.
Wilson: paper
Verriopoulos, G. & M. Moraitou-Apostolopoulou 1981 Effects of some environmental factors on the toxicity of cadmium to the copepod Tisbe holothuriae. Archiv für Hydrobiologie
Volume: 91(3):287-293, figs. 1-3. (vi-1981, French summary.)
Verriopoulos, G. & M. Moraitou-Apostolopoulou 1981 Impact of chromium to the population dynamics of Tisbe holothuriae. Archiv für Hydrobiologie
Volume: 93(1):59-67, figs. 1-2, tabs. 1-2. (xi-1981)
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Volume: :797-802, figs. 1-3, tabs. 1-4. (27-ii-1981, English summary.)
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Volume: :85. (Abstract.)
Wilson: paper
Vilcek, F. & J. Fuzia 1981 Sictovy zooplankto troch oravskych raselinísk. Network zooplankton of three peatbogs in Orava (North Slovakia). Biológia, Bratislava
Volume: 36(= (B)2)(5): 353-362, tabs. 1-3. (Czech with English and Russian summaries.)
Vaupel Klein, J.C. von (ed.) 1981 Collected Abstracts. First International Conference on Copepoda, Amsterdam, 24-28 August 1981
Volume: 91pp.
Wilson: paper
Stolbunova, V.N. 1981 O zooplanktone otkrytykh plesov Uglichkogo i Ivan'kovskogo vodokhranilishch v 1977-1978 gg. On zooplankton of the open parts of the Uglitch and Ivankovo Recervoirs. Inf. Byull. Biol. Vnutr. Vod
Volume: 52: 10-16, figs. 1-2, tabs. 1-2. (2-xi-1981, Russian).
Radhakrishnan, S. & N.B. Nair 1981 Nature of Peniculisa wilsoni Radhakrishnan (Copepoda: Lernaeoceridae) infestation of Diodon hystrix Linnaeus (Pisces: Diodontidae). I. Mode of attachment, nature of distribution on the host and incidence and intensity of infestation. Journal of Animal Morphology and Physiology
Volume: 28(1-2):73-81, figs. 1-4, tabs. 1-6.
Radhakrishnan, S. & N.B. Nair 1981 Nature of infestation of fishes by Lernanthropus gibbosus Pillai and L. koenigii Stp. and Lutk. (Copepoda: Anthosomatidae) along the south west (Trivandrum) coast of India. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Animal Sciences
Volume: 90(2):209-223, figs. 1-8, tabs. 1-4. (iii-1981)
Radhakrishnan, S. & N.B. Nair 1981 Histopathology of the infection of Trichiurus savala Cuvier by Caligus uruguayensis Thomsen (Copepoda: Caligidae). Fisch Umwelt
Volume: 10:147-152.
Radha Krishna, Y. & V. Raja Sree 1981 The post-embryonic developmental instars of Allodiaptomus raoi Kiefer, 1939 (Copepoda, Calanoida). In: Vaupel Klein, J.C. von (ed.). First International Conference on Copepoda, Amsterdam, 24-28 August 1981. Collected Abstracts.
Volume: :56. (Abstract.)
Wilson: paper
Radhakrishnan, S. & N.B. Nair 1981

Histopathology of the infestation of Diodon hystrix L. by Peniculus wilsoni Radhakrishnan (Copepoda: Lernaeoceridae).

Journal of Fish Diseases, Oxford, U.K.
Volume: 4(1):83-87, figs. 1-6. (i-1981)
Pucher-Petkovic, T. 1981 Rapport sur les travaux recents concernant le plancton de la Méditerranée orientale (1979-1980). Rapports et Procès-Verbaux des Réunions de la Commission Internationale pour l'Exploration Scientifique de la Mer Méditerranée, Monaco
Volume: 27(7): 15-48. (26-x-1981).
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Volume: 31(2):200-201.
Stock, J.H. 1981 On the presence of gall-inducing Copepoda on stylasterine corals. In: Vaupel Klein, J.C. von (ed.). First International Conference on Copepoda, Amsterdam, 24-28 August 1981. Collected Abstracts.
Volume: :78. (Abstract.)
Wilson: paper
Stock, J.H. 1981 Z. Kabata, Parasitic Copepoda of British fishes, etc. (Review). Crustaceana (Leiden)
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Wilson: paper
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